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Omega Home Services Electricians

Omega Home Services Electricians

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Switchboard upgrade

Joe was very professional and thorough, explained what he was doing, cleaned up when he was finished and tested all the circuits to make sure all were working so we were confident that all was OK.

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Hi Kevin. Thank you for writing a review for Omega, we are glad to hear you had a great experience with the team at Omega, we will definitely pass your message onto Joe. Please do not hesitate to call us in the future should you need any plumbing, electrical or air conditioning work done.

Excellent service

Cameron B and Alex arrived on time and after inspecting the job they quickly got to work. Two old fan/lights were removed and replaced, two old external lights and a broken bathroom heat lamp were all replaced and a new smoke detector was installed. The men worked quietly, quickly and without fuss. They were friendly, courteous and obliging. Each area was swept and all rubbish was removed. We will use Omega Home Services again and we particularly thank Cameron B and Alex for their professional attitude to their work. Well done!

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Hi Jan. Thank you for writing a review for Omega, we are glad to hear you had a great experience with the team at Omega, we will definitely pass your message onto Cameron B and Alex. Please do not hesitate to call us in the future should you need any plumbing, electrical or air conditioning work done.


Job #67548 was quoted by [name removed] $2,080 to install 3 power points in living area. Also run 12 cables through the ceiling for our Kresta blinds installation. Joe arrived on time with his apprentice and straight away there was confusion about the job. [name removed] didn't quote the job correctly. Another tradesman arrived a few hours later and said in order to finish the job I need to pay another $1,500. After several failed attempts to install only two cables for my blinds, with 5 holes in my ceiling! I told the guys to finish my power points and leave. ($1,255 total for installation of three power points!)
I later employed my local electrician, paid him two grand and three guys had the entire job done in four hours. No problems, no hurdles, no confusion and no extra cost.
After repeated phone calls to Omega that couldn't even provide me with a detailed invoice for work completed. No breakdown for warranty! [name removed] I commend you for excellence in customer service! Aggressive, Rude, Defensive and absolutely no help at all!! [name removed] you must be so proud of your team, please return my membership fee of $110 as I will never use your services again.

Excellent service

Brian and Billy were both excellent, arriving on time and getting to the root of our electrical issue promptly and professionally. They were very friendly and made the whole experience smooth, efficient and enjoyable. Highly recommended

Marketing scam

Offered a $79 call out which would be taken off final quote. Quote came in at an unreasonable amount e.g $260 for replacing a plug on a power lead. Electrician was shown the issue but spent another 45 min quoting additional works. Purely a well organised marketing business. Avoid doing business with this company if you like your hard earned money!

Professional and efficient

Turned up on time; installed lights as requested and also helped with some additional small items without charge. Knowledgeable about the products installed. Overall, very satisfied.

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Hi Bruce, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, great to hear you had a good experience. If we can help in the future, please let us know.

Hot water professionally installed but at Highway Robbery prices

Words cannot express how disappointed I am at having chosen Omega Home Services to replace my electric hot water unit today.

On the positive side, Omega professionally installed the new unit the same day from a cold-start phone call at 8am. Pre-sales on the phone and on call-out were reassuring and quickly earnt trust. The quality of the work was reputable. What's wrong is the extortionate pricing.

Omega Home Services charged me $2829.81 (inc. GST) to supply and install a 160L Rheem Stellar unit. It turns-out this can be purchased including delivery from other retailers for between $950 to $1275 (incl. GST). Even assuming an upper end price of $1275 for the unit, that means the dead-simple installation which took no more than 2.5 hours to complete has cost me $1554.81.

I cannot tell you how sick in the stomach I'm feeling at writing this; the discovery I made after paying is awful. The only reason for my review is to save others this awful feeling of being taken advantage of. Like most consumers I'm perfectly happy to pay a reasonable price for professional service; but this borders on unconscionable conduct.

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Hi Corey, I am glad we could resolve this for you.

Oven/cooktop fitment - Well done but pricey

Rang up and was happy to discover they could send someone out on the day and having given all the details about having an oven fitted was told it was a $79 call out fee. When the electrician arrived however I was told oven install is a flat fee of $500, and they don't do hourly rates ($425 was the discounted fee if you became a member and membership worked out an extra $35 with promises of savings off other work and a 15% discount). The job took 40 minutes, so it felt very expensive for the end result.

The electrician was friendly and courteous, job was well done.

Having talked to a customer representative they did explain in situations like this normally the price should have been amended to fit the work done (as it was so quick), so in this case reduced. Appreciate them being open to the feedback, and they did share this was not normal nor how they try to operate.

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Hi Kris. Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. If we can help in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Terrible. Rip off merchants. Beware.

Booked a call out for hot water system that was hot in morning but cold by evening. Told by phone operator call-out would be $70 and they would identify problem and quote to repair. Two guys arrived and said they would need to charge $210 for a ”diagnostic”. We refused as this was never mentioned before. They then said they would have a quick look to see if they could find the problem. They then came back with a recommendation to replace the heating element (about $450) and the thermostat (about $450). We could just pick one, but they recommended we do both. As the water was hot in the morning, I couldn’t understand why the element or the thermostat could be the problem to which they gave some implausible answers. They then suggested they could get their electrician to come out to diagnose the problem and the fee would be $260. We said we’d think about it. As my wife was paying their $76 call out fee, I quickly googled our problem and saw that often it’s the temperature pressure relief valve that causes this sort of problem. I went back out and started looking at this and asked them some questions. Only after further probing did they have a closer look and admitted that yes, this value could be leaking. Indeed, it was leaking out of the drainage pipe under the house. They then quoted me $420 to replace the valve! I questioned the quote and they said the valve costs $200+ itself. Ringing his manager, the call-out guy offered $50 off. Stupidly I believed their raw material cost so accepted. After they left, I looked up the cost of the part and saw it was $109 at Bunnings. Feel totally duped and angry. Tried to rip us off at every turn rather than genuinely trying to resolve our issue. Appalling.


Having seen a draft of this review, the company omega contacted me via a very polite and apologetic woman who offered to refund me the difference between what I believed to be a fair price for the work (I believed this to be the retail price of the part at Bunnings ie $109 + $141 for the call out ie $250. I paid $407. Replacing the value actually took 5 mins). I said thank you very much, but to be fair, I told her that I would still be publishing this review as I felt it was important that people knew about this experience. Needless say, the offer of a refund was withdrawn. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions regarding the modus operandus of this company.

Excellent service

I find the guys who work for Omega friendly and approachable. They are punctual and complete the work efficiently.They cleaned up after they were finished the job.

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Hi Jocelyn. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always appreciatedl. If we can help in the future, please let us know. Team Omega.

Great service and professional

Professional work with great details and finish. Great job! The staff is knowledgeable and experience, polite and helpful. I would recommend the service to my friends.

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Many thanks for your positive feedback! The team at Omega Home Services are very proud that we could assist you, from your initial phone call to completion of your job.

Great Service from the Omega Home Services team

Omega just finished installing a new toilet in my Randwick unit, along with a couple of other small repairs. Fantastic effort from the young tradesman Kurt. Friendly service, efficient, turned up on time. Explained why he needed to do things the way he did, cleaned up afterwards and removed all the debris from the property. All up I was very happy with the service, from the time I first called and made the initial appointment to the completion of the job. The company communicates well, negotiates the booking with you and keeps you informed of arrival times including how long the job is likely to take so you can plan your day. I checked the price of the job with builder mates and trades people and the charge seemed in the ball park. I have some electrical work to be done in a few weeks and I'll be booking with these guys again. You're in safe hands.

Hi Michael, Thanks for your terrific review. Our technicians will always take the time to explain and assist you in making the best choice for all your needs. Omega Home Services prides itself on making your service visit as stress-free as possible. The team thank you for your great feedbackYour very welcome. I feel I don't need to bounce around anymore looking for tradespeople. I've found my guys... a few more electrical jobs soon when I can organise the diary. I'll be in touch.

Awesome service! - Not enough words allowed to mention Sam, Daniel and Nick

All the team are SUPER professional.. girls and guys. Quite apart from their qualifications.. they all have what I call people skills. They communicate!

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Hi Hubcaps, Thanks for your terrific review and will pass on your SUPER feedback to Sam, Daniel and Nick. Our technicians will always take the time to explain and assist you in making the best choice for all your needs. Thanks for being a part of the Omega family and look forward to a long association. Regards, Tracey C, Customer Service Representative

Excellent service

Cameron B and Tim R replaced my electrical circuit board at my townhouse in Artarmon. They were very professional and efficient. I found them to be friendly and it was a great service experience. They sent me a text before arriving and did the job a lot quicker than I expected. I would highly recommend both the company and in particular these two gentlemen!

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Hi Ehrle, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us such a positive review. Our staff strive to provide all clients a Red Carpet Experience. I'll pass on your terrific feedback to Cameron and Tim. Regards, Tracey C, Customer Service Representative

2 new toilets installed and lots of new lights and other electrical

Marcose, Kurt and Bailey did a great job installing the new toilets upstairs and all the electrical work over the house. I have never seen trades clean up after their work like these guys. Displayed great customer service and were very polite,

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Hi Paul, Many thanks for leaving such positive feedback. We are very proud of our technicians & It's great to hear they are living up to the Omega values. Kind regards, Jacki - Customer Service Manager

Renewed all appliances in 40-yr old kitchen

We supplied ovens, stove, kitchen sink and range hood and Omega installed them all with their great team of young tradesmen and apprentices. All problems were overcome cheerfully and cooperatively. New fire alarms and a long conduit for NBN were also installed. Troy, Cameron B., Cameron G. and Marcus all perfomed their work well.

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Hi LandN We constantly strive to provide our technicians and staff exceptional customer service training and it makes us proud when we receive positive feedback, such as yours. Glad we could provide you Red Carpet Service. Regards, Tracey C, Customer Service Representative.

Updated lights and fans!

Really happy with the work done today. The lights and fans look amazing and the new updated breaker box looks nice in the case.

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Hi Arielle, Your feedback is greatly appreciated as our technicians take pride in their work. Glad to have helped. Regards, Tracey C, Customer Service Representative.

Extremely impressed by their workmanship

2 young gentleman Marcus and Tom replaced all the light fittings in my house with LED lights. There were on time , extremely efficient , polite and courteous. They removed all the rubbish and vacuumed the floors. The price was very reasonable
What more could you ask for

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Hi Helena, many thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. I have passed your comments onto Marcus & Tom. Looking forward to being of service in the future. Take care. Jacki - Customer Service Manager

Biggest rip off ever

These guys are the biggest rip off ever. Do not use. Can't believe I have to give them 1 star. They deserve minus 10 stars.

Prices we were subject to were disgusting. They charge just under $500 plus GST to replace 2 x double power points. Or just under $420 plus GST if I became a member. And they have the hide to tell me they get the power points cheap (under $10each) because they buy soo many. The total time to change 2 x power points - 7 minutes.

Price to supply and install 1 x flouro light with a new flouro light is $390 plus GST ($330 plus GST if I became a member).

I've since had another 2 x tradies through the house as part of a kitchen and bathroom renovation. Both were gobsmacked at the size of the bill. They told me the light fitting would be about $50 worth, and It was definitely less than 15minutes to install. That's how much they are ripping you off.

We could not afford to get our switchboard upgraded with Omega. We got one of the other tradies to do it at a quarter of the price.

Please be careful with these guys. They charge SOO MUCH more than anyone else and try to suck you in with things like memberships. It a scam.

I don't want to get the young guys that came to our place in trouble, but they said "off the record" that they've have to write a review to make sure the good reviews out way the bad reviews on this site. And that we may be bribed with movie tickets if we leave a bad review. Well I'm sorry, but I can't be bought.

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Go get stuffed. Don't talk rubbish. You know who i am. You are trying to save face on this public site. Your pathetic. Don't rip people off so much and you won't have to try save face. I tell everyone i meet about you being the scum of all tradies and that will never change.

Its just possible these guys have been to charm school

Had three young men in the house today, fixed taps and installed fans. All very competent and gentlemanly, and everything works now. Not cheap but we have checked around and CBD work is expensive it seems.

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Hi Peter, Thanks for taking the time to leave your review. We are very proud of our technicians & I'm glad to hear they were respectful of your property. I will be passing on your positive feedback. We look forward to working with you again. Take care. Jack - Customer Service Manager

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