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Does anyone get airpockets while blending a smoothie?
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Hi Max, Thank you for your question. I am not exactly sure what you mean by air pocket? All I can say is that the OmniBlend power blenders will give you a professional result the same as what you would expect from a bought smoothie. OmniBlend is a commercial grade product that has been developed over the last 19 years and has been truly tried and test. It is now sold in over 90 countries, used globally by cafes, restaurant and smoothie bars. I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0266843837 or through our website www.omniblendaustralia.com.au if you have any other questions. Kind Regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

Can this be used for commercial purposes? I want to use it for a café. I expect to use it a lot throughout the day. I want to know of there is a maximum number of drinks it can produce without heating up.
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Hi Kate, OmniBlend power blenders are commercial grade machines used in cafe's, restaurants and smoothie bars globally. You can run the machine all day long. Some of the more well known businesses using our machines in Australia include: Olivers Real Food, Gloria Jeans, Naked Treaties, and Wendys. We help many new and existing business better understand their blending requirements. Please call us on 02 66 843 837 or contact us through our website omniblendaustralia.com.au Kind Regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

I find it very difficult to get all the mixture out of the container as it sticks in pockets around the blades and between the blades. This is when I am making a slice or cake mixture with nut flours, maple syrup and coconut oil. How can I successfully and easily empty the contents of the jug without leaving a considerable amount behind? Lee
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I have the same problem. The best way I've done it is using a very flexible silicone scraper. That's the way I e been able to get the most from inderneath the blades. I also try to turn the blades a little with the scraper each time I scrape.Hi Lee, Unfortunately what makes the 2L jug blend so well also makes it harder to remove the thicker ingredients which is typical for this shape jug. We do offer a 1.5L jug that makes it alot easier. However is does not blend thicker mixtures as good as the 2L jug so there is a trade off. Annoyed's advise is spot on. Using a small spoon or silicone scraper works well with the scrape and turn technique. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly at OmniBlend Australia on 02 66 843 837.

Hi. Can anyone help? I bought an Omniblend on Ebay a while ago. I was very pleased withe it, but noticed that the blades were beginning to work looser and looser specially as I was making so many ice-creams and sorbets. I could tighten the nut a little with my hand before using but eventually I could wiggle the blades up and down as well as side to side. I was sent another jug, but sure enough, after a while the blades were doing the same thing, wiggling up and down and side to side. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I follow recipes to the letter, I do, however make a lot of ice-creams, but I thought that an industrial strenth blender should be able to take this sort of work. I am having a dispute with the ebay dealer "The Omniblend store" about this, and I just wanted some advice form other Omniblend users/experts before I make my case.
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Hi Antony, Im sorry you have had problems with your blades coming loose, Im not sure which company is behind the ebay store you purchased from, however this is not a common issue with OmniBlend machines, making icecream should definately be fine and as long as the tamper wasnt hit while blending and stirring, this would not be the cause of the blades loosening. Its sounds like you may have been unlucky or experienced a factory fault, if the nut came loose the whole jug does not need to be replaced only the blade componant which is very easy to change over taking 1-2 minutes. Please also be aware that there are fake OmniBlend machines on the market and it is possible that you have one of these. Get in touch with us if we can be of any assistance.Hi, how did you go with fixing the blades? perhaps it is actually a common issue. I have recently experienced the same problem with the blades. I purchased my blender from Omni blend Aus. my three year warranty expired in january of this year, I have taken very good care of my blender; I havnt used the tamper, submerged it in water or even blended ice (even though it is meant to), it certainly hasn't been overused either...so 4 months after the warranty expired on the jug I noticed after every use the blades would come loose?! I first noticed because the blender was vibrating more than usual. Pretty disappointed! You spend good money on what you believe to be a quality product, that will last.

Would the blender be able to grind up a chicken carcass to make raw cat food?
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I'm not sure about meat. It does have a pulse and a speed control button. I know it grinds coffee beans. If you cut it up into smaller pieces it could work. Maybe you could email frooothie they would surely know.I just did a Google search and apparently it can. Not sure about consistency but apparently blends meat so you can make your own meat patties.

Is it posible to grind carobcarob and soya and susam with this blender?
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Hi Darijopauk, could you be more specific about what you are blending, are they in powder form or beans or liquid, then we can answer you question correctly. Thanks

I was pulsing with the plastic stick (that was provided when I bought the omniblender), as I was pulsing the stick touched the blades and some of the plastic broke off - would this have damaged the blades also I need a new pulsing stick - can this be bought again?
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Hi Narelle, Im sorry you have had an accident with your blender. Yes the stirring stick (tamper) should only be used through the hole in the lid, the measurements are taken so that if used in this way the tamper cannot reach the blades, in saying that though, we know that OmniBlend users get very passionate about what they are making and can have a momentary lapse where these things can happen. You can purchase a new tamper for the 1.5 or 2 litre jug from our website. www.omniblendaustralia.com.au The blades should be fine, however get in touch with us if you find the blender is moving around on the bench or making a different noise over the next few weeks as the drive socket could possibly have slipped a postion from the impact. Our number is 0266 84 3837

Hi just wondering if the blender can be used like a food processor ie pulsing till a soft dough forms?
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Hi Jennym, Thanks for your enquiry. The OmniBlend is first and foremost a blender, however you can perform some food processor tasks by using the correct method which may be slightly different to the method used in a food processor. I have attached some clips from our 'what can it make' page for you to watch http://www.omniblendaustralia.com.au/what-can-the-omniblend-make/ I hope this answers your question :-)

I have an Omniblend V and often after using it there are some brown liquid spots on the pad near the motor. I don't know where it is coming from and I am concerned about the motor? Any advice would be great, thanks.
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Hi Bianca, It sounds like water has gotten into your bearings. The underneath of the jug needs to stay dry at all times. If this is the case you would need a new blade componant and then you will be back to blending as normal. We recommend that you get in touch with the company you purchased from. If you purchased from OmniBlend Australia please call us so we can assist you.

I am looking at making slices etc for raw food style of eating using dates that require blending, I have previously blown a blender up blending dates. Can this blender be used for that?
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Hi Jodie, I bought the blender for exaactly the same reason to make raw superfoods, so nope didn't work as it has no liquid or should I say not enough. I ended up buying a food processor at target russell hobbs nothing to pricey but it worked brillant. Blender is great for smoothies making the chessecake filling more to do with liquid stuff. Being honest!

I've been through 4 cheaper blenders recently and am now looking to upgrade to something more sturdy. The issue I have is that I make smoothies from mostly frozen fruit and veg. Will this product hold up to that kind of use everyday without burning out the motor?
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Hi LambLamb, thanks for your enquiry. The OmniBlend machine is very rubust and at 2,238w also very powerful. Daily use making smoothies with frozen fruits and veg is no problem. Of course you also need to add your liquid to the mix for a good smooth consistency. The OmniBlend can also blend, nuts & ice in your smoothies. Feel free to go to our website and view the what can it make section for some great ideas of how to use the blender. You will find the longer you have your blender the more uses you will find for it :-) We offer a 5 year warranty on all our new blenders for home use, so you can be sure you are getting a good product which really can do the job! Call us anytime during business hours if you have more questions. Paula OmniBlend Australia

How does it go making vegetable juice with hard vegies like beetroot and carrot?
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It has no problem blitzing the veges, but i would put some liquid, such as coconut water with them to thin it out a bit.

I have been using my blender for two weeks and everything was great! But today I mentioned that the connection between blade and bearing is not proper. Furthermore I can hear the strange noise while blending. Please help me!? That's the photo to understand me clear, link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/9s5v5qmm4hpb6ac/2014-11-17%2020.52.09.png?dl=0
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Hi Alexander, Yes it looks like you have a fault in your blades. I would recommend getting in touch with the company you purchased from so they can be replaced. If you purchased from us at OmniBlend Australia please call us on 0266843837. PaulaOk thank you!

How do reset the overload function on OmniBlend V?
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Hi Henriette, to reset the overload button, press the button (all the way in) contained in the clear capsule on the underneath of the base. This will reset the machine and you can return to blending. Sometimes the switch can be triggered if the mix is too sticky and the ingredients stick to the side of the jug, leaving nothing around the blades, this causes the machine to switch itself off, adding a small amount of liquid - a tablespoon at a time -until the ingredients are a good consistency for the blender will rectify this issue. Enjoy OmniBlend Australia

It sticks when making nut paste from almonds how do I stop this?
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Hi Lal, Im ot 100% clear on the issue you are having, if you mean that the mixture is too thick and moves away from the blades to the sides of the jug, you can add a little oil or liquid to the mix one teaspoon at a time until a good consistency is reached. The oils content in nuts varies a lot and each batch needs to be evaluated case by case, some nuts will need no liquid and some nuts will be very dry and will need a little liquid. Thanks OmniBlend Australia

Hi, I'm looking at getting Omniblend 5, but can't decide on what jug to get. I think the 1.5L will be more useful with the measurements and wider base. Can anyone give me some advice/opinions on their own experience? Thanks!
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Hi Maria, I had a bad experience with the Omniblend and wouldnt recommend it at all. I've ended up getting an Advancer Thermocook and couldnt be happier. It does so much more and only $230 on ebay. Hope this helps.Hi Maria. I have the bigger jug and think it is great. I love my Omniblend and use it all the time, even for grating parmesan cheese!2L jug for sure. I sell it on my website with a 5% discount if you're interested.

Does it a Have a glass jug or is it made from plastic? Does it make soups? Who many Watts does it have?
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Hi Marlies, the OmniBlend has a Eastman Tritan BPA Free-CoPolyester jug, the motor in the OmniBlend is too powerful to have a glass jug, you can make live soups in the blender using the friction of the blades to heat, blend for 4-5 mins on high, the OmniBlend does not 'cook' the ingredients. The motor is 3hp, 2,238 Watts which is very powerful.

Am interested in getting the Omniblend 1 for juicing only. Fruit and green juices, for health reasons and weight loss. Do you or the Omniblend community provide juicing recipes ? Will be running the machine at least 3 times a day, no problems ? Thanks Mandy
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The Omniblend IV is fabulous for fruit juices. A pdf of recipes will be sent to you when you purchase the Omniblend, but I just make up my own, adding fruit that I have in the fridge along with spinach, kale and some water or ice. You can also freeze fruit that is getting old and add it to your juices direct from the freezer. No problems in running the machine 3 times a day either. Regards Denise

Hi, am looking to purchase a product that can grind macadamia nuts and almonds very finely. Can this machine manage this task?
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Hi Sumsie, My experience with this machine showed that it was not capable of grinding nuts. I tried one of the recipes in their book to make a spread like nutella but it left large amounts of hazelnuts completely intact & didnt blend the ingredients. I found this machine only worked as a smoothie maker. I've now been told by friends that the Nutribullet is fantastic and does this quite efficiently. I had read unfavourable reviews on line but its also possible they were posted by their competitors. Hope you have success in your search.I find it ok to grind nuts, but if that's the reason you are buying it I would probably get a processor. most recipes work best with some liquid added. if you are making a recipe with ground nuts, I usually grind them before adding other ingredients otherwise you do get an uneven texture. we totally love the omniblend. it makes the best smoothies and juices as well as nut milks. we have found it to be really versatile and we use it everyday. we thought of getting a nutribullet but it only has one speed, you have to add liquid to any blend and the salesperson I spoke to when I made an enquiry was totally rude!! omniblend staff are so great to deal with.

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