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Omron HN283

Omron HN283

3.0 from 3 reviews

Worst Scales I've EVER owned.

It takes a ridiculous, unreasonable amount of time to get your weight.

You can't just weight yourself. Oh no. First, you have to quickly step on, and then off, and then count to 10 while the scale "Loads?" and is ready for you to use. Don't go anywhere while you wait, you'll miss your window to step on the scale, and have to start again!
Finally, you've earned the right to step on to the scale again... hop on. Now count to 10 AGAIN while it painfully attempts to register your weight. But HOLD STILL!.. because even the slightest movement will cause your now 20 seconds of invested time to go to waste, and it will produce an "ERR" on the screen, then shut down, forcing you to start again.

Inaccurate measurements, constantly fluctuates wildly per different measurement.

LCD digital display is far too dim, and impossible to read without heavy lighting. I would often find myself having to step off the scale and crouch down after a weight to read it.

Do yourself a favor, and buy a normal, reliable scale for much cheaper.

Extremely frustrating. DO NOT BUY.

Not so great

Upon first use I did 5 consecutive readings but only 2 came back the same. Accuracy therefore is not to be expected it seems. Plus the box tells you that readings can be out up to 600grams up or down.

Accurate, sturdy and stylish.

Have had these scales for around 2 years and have used them regularly and never had a problem except for the very first time I used them. I didn't read the instructions and they tell you to use the foot to tap the scales first and wait for the 0.0 number to appear (about 5 seconds) and THEN you can stand on the scale. If you don't do this and just jump straight on ( like i did) you will only get a blank screen. Then you will check the battery is in it and think maybe there is an on/off switch and when there isn't one you will start panicking that you got a faulty pair - well who would have thought you would need instructions to use the scales? :) So in case it is not obvious by now the scales do come with a set of instructions but really that is all you'll need to do to work them. I can't quite remember how long the warranty is but i think it was 12 months - could be longer than that too (not certain though, check this for yourself to be sure).
Once it has read your weight the reading will remain on the screen for 30 seconds or so, giving you plenty of time to read it before the scales automatically switch off.
Only come in the grey color which is fine, i think it would blend into any style of home with out looking awkward.
Really happy with these scales and they sort of do make weighing yourself a little bit more elegant and relaxing than the stressful awfulness of watching the numbers roll up and down (where will the ball land) roulette type ones.
Have had these for well over 2 years and use them a few times a week and sometimes daily and haven't had to change the battery yet (batteries only cost $5-$6 anyway). Large and easy to read number display. Compact and easy to slide out of sight when not in use. Weight display range is from 5kg to 150kg and will give you your weight to the nearest 100g ie 61.1kg, 61.2kg etc so it's much more accurate than othe old style roulette type of scales. Look nice and slimline too. Feel sturdy to stand on and pleasant to use.
From memory i paid around $55.00, expensive compared to tradition type scales, although they are worth it if you want accuracy, not everyone would pay that much for a set of bathroom scales though.

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