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Don't go travelling without

OneSimCard is so convenient - it makes staying connected so easy and economical even when you go from one country to another. I travelled through South America and USA with it and had no issues.

Good customer support

I have had 2 minor issues in setting up my OneSimCard and PEN. On both occasions, I have had very quick responses to my queries that resolved the issues almost immediately. I haven't traveled with my sim yet, but I am very reassured by my experience with their customer support.

Email support is excellent

Had an issue with a dysfunctional carrier in Australia not delivering SMS in one direction reliably. OneSim worked with me over a period time and eventually made the appropriate connection to the carrier concerned and the issue was resolved in a positive way. Kudos to them.

No one is HOME!!!

"Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there is always someone to take your call."

I called Australia, UK, USA and Canada - Not one successful call - No one there to take my call.

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Hello, Thank you for your review! We apologize if you were unable to promptly reach one of our Customer Care specialists. Hold times vary depending on the time of day. Additionally, you are welcome to reach us via LiveChat and email service ticket. Thank you, OneSimCard Support http://www.onesimcard.com/contact.php 1-617-313-8888 1-800-640-2113

Simple, excellent travelling SIM

I had this SIM delivered in Australia prior to travelling to Europe. It is a snap to set up and I have paid $20 for 3 months to have a local number for my regional location added to the service. Everything worked first time as described. Highly recommended.

Worked first time

I am not tech savvy, but found it easy to install and it worked straight away. No messing around. I have successfully tested it in Australia and now look forward to using it in Europe when I arrive in a couple of days time. Thank you.

Plenty of options for phone and data connections

I found the service easy to order, setup and delivery of the card was very fast. I needed good service for both business and personal and found it with OneSim

Great SIM. Strongly recommend

If you need the travel sim that works, this is the one. I ordered 5GB data package with the sim for $29 for my travel to Russia. The moment the plane landed in Russia the service worked fine. Good stuff. I will be using it on my other trips.

Waste of time and money

I bought 4 sims cards and spend approximately 4 to 5 hours of my precious holiday time trying to make these sim cards work, WITH the on line chat help. No Success just frustration and realising I just flushed good money and time down the toilet. I asked for a refund three times on the chat help line but only got silence in return (Don't worry the chat help worked fine - it just did not resolve any of my problems). Further more of the $10 sim credit x4 I received with my cards about $10 of this was wasted on trying to trouble shoot my sim cards the rest is sitting useless in my dormant account because I can't make them work. This product deserves a negative 5 stars as I got nothing in return for my money only pain and frustration. I hope you read this review One Sim and do the right thing to refund my money.

Hello, Thank you for your review! Our records indicate that you did not fully follow instructions provided by OneSimCard on how to properly dial with an International Roaming SIM. We have communicated this privately to you via our Support channels on several occasions. When you did dial correctly, we see completed calls and sent text messages for your SIM cards Thank you, OneSimCard Support http://www.onesimcard.com/contact.php 1-617-313-8888 1-800-640-2113Hi that is not true I have tried every possible combination including incorrect combinations that you are referring to. However neither correct dial combinations worked! In fact on testing the sim card your company said it tested correctly yet I could never connect to my other one SIM cards regardless of the dial combinations I used.Hello, We appreciate your reply. OneSimCard prides itself on straight-forward service and unparalleled customer support. We also post all of our rates in an open and transparent way. We would like to address your contention that our original reply to your original concern was not truthful. Therefore, with your expressed permission, we would like to post the transcript of the service ticket that was opened up by you seeking troubleshooting assistance. This transcript would accurately depict all Customer Support replies as well as examples of incorrect dialing. Within that record, we offered logs of your correctly sent SMS and calls with proper billing, as well as incorrect attempts for which you were not billed. In fact, when you did dial correctly you were able to easily connect to your other OneSimCard SIM. We welcome your reply and hope that you will permit us to share this information for the benefit of other readers and customers. Thank you, OneSimCard Support

Worked very well

I purchased the Plus SIM with on May 30th. The SIM arrived in 2 days. The SIM has very many options and features. Those that I really liked are very low cost data – 1GB for $19, second number on the SIM- Australia PEN – number for callers from Australia to call me, free Voice Mail audio file delivery to my email. It worked fine for me in Europe during my 3 week travel. Support is good – there is an on-line chat. I did not need to call the support, but they say they offer technical support is 24/7. The billing was extremely accurate and they made all records available in the on-line portal. Another thing I like is their expiration policy. The sim balance does not expire for 10 months and the SIM itself does not expire. I should be able to use it on my next trip to China where I see they offer 5GB data package for $39. It looks like a great deal to me.

covers the bases for business

I run a business in Australia and need to be able to receive good quality calls from my current clients and potential customers no matter where I am in the world.
I'm looking forward to using one sim for years to come.

A bit complicated

This is probably a good thing for the technically savvy. I have needed a fair bit of help getting it set up and I'm hoping it is all ready to go. It sounds like a good solution for travelling. Time will tell! The two stage phoning is a bit awkward but I suppose I will get used to it.


Works excellent as described !! Couldn't get much easier than this to use. Worked straight out of the box and required very little setup. Will be interesting to see how well it works in china.

Very satisfied

My One Sim Card arrived within 2 days, but being non tech it took me quite a while to understand how to get it to work on my phone.
I eventually sorted it out with their help, so we are off to Europe with confidence.

Very convenient card for Europe

I just returned from 3 weeks in Switzerland and the UK. I used this sim card for texting and a few calls and found it to work easilyon my iPhone. The sim card came within a few days of ordering. Set up was easy. Minimum recgarge is US$25 so you neeed to make sure you are are not left with a large balance once you return home as the balance is not refundable. Overall, a very convenient card for global use.

Great seemless use of the simcard from country to country in Europe

Traveled in Europe last year, 2016, to France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. had a great experience with seamless connective for Voice, SMS and Data. I found that rates and costs were reasonable, much cheaper than roaming charges levied by home telco.

Great data plans

Received sim card very quickly. I was able to easily activate the card.
Disappointed, my PEN Australian number only lasts 30 days . However the data packages are really good value, and are kept updated with value.
I haven't used it yet so will trial it in Europe next week .

prompt service

received the one sim card and it arrived promptly. the instructions came with and website seems easy to use. haven't started using it yet though. free PEN is only for 30 days and auto defaulted to USA PEN so couldn't choose an Aussie one. Wish there were more PEN options as wanted to use it for Ireland while on holidays.

Great Service. Worked everywhere in my travel to Europe

I have been using the OneSimCard for 3 months now. It offers Voice, Text and Data. The data cost is the best part of it as it is extremely good at $19 for 1 GB of data. The SIM worked as soon as I landed in UK and I could call back and use Google Maps while driving from the the airport. All testing of the SIM was done while I was home in AU. Customer support is available on-line and it is competent and helpful. It is much better than spending time dealing with local SIM cards. I strongly recommend.

best solution

i live between two countries, and with one sim not only do i can the benefits of global roaming and cheaper data packages, but I also get an australian number attached to it, so I just divert my number in Australia to the Australian number on my onesim (wont cost me anything to divert since its an australian number) and then my one sim will ring whilst I am in Qatar, so I only pay for receiving the call not for the diversion aswell. Perfect

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Questions & Answers

my local mobile data package is with the second SIM (which is in WorldSIM). can I use the data ? Johnson (Singapore)
1 answer
Hello Johnson, OneSimCard is not WorldSIM. Each service can only be used with their respective SIM card using their own service packages. If using a OneSimCard SIM you can use it for talk, text and data at the rates posted on our site. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/cell-phone-rates/ If we misunderstood your question, please feel free to contact us directly so that we may better assist you. http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ Thank you, OneSimCard

HI, my daughter is travelling to Nepal and spending time in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ghandruk and Landruk, and then spending a day or two in Singapore. What would you suggest for her?
1 answer
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We recommend our OneSimCard Universal SIM for call, text and data service in Nepal. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=NP&destinationcountry=&simtype=unv The same SIM will work in Singapore: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv The service is prepaid and requires a unlocked device for compatibility. You can view more information in our FAQ here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv However, if you have any specific questions or need assistance be sure to contact us directly at our support number +1 617 313 8888 or open a email ticket: http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ you can also visit our site www.onesimcard.com and select on the live chat box to speak to a rep LIVE. Thank you, OneSimCard

Where to buy in Australia?
2 answers
Hi Russ, OneSimCard is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra at the below listed WH Smith, Gadgetshop and Supanews stores. You can also always purchase directly from our webstite: www.onesimcard.com.au Sydney International Airport – WH Smith *Terminal 1 Departures, Piers A, B, C *Terminal 1 Landside *Terminal 1 Arrivals Sydney City – WH Smith * University of New South Wales - Morvern Brown Store * Univerisity of New South Wales - Quadrangle Store Melbourne International Airport – WH Smith * Terminal 2 Departures * Terminal 2 Landside * Terminal 4 Departures * Terminal 4 Landside Melbourne City – WH Smith * Southern Cross Train Station Ground Floor * Southern Cross Train Station First Floor Brisbane International Airport – Gadgetshop * International Terminal * Domestic Terminal Brisbane City – WH Smith * Central Railway Station Perth International Airport – WH Smith, Gadgetshop * Terminal 1 – WH Smith * Terminal 1 – Gadgetshop Adelaide Airport * Level 0 Canberra City – Supanews * Canberra CentreHi Russ, I ordered online at https://www.onesimcard.com/international-sim-card/ the order was sent to me via Australia post and only took a few days to arrive