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best solution

i live between two countries, and with one sim not only do i can the benefits of global roaming and cheaper data packages, but I also get an australian number attached to it, so I just divert my number in Australia to the Australian number on my onesim (wont cost me anything to divert since its an australian number) and then my one sim will ring whilst I am in Qatar, so I only pay for receiving the call not for the diversion aswell. Perfect

Simple. Fast. Straightforward

I wanted a US number that I could use from Australia. I did a bunch of research and came up with OneSim. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first and thought that the service wouldn't work properly or it would be some sort of "kludge" that redirect text messages to email or something similar. But I was wrong. I ordered online and it was actually sent by AusPost and arrived in two days. I put it in my phone, activated online, changed my iPhone settings as described in the "Start" card in the packaging and away it went. Works the same as a "normal" SIM would in the US. Nice one!

Great service

The card arrived very promptly in via Express Post. The instructions were quite clear, although there are quite a number of plans available which may be a bit confusing.

The activation is straight forward and worked promptly. Clear instructions also for the installation of the profile on my iPhone 5S, which worked flawlessly. Had to uninstall this profile once I stuck my normal Telstra SIM SIM card back in the phone.

Best roaming Sim

Hi all,
I place the order in the morning and i got my sim next day. I was thinking it will take few weeks because the sim was in USA but they got a local distributor in Australia. I don't travel a lot but maybe once per year and this sim is great for my use.I have start using this One sim and it is great.
The good thing about this Sim is, the incoming is free in most country.

Economical International SIM for multiple country use

We travel regularly to many diverse overseas countries and the biggest issue is always the need to have economical internet access for making hotel bookings, GPS navigation, Uber bookings and keeping in touch.

Our OneSim Plus SIM was purchased in October 2016 and was first used overseas in December 2016.

I have a lot of experience with the hassles of buying a “local” SIM in the countries that we travel in. The major issue is getting adequate network coverage which can be patchy when you are using one local telecommunications provider whereas OneSim has solved this issue by having contractual arrangements with multiple local network providers in the country you travel to.

Another critical issue is language barriers, particularly in Asian countries like Thailand where the local language is not readable and sometimes vendors do not speak adequate English which can mean you pay good money for a SIM that ends up being almost useless. Recharging can also be a hassle, but OneSim’s website makes account balance top-ups through PayPal very easy and for checking your account usage, together with flexible choices for calls and data discounted packages if you want to use them for higher usage.

We have now successfully used our OneSim in the following countries:
1. United Arab Emirates, Oman & cruising some other Middle Eastern countries in December 2016
2. Indonesia (Bali) and Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) in March 2017
3. Indonesia (Bali) in July 2017
4. Laos & Thailand in August 2017
5. Indonesia (Bali) in March 2018
6. USA & Canada in June 2018, and will provide further updates on usage in other countries, as this occurs.

I mainly use data (rather than phone calls) when travelling overseas and normally my phone connects automatically with the correct APN etc for the network of the local country. If you want to use data, before you move away from the Wi-Fi at your hotel, check that you can connect to the Internet using data. If a data connection does not work, restart your phone, then double check it is connected to the phone network operator that you need per the OneSim website at: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=ID&simtype=plus

Select “roaming in” etc in the top table, then scroll down to “View Roaming Network Details” for the network ID to check against your phone

If it still does not connect to the Internet, then contact OneSim live chat.

An additional option which I have activated is the OneSim "PEN" option. This is best subscribed on an annual basis and provides a "home" country phone number that enables friends, family and business people to call you at your "home" country call rates instead of dialing into your Estonia mobile/cell phone number at international call rates.

Happy & safe travels!

Easy to get - Works wel

I mainly got this sim so my staff could Call my PEN number for a local call. Works greats. This means whilst overseas, my staff can ring me and Im not stuck with too large phone bills.

Great SIM for European travel

I have used this SIM for European travel across multiple countries for over a year. Call quality is excellent, fees are reasonable and switching between countries is seamless. Customer support and website info. is great.

The worst choice I have made

The OneSimCard Europe Plus service i purchased is a dud! After it drained all my initial credit on one internet session, I recharged USD $50 and again it drained it all in data in a few short sessions. I have ditched it in the rubbish bin and will never use their products again. A local SIM is the best solution.

Handy Asset for those that travel

Recently purchased a onesim card and despite a few hiccups has been relatively good. Like all new things to set up did take some time but the online customer support was VERY helpful.

Good service

It is a good service. I did not have problems with it.
I can recommend it to the others traveling in Europe.
Rates are good and connection as a rule is good too.

Very happy with the service so far...

Researched the Web to death and found this Card to be the best option for overseas travel. Very happy with customer service, costs and overall experience so far. This is exactly what I need for my upcoming trip.

Exactly what I needed!

I will be traveling through Japan, Europe and the US and need to be able to use my mobile phone for calls, sms and data. This card offers it all in a single package. Set up was easy and it works perfectly. The "callback" thing takes a bit of getting used to but it works so it's a minor annoyance. The rates are great and having multiple ways to recharge especially automatic renewal of data packages when the data is used up is very convenient. It would be more convenient to recharge directly through BPay but again it's not a big deal to go through the intermediate OneSimCard account.

Detailed Review of Europe & More SIM

I used onesimcard Europe & More SIM card on 2 different trips and I am very happy with the service.

My phone is iPhone 5S. The first trip was to to USA and Canada. My second trip was to Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, then I was in Russia and on the way back I spent few days in UK.

Good things about the SIM:

a. The coverage was good. I had good signal pretty much everywhere. 1SIM roams on major networks, so until you go to the G-d forgotten place in the country, you will get the connection.

b. Direct Dial. If you are not familiar with other SIM cards – most current roaming SIM cards are using callback. The callback is not a big deal, but it is more conventional when you dial the number and just get connected rather than answering the callback after the number is dialed to get connected.

c. Data Service. It is much more affordable than any other roaming sim looked at. There are 1GB, 2GB and 3GB data packages from USD $50 to $100 running on 3G and 4G in Europe. There is also an unlimited data package, though the unlimited data package mostly runs on 2G speed after the first GB of data is used, which is fine if you do not watch lots of video. The cost of data is less than 3 cent per MB.

d. Cost of calls back home is 0.25 per minute to land-line or mobile. It is reasonable. I figured out that if I am using 1SIM VOIP app with the data package, the cost of the call comes down to 3 c/min. This is really great. The VOIP call quality was mostly good.

e. The web site provides tons of details and rates. The personal account allows to top up the SIM, order data packages, configure voice mail. It also allows to see all use records – calls, text and data which is good for expense reports and also just to see that you are being charged properly. They also offer a free mini account that you can access from the mobile phone, that allows to top up the SIM and order data packages.

f. The main number of the SIM is from Estonia, which is not the cheapest to call to, though you do not pay anything to receive calls on Estonia number. However, they offer 1 month free of AU land-line number for calls, which you can keep longer for a fee. This makes it OK, even at 0.20 cent per minute to receive the call this way.

g. They also offer phone numbers in many countries as secondary numbers. You can order numbers in UK and many other EU countries, as well as Canada, US and some Latin American countries. I did not have the need for this, but I see why some people would find this convenient.

h. You activate the SIM whilst at home and you can test it before leaving.

i. Expiration policy is better then on most SIM cards. This is from their terms:

The international SIM card phone number and account will expire if no outgoing usage is made for 2 years. The outgoing usage could be any of the following: Call made from the phone, SMS sent from the phone or any Data Usage.
Personal Extra Numbers will stay active as long as they have been funded properly.
The SIM card balance is valid for 10 months. The balance will continuously roll over to the next 10 month period provided that at least $25 is added within 10 months after the last recharge.
If the balance expires, the service can still be used after a new recharge of the SIM card.

Things I do not like:

a. The main SIM card number is from Estonia. While it was working in every country, some people would have difficulties to call Estonia mobile to reach you. This is why they offer AU numbers as secondary numbers.

b. Navigating on OneSimCard.com web site is not very easy as they sell not just Europe & More SIM. They offer other SIM cards and the amount of information to go through could be overwhelming. Once you get the SIM though, instructions provided were all pretty clear and activation is done by clicking on the button on the screen.

c. The Europe & More SIM works in only 40 countries or so. If you need to go to China, HK, Singapore or other Asia or Africa, you would need a different SIM. Their Plus SIM looks like a good candidate, but I have not tried it.

d. All rates and charges are in USD. Still a good deal if you do the converting math.

Beats the crap the others are selliing

I travel overseas a lot for business, and also have a number of staff that do also. I tried two different companies prior to One Sim Card and now I kick myself for not reading the fine print. This product is a little more expensive than the others up front, however we now save money in under two days.
Our fist cards came directly from the US, however I placed an order the other day and noted they now come direct from Australia making the service even better.
Lots of money to be saved.
My only feedback is that the prices are still in $US which can be confusing, but do the maths and you've got a bargain in the long run.

Single SIM working well in many countries.

I have been using onesimcard sim for many years. I used it in Europe, North and South America and Asia. It worked everywhere. The service is prepaid. All use info is provided in the on-line account. I saw no surprises. Rates are reasonable, especially data rates and the service is reliable. Many features offered including VOIP calling with the same phone number. I just upgraded by phone to iPhone 6 and ordered a Nano size from onesimcard. I definitely recommend.

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Questions & Answers

my local mobile data package is with the second SIM (which is in WorldSIM). can I use the data ? Johnson (Singapore)
1 answer
Hello Johnson, OneSimCard is not WorldSIM. Each service can only be used with their respective SIM card using their own service packages. If using a OneSimCard SIM you can use it for talk, text and data at the rates posted on our site. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/cell-phone-rates/ If we misunderstood your question, please feel free to contact us directly so that we may better assist you. http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ Thank you, OneSimCard

HI, my daughter is travelling to Nepal and spending time in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Ghandruk and Landruk, and then spending a day or two in Singapore. What would you suggest for her?
1 answer
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We recommend our OneSimCard Universal SIM for call, text and data service in Nepal. See rates here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=NP&destinationcountry=&simtype=unv The same SIM will work in Singapore: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv The service is prepaid and requires a unlocked device for compatibility. You can view more information in our FAQ here: http://www.onesimcard.com/rates-and-coverage/?sourcecountry=SG&destinationcountry=US&simtype=unv However, if you have any specific questions or need assistance be sure to contact us directly at our support number +1 617 313 8888 or open a email ticket: http://www.onesimcard.com/contact-support/ you can also visit our site www.onesimcard.com and select on the live chat box to speak to a rep LIVE. Thank you, OneSimCard

Where to buy in Australia?
2 answers
Hi Russ, OneSimCard is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra at the below listed WH Smith, Gadgetshop and Supanews stores. You can also always purchase directly from our webstite: www.onesimcard.com.au Sydney International Airport – WH Smith *Terminal 1 Departures, Piers A, B, C *Terminal 1 Landside *Terminal 1 Arrivals Sydney City – WH Smith * University of New South Wales - Morvern Brown Store * Univerisity of New South Wales - Quadrangle Store Melbourne International Airport – WH Smith * Terminal 2 Departures * Terminal 2 Landside * Terminal 4 Departures * Terminal 4 Landside Melbourne City – WH Smith * Southern Cross Train Station Ground Floor * Southern Cross Train Station First Floor Brisbane International Airport – Gadgetshop * International Terminal * Domestic Terminal Brisbane City – WH Smith * Central Railway Station Perth International Airport – WH Smith, Gadgetshop * Terminal 1 – WH Smith * Terminal 1 – Gadgetshop Adelaide Airport * Level 0 Canberra City – Supanews * Canberra CentreHi Russ, I ordered online at https://www.onesimcard.com/international-sim-card/ the order was sent to me via Australia post and only took a few days to arrive

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