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2Onga Hammerhead

152 reviews

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152 reviews
152 reviews
SaltySydney, NSW9 posts

Really Enjoying the Hammerhead

I bought this product in late June 2017 and it has worked really well. I used to have a Zodiac but it stopped with any size nut. That has not been the case with this and I have waited a few months since buying to see how it has handled lots of leaves. It's done really well and only occasionally have had to clear the head because a branch has fallen in but it still goes. I'm really happy with this product.

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OilzzzBrisbane25 posts
HolgsPerth2 posts

Works perfectly in silence

Replaced our old Kreepy Krauly with a Hammerhead (concrete pool) 3 weeks ago. Works perfectly straight out of the box. Just had to set the suction pressure with the supplied device. Didn't need to add hose weights or make any other adjustments. The first thing I noticed is no more jack hammer noice, just silence. This alone was worth changing from the Kreepy. But also the Kreepy used to get stuck in the corner at the steps several times a day and choke on long leaves and nuts from the palm trees. Not had either of those problems with the Hammerhead, not even once.

Very happy!

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SkcSouth East Queensland, QLD6 posts

Much better than a crawly

I live in a treed area nd used to own a krawly one. After dozens of diaghrams and continually having to remove stick and large leaves the got stiuck i bought this one. In 7 years it has not missed a beat. About to replace the skirt for the first time It eats leaves sticks and anything else that falls into the pool. Great low maint cleaner

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James R
James R

Reliable and effective

We have used our Hammerhead for 3 years and it has been reliable and done a great job of cleaning the pool. We will be replacing it shortly because after three years of constantly being in the pool the plastic has started to break down. We replaced the skirt twice in three years with genuine parts and the replacement skirts didn't last very long. That would be my only complaint.

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Jed4 posts
mikegold coast

Same as the rest

All of these pool cleaners that have an opening that opens and closes are the same. Leaves get halfway through the opening then the cleaner stops & you have to unclog it. If you have to buy one of this type, buy the cheapest cause you get nothing more for spending more.

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pdmoroSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts
Noise Level
ace2801rUNAWAY bAY8 posts
CharlesHunter Region, NSW13 posts

It works

So far, so good - swapped from my Barracuda G2 (which was admittedly falling apart, and had worked well enough in its earlier life) to the Hammerhead based on reviews - and sure enough it is a effective and doesn't get stuck. There are plenty of more expensive cleaners, not sure why you would need one

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GabsPerth, WA4 posts

Best pool cleaner I have owned

After trying various brands and models I can safely say that the Hammerhead is hands down the best unit I have owned. After correcting the suction flow to suit the hammerhead i.e. maximum my pump can handle by removing any losses, I have a spotlessly clean pool. The hammerhead climbs the walls and all of the stairs in my 10M lap pool. I could not be happier. I have read that some owners have had problems with theirs, to which I can only say that I have not! I have had it now for 8 months without issue. It even manages to remove the palm leaves!!

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Regis2 posts

So far so excellect!

My Kreepy Krauly had given me grief for years and it was time for a change. The Onga Hammerhead was cheap so I took a punt and have been really happy with the results. Had an issue fitting the unit to my existing skimmer plate but after buying a new plate has been working beautifully. The sound of my Kreepy was keeping the neighbours awake so that was the biggest surprise. The Hammerhead is silent! Cleans better than the Kreepy and has not yet stopped working.

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MAD992South East Queensland, QLD39 posts

I have the next model up called MAKO shark

wow this thing is great the mako shark is called the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser in the USA , made in europe and not china so is a good bit of kit for $395 the hammerhead is a great pool cleaner But i think the Mako is better bought online from Dads pool shop , time will tell but so far so good with my Mako shark from pentair.......


Works a treat

Having lived with the frustrations of Zodiac cleaners (thesight of a banksia leaf and the Zodiac would stop), I am absolutely delighted with the Hammerhead. It will do pretty big leaves and small sticks. I was away for a month and for the first time EVER the pool was fine.

Vic p
Vic pSydney

Continues to stop working

When you look at the function of the Cleaner it should be perfect, it is not. The smallest leaf stops it. The smallest nut stops it. Returned it three times to where i purchased it at Blacktown and told that it was in good working order, must be pressure, must be air .

Quite simply the hammer mechanism binds up on leaf matter and the unit stops working. Most frustrating pool cleaner i have ever owned.

Back to the maple matic again, working like a charm. My advice don't buy the hammer head. to much to little can stop it.

jodiharrisSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Such a reliable cleaner

I replaced my Quattro7 with this cleaner and I love it. It has been very reliable.

Never gets stuck anywhere.

I do have an odd shaped pool and there are a few spots it does not clean, but this is the only drawback.

Price was also much cheaper than previous pool cleaner.

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bill2 posts

Not suited to tiled pool

Had one in last house, pebble finish surface, worked brilliant, so purchased one; new house and tiled pool with large radius corners, cleaner gets stuck everywhere, driving us just mad. Can't get traction, on tiles, added weights, to suction head, helps a little, tried every thing, had a couple of pool guys round but couldn't improve it.

Graham S
Graham SMelbourne5 posts
YilgarnPerth3 posts

So far, so good

Bought 2 months ago, and it got stuck the first few of times, always in the same place, but since then it has chugged away nicely without fuss. Why it got stuck initially, I don't know - I didn't make any adjustments. I might get another hose length; it's at full stretch in my 8m pool.

John3 posts

Far exceeded my expectations

Just does the job properly, the walls the floor, never gets stuck, doesn't miss anywhere, It's always clean with no algae growth thanks to the Onga

I have had 3 other pool cleaners over 20 yrs, always disappointed and had started to clean the pool manually, I think the onga saves me at least 2 hours per week, that's 100 hours per year = 2.5 working weeks.

My pool is a rectangle 12.5m x 4.8m with slightly curved corners. It has a pebble crete finish.

I've never felt compelled to write a review before, The Onga just far exceeded my expectations!


Best Cleaner I've had

I've had 3 cleaners .This is the best by far, I have had the onga hammerhead for nearly 3 years without a problem It was easy to install its easy to use. It's the least complicated cleaner I've had and does a great job cleaning bottom and walls of pool. Highly Recommend if you want an easy no fuss cleaner.

NhojSSouth East Queensland, QLD7 posts

2nd Hammerhead Same Result Good

Moved house and left the old one behind. New house, purchased another Onga Hammerhead.same result as before, simple, trouble free and just cleans the pool without getting stuck.Initially it wanted to stay at one end of the pool. Ignored manufacturers instructions and added another length of hose.perfect. Just gets around and does its job.Also less working parts means less maintenance. this is the pool cleaner for me, wont consider anything else


Very disappointing

Had researched robotic cleaners but being married to a Scot, I got talked into one of these. Very disappointing. Gets stuck in corners. Gets stuck on the steps. Leaves dirt behind. Have tried different pressures but still not good. While it is better than the cheap models from large hardware stores it hasn't lived up to expectations. Will now look at robotic cleaners again.

AGRO!Richmond-Tweed, NSW45 posts

Not good

In the beginning this pool cleaner was great but after only one season it now gets stuck in the corners of our pool all the time.

I have tried every thing to try and get it to work how it used to but nothing seems to work I even tried running the pump with more pressure but it still gets stuck.

Anyhow we ended up buying a zodiac mx6! Now this is a great little pool cleaner :)

HCBMid North Coast, NSW6 posts

Great product

Gone are the frustrations caused by the endless issues generated by my previous cleaner. The Onga is easy to set up, and simply works ! Two previous cleaners would get stuck in one corner of the pool, this has not been a problem. Simple but effective design which means less to go wrong. The parts are well made and feel to be a higher quality plastic than others I looked at. Quiet as well. I've had it for only a month now, but am happy to give it top marks even at this early stage.

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steerage250Perth, WA7 posts

An excellent pool cleaner

I had a Kreepy for 20 years. It took 10 years of tinkering to get it to be reasonably reliable (ie not getting stuck), and then really only fixed properly when I cut the hose too short for it to get to the problem area (steps) at the far end of the pool.

Based on the reviews in this forum, I bought an Onga Hammerhead when the Kreepy looked like it needed another expensive overhaul. It hasn't missed a beat from the moment I put in in my (vinyl) pool. It has been 4 weeks now, and it hasn't been stuck once

Highly recommended.

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LmrPerth, WA10 posts

perfect so far

Original Post Nov. 2015: bought this after my dolphin broke down, which only lasted 2 years and was "fixed" 3 times. After reading the reviews on product review we thought even if we had to replace this every couple of years it was still more cost effective than the dolphin. So far we love it, it actually cleans better than the dolphin did for a 1/3 of the price.

Update Jun. 2018: Still going really well, so much better than the dolphin.

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StaceySippy Downs3 posts

Terrible. Had to return it after only 1 year!

We had nothing but trouble with this cleaner. It constantly got stuck in the corners of the pools, it wouldn't clean up in the shallow end of the pool and after only one year the head fell off numerous times! Thankfully I was able to return it and receive a full refund. I wouldn't waste your time or money!


Onga Hammerhead

I have had two Hammerhead pool cleaners in 4 years. Yes they work, but not for long. The three year warranty is useless as it does not cover the skirt or foot, the main items of the cleaner. I was actually told by Pentail in SA that these come out of the factory perfect 100% of the time and would not even bother to look at the defect.

GarryPerth3 posts

Love It.. Far Superior To Kreepy Krauly

I've had the hammerhead for around a month now and I can confirm it's a far better product to the Kreepy Krauly products. I've had prior to this (I have had 3 KKs over the last 20 years). I was prompted to get one based upon reviews here and also the price. I can confirm there is no sticking in one place, no climbing too high, no avoiding the shallow end. It's very quiet and it's construction seems strong with less individual bits to wear and adjust. Even the sole plate seems to be more robust to the KK one. Which I was always having to replace. Easy to set up too. Just follow the instructions and it's off. Make sure you get enough hose so it can traverse the whole pool.

GregRichmond-Tweed, NSW14 posts
satisfied customer
satisfied customer

This pool cleaner has a superior bumper design and a more reliable vacuum mechanism

Congratulations! You designed the Keepy Krauly pool vacuum much better than the Barracuda. It never gets hung up on the pool steps, it seldom needs a debris unclog and so far has never come apart at the bottom of the pool. My previous pool vacuum had all the above problems, plus it had an interlocking hose system that is incompatible with other brands. I now have a really clean pool which saves me the labor of vacuuming it out by hand every week. Thanks for "building a better mousetrap" .

MarkpSydney3 posts

Not too bad

We have had this pool cleaner for 4 months. It is better than our previous barracuda cleaner. The only disappointing aspect is cleaning of tight corners it struggles with, and we have tried numerous times to adjust the parts. Overall it is still worth purchasing if you consider value for money. We still would recommend buying this cleaner.

RoyBoyPerth, WA25 posts

Better than Baracuda

I've had a Baracuda for about 6 years. After replacing so many parts over the years i decided to look for a new cleaner. Decided to go with the Onga Hammerhead and am extremely happy. Cleans the pool, never gets stuck and is very quiet compared to my old Baracuda. Unbelievable price too!

NishanSouth East Queensland, QLD23 posts
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BogratCaboolture4 posts

An Outstanding Cleaner

I bought this to replace a very old Zodiac. For the price I thought it would not clean as well as the Zodiac but, to my surprise, it cleans the pool perfectly and is way better than all the cleaners I've had before.

Spend the time to get the right suction and you will be very happy with the job it does.

Rajan Luthra
Rajan LuthraSydney, NSW4 posts

THE Best

Using Onga for almost a year. IT IS THE BEST. Cleans the pool perfectly.

i wish I had bought this earlier. I would saved heaps of money in repainting

LeanneTamborine Queensland6 posts

Works really well, quiet and efficient

We own above ground pool with a vinyl lining, and have heaps of leaves...

After looking at many cleaners, we choose the Hammerhead.

Good choice, works very efficiently and is quiet.

Andrew3 posts

The best pool cleaner I've bought to date

I used to have a Barracuda as well in the beginning. It was ok but noisy and eventually died. I've then bought a few cheap replacements (from Bunnings) and they're just a waste of money. This one is quiet and seems to cover to whole pool very well. The bottom of the pool is now spotless!

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