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152 reviews

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152 reviews
152 reviews
v8iansSouth-Eastern Region, NSW6 posts
SquidKing12 posts

It works !!!!!

Bought this from a friend whom had trouble making it work in his pool due to the very tight radius of his corners where wall and floor meet ,

We dropped it into my pool and it hasn't missed a beat, hasn't been stuck once but palm nuts have blocked it on one occasion ,

My pool hasn't looked so clean in years !!!

GeoffAdelaide5 posts
Roy Beerwald
Roy Beerwald

Onga Hammerhead vacuum pool cleaner

I have similar problems with my Hammerhead pool cleaner but the main problem that I am currently experiencing is that I cannot get it to lay flat on the bottom of the pool; I experimented with the weight that clips on the hose, I moved it up & down but eventually it seemed better just not to use it at all. When I first started using the Hammerhead I thought that it was better & less trouble than the Zodiac that I had before, but over time it is giving me problems. I just wish there was such a thing as a trouble free pool vacuum system at an affordable price but there just doesn't seem to be. I will keep searching & trying to find something better.

Nero M
Nero M3 posts
Brett H
Brett Hbrisbane2 posts

Fantastic works a treat 6 years

i have owned my hammerhead for 6 years and it works great and has never let me down - those with negatives need to read simple instructions

Brownie71Brisbane3 posts

It sucks in a good way

I recently purchased an Onga Hammerhead based off the generally good reviews I read on this site. I replaced a worn out Kreepy Krauly that was too hit and miss with its results. Must say I have only had the Hammerhead for a few weeks but very impressed so far. Gets everywhere, walls and even steps and spends a lot of time at the furthest part of my 75m3 pool unlike the KK that enjoyed the deeper water near the skimmer boxes. Has not been caught up anywhere yet just keeps punching along. It is also really quite which was a bonus. Will have to wait and see how it goes with the large amount of leaves I get after a very windy day.


Waste of time

We can have our cover on our pool for 4 days with the cleaner on twice a day, when the cover comes off, the pool is a mess. Hardly sucks at all, cleans in one spot, waste of time, we are off to buy a new one.

Mum of nearly_3
Mum of nearly_3Brisbane3 posts

Bad cleaner

this this was the biggest pile of rubbish did not stick to the pool at all. I bought a sting ray one and it did the job perfect;ly

Vicki6 posts

Works well

This is the first cleaner I have used as new to pool ownership, so checked out the reviews on here to choose. Very glad I did as it hasnt missed a beat since installation. I had to get the pool guy to install it as the instructions didnt seem to match what I had. He originally turned his nose up at it and told me he didnt think it would work. 2 months later and he is eating his words! I havent had to clean the pool once, it is spotless. Cant hear it and it doesnt get stuck, though it does seem to attack you if you swim whilst it is on!

Chris C
Chris CBrisbane

Best pool cleaner ever

I recently replaced my zodiac G2 with the Hammerhead and couldn't be happier. I was forever replacing parts only to find it would constantly just stop for no reason. I read the reviews from this site and I liked the great reviews of the Onga Hammerhead. I bought my Hammerhead from Pool and Spa Direct for $295 and can't believe the value. It was the best price, I received it on express courier later that same day and they also through a little gift in the box. I don't usually write reviews but this pool cleaner is the best pool cleaner I have ever had.

Amy R
Amy RNSW2 posts

Very Happy With My Onga Hammerhead

Purchased the Onga Hammerhead because of reviews on this site and I'm glad I did! Was quoted $750 plus by local shop but bought online from Pool and Spa Warehouse for $315 (delivered the next day and I live in the country so this is very impressive! Our mail doesn't even get here that quickly!)

It cleans so well, even walls and steps. Picks up leaves no problems, no tangles with the hose, it does get stuck on one corner near the steps but only about once per week. Mine comes on every evening from 4pm to 11pm so if this is the only time I have to 'rescue' Onga, then I'm happy!!!!

Very very happy with it's cleaning performance, and my landlord commented how lovely my pool is looking too!

Would definitely recommend the Onga Hammerhead

Eddie R
Eddie R

Very Good Cleaner

Best Cleaner I've owned, cleans well its quiet and best of all doesn't get stuck like all my previous cleaners.

David Patrick
David PatrickSydney3 posts

Good, cleans well but needs adjustment!

We have been using the Hammerhead for about 2 months now and I am really impressed with its simple operation. It actually works well and picks up all those leaves. The only issue is trying to get the cleaner to cover the whole pool area, our pool is a 50,000 L average size and you will need to adjust the weights provided. I was using a Zodiac T5 cleaner which would get stuck in the corners, not the hammer head. I would recommend the Hammerhead if you require a cheaper cleaner, it does work good.

John P
John PPerth8 posts
DWHunter Region, NSW7 posts

Good first impression

Only had the Onga Hammerhead for about a week or so but a very good first impression so far. Bought it from direct pool supplies at Cardiff (Newcastle) who were kind enough to throw in a couple of extra lengths of hose for my 10m pool, as well as an adapter for my skimmer box. After plugging in and adding the hose weights and setting the suction "speed" as per the instructions, the cleaner seemed to start working perfectly straight away with no further adjustments needed. Having the pool jets already aimed correctly already from the previous cleaner (Barracuda) probably helped.

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Adam P
Adam PTownsville

Great Value Cleaner

Really happy with the Hammerhead pool cleaner. I bought the Hammerhead online from Dads Pool Shop after doing plenty of research. Unlike my old T5 Baracuda, the Hammerhead never gets stuck in corners and cleans the pool beautifully. Great product, great price and great service!

FredBrisbane6 posts
steve l
steve l

The dogs nuts

Does all the work for you.much cheaper than a lot of other cleaners on the market.saves a lot of time cleaning and more time to enjoy your pool.

Brian2 posts

Very Happy Customer!

I previously had a barracuda pool cleaner which used to get stuck in corners and always needed the diaphragm to be replaced. I bought the hammerhead online through 'dads pool shop' and was charged no shipping fee even though I live in Darwin!! Very happy, easy to install and never gets stuck.

dodie168PARRAMATTA6 posts

Perfect product!

Its time for me to share as well my personal experience about this product, After reading some of the reviews here I decided to get one of this and it was perfect! Ordered it online via Bestpoolsupplies and it arrived a day after and It is working perfectly, feels sturdy and of great quality. it was also easy to assemble the product.

Peter in Caloundra
Peter in CaloundraCaloundra

Early days but great so far

I purchased online from Best Pool Supplies, it arrived the following day (great speedy service and price). My previous Pool Cleaner was recommended by my Local Swimart, and in under 12 months was needing replacement parts and constantly getting stuck in one spot. So after reading reviews from this site I chose the Onga Hammerhead, although I have only had it for a couple of weeks, it has done a great job so far in moving freely around my pool and keeping it clean.
Easy to Set Up
Tony Kellyville NSW
Tony Kellyville NSWKellyville9 posts

Awesome Value for a great cleaner

Have had so many cleaners over the past 30 years it is crazy but this one is true value for money and it works. Well done Onga. Great value for money with a product that does the job. Big tick! The hammerhead is a pool cleaner worth owning. I won't spend thousands again to clean my pool.


Great Cleaner

I have had 3 barracuda cleaners over 14 yrs and I was tiring of replacing parts so I decided it was time for a change. I read the reviews here and decided to give the hammerhead a go. I've had it for 2 months and I couldn't be happier. Setting up was easy, worked well after a couple of small adjustments to weights and flow. It is also much quieter than my old cleaners. Bought it online from a NSW store for under $300 (my pool shop was asking $479. Loyalty can only go so far.) and received it in Brisbane 2 days later. Would happily recommend to anyone.
Great value, works well
Comes with 10 lengths of hose, some others come with 12.
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Kev from Perth
Kev from PerthPerth, WA6 posts
FritznsauceAdelaide32 posts

Great product

This is a great product, easy to use, cheap to buy ($295), cleans the pool beautifully including walls & picks up leaves. Does not do top of steps, but not many will, I just sweep the steps first. My pool is a 7.5 x 3.6 fibreglass & it's crystal clean in about 2 hours. Get your pump suction & pool jets direction right as with any cleaner & this thing will out clean far more expensive cleaners.
Easy to use, cheap, does a great job in cleaning pool
RobBerry2 posts

Great value and operation

After having several Barracuda/Zodiac suction cleaners, that always disappointed with frequently blocked and broken flappers and often found upside down or with parts broken or dislodged, we have been very happy with the Onga Hammerhead. It never gets stuck or flips over and the robust flapper looks very unlikely to be damaged by small obstacles. It does a great job and is no noisier than its predecessors and is cheaper also
reliable and not expensive
simbaWestern Australia8 posts
Lauren B
Lauren BBrisbane6 posts

Pleasant surprise

We bought this pump after reading the other reviews. Previously we had a Zodiac Barracuda but hadn't been that happy with it. We are extremely happy with The Onga Hammerhead. It never gets stuck, covers all areas of the pool & even climbs our walls. Our pool has rounded edges with a lot of debris from surrounding trees & its crystal clear. We paid $325 including delivery & 3 year warranty which we felt was exceptional value. We've only had it for 1 month but I will amend my review if the situation changes but so far so good

Happy Swimmer
Happy SwimmerCairns


I recently bought this cleaner and set it up in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The first thing it did was clean an area that my old cleaner studiously ignored! The only problem I had was that it would occasionally stick in rounded corners. I cleaned the filter and the problem disappeared. It has never turned on its back like some other reviewers have stated.

My pool has never looked better!
Beautifully simple - one moving part and all parts replaceable.
Nothing really. It won't clean steps, but I never expected it to. We just brush the steps and Hammerhead picks up the debris from the pool floor.

DencoVictoria5 posts

Spends most of it time on its Back

I have had the Hammerhead for 2 years now, I set it for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night. I regularly check the night program and always find it laying on its back just moving around, I put it upright and within 2 minuets, sometime sooner it has climbed the wall, fell off the edge and floats to the bottom, on its back again. Sometimes I just let it go and watch, but it just travels around on its back, until the pump cycle turns off, then it uprights itself and sits on the bottom of the pool as if it has done a good job. I am looking for another cleaner, if anyone has had success, please let me know. But, I would not buy a Hammerhead again.

Easy to put together
Spends most of its time on its back.


Didn't the seller come to the party ??

Eva70Perth, WA4 posts

Expensive mistake!

Bought this cleaner online after reading outstanding reviews on here. Have tried everything to get this working (bought new bumpers, adjusted suction, added & taken away hose lengths, had it looked it by pool expert etc.) but it only covers part of the pool & gets stuck in corners, needs to be moved all the time. I need to manually clean the pool every few days. Off to buy a new version of our old cleaner today.

Doesn't work



Ends up upside down then cannot turn itself up again. I mainly manually clean now. Very unreliable cleaner. Gets stuck in corners. Never fully covers the pool, always misses bits. Tends to stay in the sides of the pool.I did my research before buying and I have tried everything to get it to work. I am now looking again to see what else is on the market.
Ends up upside down and then it's useless!!!

Take the weights off. It helped me, my pool is clan all over, and looks great.

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Amy2 posts

Good pool cleaner

I purchased this online from Pool & Spa warehouse but it took over 2 weeks to be delivered. I ended up having to purchase 4 extra lengths of hose as the one that comes with it isn't that long. The pool cleaner doesn't look like the photo, its a very pale blue. This was disappointing as our liner is dark blue and it stands out. It cleans well, but does have a tendency to become stuck in one corner near the steps. It also makes a slight percussion sound similar to the old Kreepy Krauly, but no where near as loud, so you can hear a 'ticking' noise inside the house. Overall though I'm happy with the product.
Efficient, climbs the walls of the pool
Light colour, short hose.
rederobSouth East Queensland, QLD6 posts

Go the robotic pool cleaner instead

We bought the Onga Hammerhead directly after reading the reviews from this site. It worked for a month and then like all the barracuda type cleaners continuously got stuck in a corner. We rang the company and they weren't overly friendly who just said adjust your returns and the weights. We did as directed but it hasnt worked since (that was 6 months ago and we've been manually cleaning since then) and we just had a demo of the Dolphin robotic cleaner which was awesome. Bit unsure which one to purchase but it wont be a barracuda type again. Save your dollars.

Stopped working and never worked again.


Great if you enjoy manual cleaning

I've had the Hammerhead for about 8 months and it's absolute junk. I can only assume the good reviews are from companies overstocked with this overpriced rubbish. I have a small 25000L pool and the unit can't even clean this, it doesn't move randomly and constantly gets stuck in the (rounded) corners, it doesn't move to the shallow end and I've ended up either pushing it with the leaf scoop or manually vacuuming the pool. This is the first cleaner I've owned so I can't compare it but take my advice - Do not buy!

Gets stuck, doesn't leave the deep end, runs in fixed circles (not random).


Take the weights off, worked for me!

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