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2Onga Hammerhead

152 reviews

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152 reviews
152 reviews
RodSouth-Eastern Region, NSW5 posts

Thanks to the reviews from everyone I now have a great cleaner

Cleans better than expected, easy to install, everything fitted as it should, and the flow metter supplied allowed easy adjustment of the suction. My last cleaner was a Baracuda Genie not bad for ten years, was not really impressed by its cleaning, hope this lasts as long. Thanks Product Review and the people who take the time to write reviews.
easy install, flow meter supplied for suction adjustment.
cb99Melbourne6 posts

Onga's a winner 4 me!

I had a Hayward automatic pool cleaner that came with the house and its broken down three - four times and have had to replace a lot of parts with unit.

I read the reviews on this site which convinced me to buy one as they were positive so i bought an onga hammerhead from Allstar pool parts online for $349 with a three year warranty + $22 delivery by courier to your door which was cheap compared to buying it from pool stores.

It is working a treat, was easy to set up and i also liked that it has a flow meter to make sure there is enough suck to work properly.

I am happy no more shoddy Hayward to worry about.

Easy to set up, flow meter indicator, affordable, comes with 10 metre long hose.

RumboWide Bay-Burnett, QLD8 posts

Hamerhead really hammers

I have had a few suction type pool cleaners in the past 20 years and this one is the best by miles. Its not an outrageous price either think it was just over $300. You just unpack it, read the simple instructions, put it in the pool and away it goes. I've had this for 18 months an it's never missed a beat, great buy.
Price, performance and ease of use.
Kalou2 posts

Onga hammerhead and Eco pump

Purchased an Onga Hammerhead after seeking advice from manufacturer that it would run on the middle or high speed of an Eco pump. Was advised the Hammerhead would work on a pump that was Up to 5 m from the skimmer box and that pumps 225l per hour. Was advised Hammerhead would work on pump 200 L per hour. Purchased from pool shop on Pool smart,Sumner road Brisbane (fab place). Easy to assemble. WORKED BRILLIANTLY on middle speed first time. EXCELLENT. very pleased. Easy...does want it says..... BUY ONE !!!!

AngeGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC5 posts

Highly recommend

Since the installation of our pool 6 years ago we have been using a Heyward pool vac which is a useless piece of junk. After lots of research discovered Onga Hammerhead, wish I knew about it years ago. It moves around our fibreglass pool at a rapid rate never getting stuck. Our old cleaner never went to the shallow end of the pool but Onga covers every square inch and even climbs up the walls with very good suction. I purchased on ebay and was it delivered to my door within 2 days at a very competitive price.
Excellent covereage of my pool, very good suction. Very effective.
Jul13AU3 posts

This is a great cleaner

Our original $600 plus pool cleaner only 4 years old was too expensive to repair.... Not happy! After reading other reviews on this site and hearing radio promos, I decided to try the hammerhead. My pool has never been cleaner! 3 weeks on and it is still performing wonderfully. I could not be happier. Check online as the prices are around $160 cheaper than the cheapest shop. This really does work well, would recommend it over any of the more expensive cleaners.
Great price and it performs exactly as advertised.
JGLSCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC153 posts
airbutGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC6 posts
BB32AU2 posts

TopBuy cleaner

TopBuy pool cleaner is not a Hammerhead!! I'm stuck with it now!!! Am disappointed thinking I purchased an Onga Hammerhead. Shame I hope it works ok when I have it going better. Very easy to get caught on the internet when I thought I was buying an Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner, I just didn't read the ad well enough!!!
Don't know but its not working too well, maybe it needs more adjusting. instruction manual is not much chop!!
Not working too well doesn't explain how to make it work
Jason1572AU3 posts

Highly recommended

After struggling with a poolrite robotic cleaner costing way to much this cleaner picks up leaves and does a much better job with much less hassle. We have lots of trees around pool and only occasionally do I need to unjam the hammer. Was recommended this cleaner by our local poolshop and have to agree

Highly recommended
Cheap, picks up leaves , easy set up, bangs away with very little fuss
Won't pick up bits of bark I have to get the pole out, has flipped over a couple of times


Topbuy Pool Cleaner is not an Onga

The pool cleaner on sale through the website Topbuys is not a genuine Onga Hammerhead dispite being linked to this product. The product is a cheap immitation, it works ok, needs to be reset all the time. I would suggest you look at buying the genuine product rather than this cheap fake.

Chris332Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC23 posts

Beware, does not do Tiled pools

Works a treat as long as your pool isn't tiled. We renovated our pool and tiled it completely, the hammerhead refuses to work ever since. Gets stuck in the deep end or in a corner and kind of slips on the tiles. Replaced soul (which I might add isn't cheap) etc..tried everything..no use..

Does not do tiled pools

KazzarSouth East Queensland, QLD23 posts

Best Pool Cleaner on the market I believe

After trying various pool cleaners from cheap to expensive, the Onga hammerhead offers the best performance, reliability and price. Its quiet, was easy to set up (I set it up myself without my husbands help) and our 75,000 litre concrete pool has never looked better. It doesnt get stuck or jammed up, cleans the whole pool including sides and comes with a 3yr warranty. I highly recommend this cleaner but buy it online to get the best price. Online I saved $250.
Quiet, Releiable, easy to install and not expensive

have tried them all, it is better than all of them

Brilliant, doesn't get stuck, does all of the pool (sides, steps, floors, walls) ETC and is maintenance free! have had creepy crawly -pretty good, barracuda-useless, and an online one -cheap- useless +++

I swear by Onga and would now never use anything else and the price!!! Fantastic!!!

What more can I say, have had for @ 1 1/2 years now and still fantastic, maintenance free and trouble free

I have never experienced a product that actually does what it says it will do! great!

Oh I must admit it did a leaf stcuk in it once @15cm wide etc which I forgive it for!
Reliable, inexpensive, fantastic

spharm6AU3 posts

Excellent! better than expected

The past reviews did help me, hence, I like do this feedback in return!

Not sure whether I should buy it before I paid.But once used for 3 days, it is the best I ever used for the last 20 years, much better than the zodiac X7(would rate X7 as crap when compared onga)

I know there are no prefect cleaner but this is the one you should try.
Cheap close to $300, quiet, easy assemble, good instruction, quality material

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PoolownerAU6 posts

No good in my pool

After reading the excellent reviews of this machine. I replaced my worn out Barracuda with one.

Unfortunately it turned out to be hopeless. I have a leaf problem with a large melaleuca and other trees, whose long slim leaves seemed just the shape to stick in the hammer chamber so stopping the machine.

As a test I rebuilt the old Barra with parts from the Hammer head and it was much better, not perfect but heaps better than the Onga.

So my advice is if you have longish leaves the Hammerhead is not for you.
Quiet imoderate price
Does not like long leaves like gum leaves

TodesAngstMetropolitan Adelaide, SA10 posts

The BEST pool cleaner available

I had this pool cleaner recommended to me by a relative and after searching around I managed to find it online for a very good price. I would say to any pool owner that if you are wanting to buy a new pool cleaner then stop looking. This unit is unbelievably good and has no equal. It travels around the pool as fast as an epileptic dolphin sucking up all dirt, grime and leaves in its path. There is no maintenance and a lifetime warranty on the only moving part. What more could you want?
Flawless operation and deathly quiet. Seriously, you can't even hear it when it's running. Well built and looks great.


Highly recomended. I purchased this product after reading the reviews on this website so felt obliged to leave my own review.
Excellent coverage, quiet operation and great value for money. Does not get stuck. Our pool has lights, slate steps and a big rock cemented on steps so this was a pleasant surprise.
To get full coverage weights need to be added and removed which is not hard to do and not a problem. Pool is 10 ft deep so may not be an issue in other pools


Only took minutes to install unlike some other cleaners i have had! So far hasn't missed a beat. If blocked with leaves or anything it's super easy to fix.

Has a great warranty as well at 3 years were as competitors have a 2 year warranty.

Also no annoying diaphragm to replace as the internal hammer has a live time warranty. These cleaners really suit in-ground pools however if you have a massive pool you might need a few extra hose lengths.

Bottom line if this was stolen i would replace it in a heartbeat!
simple to set up

Doesn't get stuck

maintenance is a breeze
nothing so far!



I am extremely happy I bought this product. Suffered for years with a popular "diaphragm type" cleaner competitor. Everything working very well. Still quite new, but looks like it will last reliably.
Everything. Cleans well. Picks up leaves well. Good coverage over entire pool floor and sides. Doesn't get stuck where my old cleaner did. Quiet (but not silent). Good value. Includes flow rate adjustment. Good instructions on balancing flow rate, hose weights, pool outlets. No diaphragm to replace(yeah!). Tight hose fittings - doesn't suck air. Simple construction. Hose is translucent - you can see if leaves are stuck.
I didn't find it years sooner. Not as prominent in pool shops as the diaphragm models.


I based my sale on the review of others and 100% agree - the hammerhead is excellent - money well spent. I wanted others to know how happy I am with my purchase!
Everything is superb - price, efficienct and gets around the pool well


Awesome pool cleaner. Works great. Don't buy it from a pool they all rip you off. Average price from pool shop was $490. On ebay they are $370 and are brand new in a box with warranty.
Works fantastic. Cleans entire pool and goes right up the sides up to the water line. Very quiet and comes with a great hose.
Instructions were a bit vague but was still easy to get it going.
Monique_BubendorferSouth East Queensland, QLD43 posts

The ultimate pool cleaner

I bought this on ebay to replace a 2 year old Hayward. It seems to only have one moving part, is of very simple construction, and was very easy to set up. In contrast to the Hayward, which had to be cleaned every 10 minutes, this will go for several hours between cleanings, although if it chokes on a palm nut it can be quite difficult to lever the nut out. It doesn't do steps, but apart from that definately the best pool cleaner I have had, works well on our pool surrounded by heavy vegetation and palms.
Copes well with a lot of debris in pool
No real bad points
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PeetAU2 posts

This is so quiet

I replaced my Zodiac X7 with this little beauty. It does not get stuck in my difficult corner like the others did. Needs no wheel to guide it around.

Easy to set up and away it goes. It cost $410 and that was with 12 lengths of hose. Covers every inch of the pool with ease. Congratulations Onga - best pool cleaner by far.
Reliable and efficient
Absolutely nothing

psychadelicAU6 posts


The hammerhead is without doubt the best auto cleaner I have purchased, ( and in nearly 19 years of pool ownership I have bought a few.)

The one moving part is warranted for life and the thing just does it's job very well.
Super reliable



So far have been very happy with my purchase! I just plugged it in as the local pool shop told me and away it went. Hasn't got stuck once, compared to my X7 this is a great cleaner. Would recommend to anyone after a good cleaner on a budget
* doesn't get stuck..ever

* Easy to install

* long warranty
* Nothing

tamoAU10 posts

Works like a Dream!

Had to replace my barracuda pool cleaner,after reading reviews on this website about the hammerhead i bought one from the internet,could not be happier!!it does work like a dream !
Easy to assemble

Very Impressive

Hi All. I had never heard of the Onga Hammerhead before checking this website but after reading the other reviews it certainly stood out with high ratings.

This is the first pool cleaner I have owned, so I don't have anything to compare this to but I'm really impressed with it. The components seem to be of really high quality and it was fairly straight forward to install (even for a newbie).

I've had it for about two weeks so its early days but so far it has cleaned really well and has only become stuck a couple of times.

I bought it on ebay from within Aus and it was about half the price of the cleaners down at my local pool shops here in Perth.

Hope this helps, good luck.
Does its job well

lynuseng4 posts

Simple and effective

Nothing more to add that hasn't already been said about this product. It's simple to install and and use. Works perfectly every time. Can't speak highly enough of it.
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