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Only Organic Pumpkin Potato & Beef

Only Organic Pumpkin Potato & Beef

2.3 from 3 reviews

Mould in the led

Couldn't believe it i am totally shocked after my baby ate more than half of the jar i found mould on the led. This product should be taken off the shelf of supermarkets how could they do this with baby food??? That's criminal, let's hope nothing happens to my baby.

That's Great

Please Test it and enjoy, my father every months said to me go to shopping and buy it, really my family love it but my brother doesn't love it. A good product my baby loves it, tastes better and you can move onto the Cerelac wheat cereal for 6 months and over. Nestle is a good brand.

Choking hazard

7.5 mth Baby repeatedly choked on this even after I watered it down and mashed with a fork. It could just my baby isnt ready for this food but compared to other packaged foods in same age group (6mth+) it's definately dryer, thicker and has chunks of vegetables in it. Won't be buying again.

Too chunky, dry and thick. Baby gagged and choked on it several times.

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Pumpkin Potato & Beef
Price (RRP)1.99
Release dateAug 2012