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Good product but will no longer shop with Opallac

Opallac deliver their online orders with Fastway. Fastway are incompetent and did not safely deliver parcels. I contacted Opallac with details of my order being missing and they are unwilling to help saying "it's out of our hands". Unfortunately the customer service experience was terrible, I am out of pocket $100, and will no longer shop Opallac.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Excellent Quality... Love it!

Opallac has honestly exceeded all my expectations. The quality of the polish is amazing and there is absolutely no difference between the home gel pack and going to the salon. I love my kit, I love the colours and most of all I love that I have saved so much money from expensive salon shellac :) I MUST say practice makes perfect, but there is no turning back. 10/10 from me.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Black paint from bottle flakes into polish

At first I loved Opallac. The polish is pretty good quality and lasts a while. However after spending heaps of money (I have pretty much every shade in the Opallac range), I noticed that the black paint around the neck of the bottle flakes into the bottle and leaves black flecks all over your nails! This is disappointing because once it flakes into the polish, it can't be taken out and the polish looks terrible! My bottles are all almost full because the paint flaked soon after buying. Definitely not buying Opallac anymore, at least not until they change their bottles to something other than painted glass!

Absolutely Amazing & Nailed it!

I absolutely LOVE Opallac Gel Nails as the application was so easy and my nails are SO SO long lasting!! This is truly a PROFESSIONAL nail salon at Home!!!!

Great product - saves me so much money!

I’m now on my third gel manicure using the starter kit and after some practice the result is indistinguishable from a salon job. In fact it’s even better. My manicure is almost a week old now and looks just as good as the day I did it. I use a primer that I ordered online to increase durability and finally worked out how to apply very thin coats, which I believe is key to success here. The only issue I have is removing the gel polish because it sticks so well to my nails. I really have to soak my nails for 45 minutes but this could be because I’m using the primer. All in all this product is simply awesome, saving me so much money in the long run. The colours are just gorgeous!! All people that haven’t had much joy with it really need to follow the instructions to a T and apply only thin coats without touching cuticles or skin to avoid peeling from the sides. It should work perfectly then.

Love this product

I love opallac gel polish
Bought the starter kit and as long as you follow the instructions and apply thin coats it lasts for at least a week, I work in a kitchen constantly doing dishes and it had no effect on my nails! Amazing product and the customer service is excellent too

Really bad product

This product is very poor. It begins to peel on the sides after a day and then the rest peels away within the next few days. It is almost rubbery, not hard and shiny like you would get with gel polish at a nail salon.

Poor customer service and product not that good

Gel powder lasted a week and half then started chipping.
Also customer service was disgusting and I will NEVER shop again with them. I've been chasing up a product that I didn't receive for over 5 weeks now and still don't have it.

Amazing! Never want to be without!

I seriously love Opallac!
I bought the starter kit at 40% off RRP during a sale at Priceline Pharmacy.
The polishes last 2 weeks (sometimes 3) on my nails and look great the whole time. I only have to re-apply when my nails have grown out.
I really like that once I have cured the final top coat and removed the sticky residue, I can do anything I would normally do and don’t have to wait around for my nails to dry or worry about smudging/chipping my polish.
I always get compliments on my nails and people are surprised that they’re not acrylics and that I do them myself at home.
I now have 15 different colours because I love the product so much and the colour range is very extensive. My trusty favourite nude colour is “Soy Capp”.
Opallac’s customer service online has also been excellent when I have made purchases through their website.
My nails have not been bare since November 2016 and I’m still on my original base and top coat bottles that came in the starter kit.
Opallac is truly amazing and I could rave about their products until the cows come home.
***Big tip for beginners is to read the instructions and double and triple check as you go. This might sound obvious, but it is evident from some of the bad reviews that some did not read or failed to follow the instructions.

Highly recommend

I love this brand! As a qualified beauty therapist I have worked with a lot of professional gel ranges and can say that Opallac applies, wears and last just as long as professional brands. My first application lasted 14 days before I noticed a minuscule amount of chipping on one nail (I removed and re-applied day 15) I definitely feel I could have gotten at least a week longer. My second application I was very messy with as i wanted to see how it lasted when it isn't applied using the best paint job, to my surprise it has lasted 10 days now only with significant chipping near the cuticle on 3 nails (the rest are absolutely fine) and thats because i picked at them. Overall I 10/10 recommend this product. If you have the patience to give yourself a manicure instead of paying someone else to do it, then you will definitely save a lot of money in the long run

Nailed it

I love this brand and the colours are really exciting! I hope they add many more, especially shimmers/glitters or the colour change. I'd also love to see a bigger range of nudes, im quickly building an impressive set with only a few more of the polishes to buy. When i consider how much i was spending on an infill every few weeks just to see what i can achieve at home, im happy to pay the price of the polishes (especially when they do great sales so often!)

I love this product!

I've been using
Opallac for about six months and just love it! Not only is it gorgeous polish, it lasts right up until I want a change or my nails grow too long. This means 3-4 weeks. I've never had it chip or peel off. I always clean my nails with the 2 in 1 before applying the base coat to make sure there's no oil. My nails are still strong and healthy and I've not had any yellowing of my natural nails. I recommend people to watch the videos on the website before beginning, which would give a top result and there'd be no need for negative reviews. It's not the product but the users' lack of preparation and understanding that causes problems. I'd recommend Opallac to all - 100%.

Absolutely love it!!

My daughter gave me an Opellac kit for mothers day and I love it! Stays on 3 to 4 weeks and I am a mum of 3 kids with my hands constantly in and out of water. Trick is to make sure you cover the tips of nails with clear top coat opallac to completely seal & make it last longer. This prevents water from getting under the colour & lifting. Opallac comes off easy & less damage to my nails than previous salon manicures. Gorgeous colours too. Definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you!

Absolutley love it.

I brought the kit and it came with 3 nail colours (which I love) and a top and base coat. the first go wasn't too good but learnt from my mistakes, which I will share with you. Don't apply to thick a coat. like the instructions say just a thin coat, so I found the nail polish all pooled in my cuticles. Second attempt was great and they look salon perfect. So no hesitation to recommend giving it a go and for the cost of the kit and polishes was a bargain

Lasted 2 weeks, loved it

I would recommend to anyone using this, DONT skim over the instructions, I did that the first time and it didn't turn out as good. Then when I followed the instruction step by step it worked a treat, it was shiny, colour pigment was fantastic and it actually lasted 2 weeks + for me. I would say its just as good as a salon shellac. Highly recommend it.

Using Nail Gel Correctly

I'm writing this review in the hope of helping others to have more success with using nail gel of various brands. I haven't used Opallac yet, but I have used other nail gels, and when my nails seemed to remain sticky way longer than the 30 or 60, even 90 seconds under the UV/LED lamp I have, I went online and did some research. I discovered that the following points are essential for getting the results you want:
* Most nail gel produces an inhibition layer, which is sticky. Once you have applied base coat, the colour coats and top coat, you need to wipe the nails with isopropyl alcohol on cotton wool. This removes the stickiness, and you will discover that you have perfectly set nail gel underneath, ready to go! The first time you do this, its not easy, because you feel like you are removing your nail gel, but don't worry - you're not! There can be a little colour coming through in the inhibition layer, but it isn't the actual gel coming off.
* For the longevity of your nail gel, its essential to ensure that your nails are absolutely clean before starting. Its best to clean your nails with some of the isopropyl alcohol first, and then DON'T touch your nails in-between coats to check if its dry. It will most likely be sticky! But, however clean you think your fingers are, your body is producing oils all the time, and you will transfer the oil onto your nails, which will cause the gel to peel off much sooner than it should.

Sticky mess

The base coat wouldn't cure after 5mins under the lamp and I had to buy the remover to remove the sticky mess, the colour coat was perfect and dried in about a 3mins and the top coat was again a sticky mess but if you use the nail polish remover to take it off it's fine. I didn't buy the kit so $90 for the base, colour, top coat, remover and pads was the same price as having them done by a professional x3 times and that's without the cost of the lamp. Disappointed but maybe I expected too much from the product for the price.

You have to spend $60 just for the 3 polishes but the remover is a must if you don't want that sticky gunk all over you.

Easy long lasting

My go to for at home gel!

Love it, takes a couple of practise runs but that's because i was shocking at applying) Mine manages to last for 3 weeks, and their new colours are gorgeous!

P.s - to the woman who states it didn't dry, that's because you need to cure it with a lamp. It's a UV GEL polish. Which it clearly states.

Instant drying???

If you are going to advertise instant drying time then why 1 hour later when I check it and it comes off on my finger! I had to redo numerous times to do touch ups. Never again will I spend this amount of money on a new nail polish because it was a shade I liked and the boxed advertising appealed to me. From here on in I will be sticking to Quickin GO.

Does not last

I have used this product 3 times on my nails, always with the same disappointing result. After 2 or 3 days the polish starts to lift & peels off. I have followed the instructions precisely so I am very unhappy. Total waste of money - will probably bin the entire thing.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use the Opallac drying machine with normal nail polish or does it only dry gel nail polish?
No answers

I just brought the red two tone nail polish. But it’s not two tone it either goes a dark maroon if fingers are cold or a bright red if they are hot ,just washing them changes the color. The only thing I did differently was I applied 3 coats any advice for me please , I did want to buy the pink /purple one but I’m not quite sure now.
1 answer
Yes I think the nail polish responds to heat/cold and I love this. When my hands are warm the nail bed is one colour and the tips usually lighter. A bit like ombre. I have 4 different colours now.

I was wondering what this product does to your nails after it has been removed? My nails are always terribly brittle and thin after removing gel polish that's been done at a salon and it always takes weeks for them to recover. Has anyone experienced this using the Opallac gel polish?
1 answer
If you remove it correctly by soaking it there's no reason it should damage your nails, maybe in the salons they just buffed away at the natural nail to much before application

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