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Amazed by the quality. Meets all expectations!

I am SUCH a fan of Opallac! Love how long the polish lasts on y nails - literally 2 weeks and I have kids too. The whole process of applying is quiet easy and quick. The best part for me is that it dries then and there on the spot with the curing lamp, I love that feature... no more wet nails for hours yay. The finish is very shiny, nice and thick which stops the chips etc and feels like gel from the salon. The colours are gorgeous, I have a growing collection! I recommend Opallac to anyone who is thinking of trying it and unsure of the results - you wont be disappointed!

Opallac gel in 90 sec!!!!

Um what can I say! Incredible 90 second curing!! What and how this is possible in my own time is insanely amazing! Love love love these products! Definitely obsessed with the new colour change colours... Two colours in one?!? YES PLEASE!!
Grateful of the Massive range of colours as it means I never have to to a salon ever!

Better than salons

I was amazed when I first tried this! It looks just as good if not better than nail salons if applied correctly!


i have the starter kit which i bought at priceline during a sale for half price at $50 and thank god for this cause i would have gone mental if i bought this product at full price. this stuff only ever lasts up to 1 day for me. I've tried every colour in the kit and I've also tried the original times and adding an extra couple of seconds but sadly nothing has worked.
the ends always curl up and peel off.
the individual colours can be bought for $20 each which is pretty pricey for something that doesn't work too well seeing as u can get gel nails done in sydney CBD for $20.

Exceeded my Expectations :) Love it!

I can't boast about opallac enough, it really exceeded all my expectations making the switch from salon shellac to DIY opallac. Highly recommend this. Ok I'm not sure exactly how I heard of opallac but I remember seeing it in Priceline ages ago and thinking there was no way it would be like a real shellac from a salon. After getting shellac done for a while I was over it, the whole salon thing was not me, I don't have the time, patience or the money! So I finally gave in an invested in the Opallac kit and all I can say is wow, wow, wow... Why don't more people know about this little gem of a product. I can honestly say it is just as good as shellac!! The first few times were a bit messy, but then I got better every time, and now I can sit at home in front of the tele and do my nails in my own time. I love that it lasts for a decent 1.5-2 weeks - for a home job that 's awesome :)

LOve this product you all must have one

Well went to the nail technician and didn't want to pay $40 every 2-3 weeks to get nail polish done, the gel one that is cooked under the little blue light. My nails look horrid and I have lovely rings so I bit the bullet and went to the technician and for the first time in years my hands look super, then I thought this is expensive and got an opallac kit and I have to say its awesome. Come on gurls, do your own nails look professional all the time, mine do and its lovely to feel so good. Takes a little trial and error to get them right but oh they are worth it
So simple to use and you can change nail colour at your whim

Opallac UV gel products

Purchased the UV lamp this weekend and the polishes. I nearly purchased the sally hansen kit and quickly looked up reviews which were not good at all. I then found this brand and did a quick search and was able to find positive feedback so i decided to purchase.. And thank goodness i did!! Easy to use , easy to apply and i am sure I will get better results as i learn to use the polishes better... Due to the consistency it does take a little more practice to get on than normal polish. I am really glad i got it and i have been wearing my newly painted nails for 2 days and they are still perfect.. So i would recommend it.. Specially if you live in australia , as getting your nails done here will take you back at least 60 bucks ( mani and pedi) . You will soon be savings money after making this investment.. But you do make an investment... I spent nearly 180 bucks as they did not have the starter kit available and i had to purchase each item seperatly.. So if you find the starter kit this is the best option.
Easy to use
The lamp does not have a timer.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use the Opallac drying machine with normal nail polish or does it only dry gel nail polish?
No answers

I just brought the red two tone nail polish. But it’s not two tone it either goes a dark maroon if fingers are cold or a bright red if they are hot ,just washing them changes the color. The only thing I did differently was I applied 3 coats any advice for me please , I did want to buy the pink /purple one but I’m not quite sure now.
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Yes I think the nail polish responds to heat/cold and I love this. When my hands are warm the nail bed is one colour and the tips usually lighter. A bit like ombre. I have 4 different colours now.

I was wondering what this product does to your nails after it has been removed? My nails are always terribly brittle and thin after removing gel polish that's been done at a salon and it always takes weeks for them to recover. Has anyone experienced this using the Opallac gel polish?
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If you remove it correctly by soaking it there's no reason it should damage your nails, maybe in the salons they just buffed away at the natural nail to much before application

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