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I got my prescription multifocal glasses last week. The intermediate vision or the computer reading is not clear at any spot or level. In addition the computer screen appears concave. I returned my glasses and ordered a supreme lens which cost 200 dollars more. I’m not sure what will happen with that too. Why does the computer screen appear concave and why was the intermediate vision all blurred? Aren’t you making the lenses according to the prescription? It cost me 1000 dollars with the frame and still I couldn’t see properly. I am waiting for the supreme level lenses now, but not sure about it too. One of the staff explained to me that standard level lenses have less peripheral distortion compared to the supreme level lenses. Another optometrist told me the opposite. Which is correct ? By the way your customer service is not very nice. They get easily offended when we ask questions to clarify. Lastly how do you calculate the 30 days of warranty if my glasses take too long to be ready, as it may pass 30 days in the process of finally getting a proper pair of glasses which enables me to read.
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Hello Nali Thanks for your feedback and we are sorry to hear of your situation. We would have to lodge a case to higher management about your issue and have them contact you directly to resolve so can you please PM us your details (contact number) and which store you visited so we can get an investigation happening for you to resolve? Kind Regards OPSM Customer SupportHello Jason, How do I PM my contact number. Thanks .Hello Nali Please send your details to this email customercare@opsm.com.au and just copy and paste the subject of this conversation. We will respond with your reference number and advise further from there. Kind Regards OPSM Customer Support

Really disappointed that I tried to pre-book eye test appointments for my family at OPSM Cherrybrook whilst on a quick trip back to Sydney and told there is a maximum of 3 appointments in 1 day per family policy?! As we have 2 adults and 4 children we would have to visit the outlet twice over 2 separate days rather than get it all done in 1 day with pre-bookings?!!! I could understand this if there weren’t many booking slots available (shows 10-16 slots online in 1 day!) or no pre-booking of appointments but isn’t this why you have a booking system? Talk about making it difficult for 6 immediate customers just so you leave booking slots available for other potential customers IF they book when those slots may remain vacant for the rest of the day anyway! New policy servicing non-existent potential customers at the expense of REAL and immediate customers???
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Good Afternoon Alison, Thank you for your feedback and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. We will ensure to escalate your experience through to Regional Management and . Can you please private message your contact details and Management will be in contact at the earliest opportunity? Thank you. Kind Regards, OPSM Customer SupportThanks for your response. Can your Regional Management email me per my email address? I have a week to get eye tests done but can only allocate 1 day, otherwise I will have to find another independent provider that can accommodate my whole family going forward due to this new OPSM policy on bookings that will not work for us.Good Morning, Can you please reply to our private message sent through, to confirm your contact details. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, OPSM Customer Support

I received my new glasses last week but unfortunately I'm not happy with them. The lens are kind of ok but the frames are not what I thought they'd be. They are only the $100 frames but all the same they feel and handle like kids play glasses, they feel so very cheap and I can't stand them I'm sorry. I feel embarrassed to go back to the purchase store for a refund, we're in a small town and it can be awkward. Can I go to a store in another area for my refund? Thank you in advance.
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Hi Dazza Thanks for reaching out to our team. You definitely can go to any OPSM store for a refund but we just want to reassure you that we have a 30 day refund policy for our consumers. Please see our website URL below for more information on returns if needed. It is easier to go back to the same store but you have the option advised as well. https://www.opsm.com.au/faqs Thank you and have a good day and please contact our team if you need any further assistance. Kind Regards OPSM Customer Support ServicesThank you.

Hi how have some glasses to get repaired can I use my health fund to fix glasses or is there a charge thanks
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Hi Charlene, Thank you for your email. Health Funds do not cover the costs of repairs. OPSM generally does not offer a repair service however we suggest that you take your damaged glasses with you into your most convenient store to discuss. Kind regards OPSM Customer Support

I bought sunglasses with prescription lenses. How long does the order take usually?
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Hi Richiiiiiii, I have no idea. Its the first time I ordered prescripted contact lenses at OPSM, I haven't ordered any sunnies or frames. If you bought it online it should be able to tell you how long before you go check out. I'm very disappointed about their service as the optical place where I go to usually takes 3 days only. Best to contact them directly.I ordered them in store, but I don't remember ever being told how long it would take. My fault for not asking. I'll call them today to see what I can find outGood afternoon Richiiiiiii, Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review. As you stated, please contact the store of purchase to obtain the turnaround time on your order. Best regards, Customer Support Services | AUSTRALIA | 1800 626 300 Email customercare@opsm.com.au Website www.opsm.com.au

I have glasses that were purchased just before Christmas. I have had trouble seeing with them from the beginning. Is there anything that can be done
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Hello Jak, Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review. Please bring your glasses, along with your proof of purchase to your nearest store to discuss the issues you are having with an optical dispenser as they will be able to assess your lenses and inform you of your options. Best regards, Customer Support Services | AUSTRALIA | 1800 626 300 Email customercare@opsm.com.au Website www.opsm.com.au

I recently lost my glasses and have no time to go to the store get a new one, i went online hoping to order a new frame but i can’t seem to enter my prescription details. Do i really need to go to the store to get fitted again? I have been a customer and my details are stored and are still valid. I hope i can do all that online and just wait for it to arrive. Dane
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I don’t work for this lousy company I’m still waiting for them to call me back which they never doThe best is to visit the store as there response is poor

Can my new glasses get sent to an OPSM near to where I live for pick up and fitting?
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Hello Christine Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review. We recommend confirming the account and request with your local branch. If paid in full the glasses can be forwarded to your local branch, though if the account is not yet finalised it will need to be completed at the store of order. Once you have the glasses, you are welcome to attend any OPSM branch for fitting. We hope this is helpful. Best regards Taleaha

Hi can your lenses be recoated, I have darkening lenses and the coating has gone on 2 arears, but no scratches on lenses
1 answer
Hi Paul Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review. Lenses cannot be re-coated and the surface tension needs to be in pristine condition and not exposed to dust particles for the coating to adhere successfully. We recommend bringing the lenses into your local OPSM to be assessed so the cause of damage can be identified. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards Taleaha OPSM Customer Support Services

Hi, I purchased new frames and lenses for reading about 7 months ago . Right from the start they have been difficult to keep clean and I found I am cleaning them several times a day , which I have never had to do before . In all honesty the lenses seem like some cheap inferior product , and I am very dissapointed in the quality as it was not a cheap purchase . Has something changed with your product as I have never experienced this before ?? I am at the point where I can’t stand them any longer and will be looking for a replacement pair as I just can’t get them . I use the recommended cleaning spray . Regards Carolyn
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HI Carolyn. Thank you for your product review. I would suggest that you return to your most convenient OPSM store to discuss the issues you are having with an Optical Dispenser. The Optical dispenser will conduct a damage assessment and if there is a fault with the product this will be covered under OPSM's 24 month manufacturing fault warranty. Kind regards OPSM Customer Support

Hi there,I recently (2 days ago) bought my new glasses and I nearly cried because I could see, but anyway my new puppy got up onto my desk and bit through my frame and lense in 1 eye but I need my glasses immediately considering I can barely see how long do you think I have to wait until I they order a new pair in?
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Good afternoon, Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review. Most of our orders take roughly 2 weeks to be fitted, please call or visit your local store for a time frame. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards, Jack 1800 626 300

How long does it usually take for your glasses to arrive after your eye test?
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Good afternoon Holly, Thank you for contacting OPSM, Please allow 5-10 business days after your eye test for your glasses to be ready for pick up in store. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards, Jack 1800 626 300

Hi. Was wondering. My frames are broken can i have my lenses put into new frames on the same day? Thanks. Julie
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Good morning Julie, Thank you for contacting OPSM on Product Review, we're sorry to hear your glasses are broken. Fitting shaped lenses to the same frame model is fast and can be done on the same day though the frame stock would need to be available for you. Fitting the lenses to a different frame model may be possible (depending on your lens, prescription and frame size) though is not recommended as it will move the centration of the lens related to your eye; If it is able to be edged down it will take approximately 6-10 business days. Please private message us your details and the name of your preferred store location so we can request for the local team to contact you to advise of availability. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards, Taleaha 1800 626 300

I have just received my new glasses without the UV filter ( requested because of the difficulty of cleaning the lenses) unfortunately I don’t have any anti reflective coating and am struggling to deal with the extremely bright reflections coming from the glasses. Can my new glasses have an anti reflective coating added?
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Good Morning Kerry, Thank you for your question. We are sorry to hear about your glasses, can you please supply the name of the store you visited and your phone number sow we can arrange for management to contact you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Best regards, Jack 1800 626 300

Could you recommend any good OPSM in Auckland? I went to 280 Queen, but had a very unpleasant experience of upselling...very disappointing. Is that why OPSM has lots stores here and there?
1 answer
Dear Ella, Thank you for your message and we're sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience at the 280 Queen St OPSM branch. We do have many stores within Auckland but all of them should be striving to provide our customers with positive customer service experiences as per OPSM's standards so, based on this, I wouldn't be able to recommend one over another. If you would like to elaborate on what occurred at the Queen St branch so we can lodge a case and arrange for the regional manager to call you back to discuss your matter further, find why you had such a poor experience, what we can do to improve this and discuss an alternative branch you can attend please let us know your best contact number so we can call you or provide us with your email so we can message you and ask you to submit in writing the details of what happened including your name and number so we can follow up as promptly as possible. Alternatively, if you do not wish to provide these details publicly, please email us via customer.care@luxottica.com.au with further details and we will reply to you promptly with your case number and arrange for management to call you back. Kind Regards, Emily

My arm on my glasses have just broken at work tonight, I am really hoping that it can be fixed without charge? one would think wouldn't one ...
1 answer
Hello, Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear about your glasses. We recommend that you visit your local store so staff can repair your glasses.If this is a minor repair, staff will be able to do this without charge. Please let us know if we can provide further information or assistance. Kind regards, Tara OPSM Customer Support

Do you have a direct email address for the Garden City Shopping Centre Shop 67 Riseley Street store? Just needed this info. thanks!
1 answer
Hi Fred, The stores contact details are (08) 9364 9577 and can be located at the following link https://www.opsm.com.au/stores/wa/booragoon/opsm-garden-city-booragoon/1442 you can email us also on customercare@opsm.com.au and we will be happy to pass on your email query to the store team if you would prefer. Kind regards, OPSM Customer Support

If I buy from Opsm with insurance and lost or stolen later . Do you cover in insurance I find other stores, they do. T Thanks
1 answer
Hi Nav, Here is some information on our eyewear protection plan. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Kind regards, Eloise https://www.opsm.com.au/eyewear-protection-plan

Recently I found I needed an increase in lens strength. Since I only purchased new glasses 14 months prior I decided to keep the existing frames replacing the lens only. How shocked I was when I found the cost was $680 for my multifocal lens only! I spoke to a friend the next day who purchased glasses and frames from Optical Superstore days earlier. She got 3 graded multifocal, polycarb lens with anti-reflectant and very similar script like me but her lens total cost was $215. Comparing further the only difference is I have UV protectant. How can the lens cost for very similar product be so different? So i paid $525 out of pocket and she paid $60. How can any lens be 9 times more in out of pocket cost price when the only difference is UV. I was never offered a cheaper lens option at OPSM and feel very ripped off. I would really appreciate a reason to how there could be $465 difference in the same product or maybe I should be testing the 30 day money back guarantee and go elsewhere?
6 answers
Hi, We can definitely look into this for you. Without seeing your prescription or order I can not comment but if you could provide your full name, contact number and confirm which store you have been dealing with we can forward this on to management and arrange for someone to get in touch to discuss. Thanks, OPSMThank you for your reply. I'm not comfortable about putting all my details on here as I'm not sure who can access the information. The store I was dealing with was Marion. The job number was #162097. Is this enough information for you to access my details?Interestingly enough it is now the 12th July and no one has contacted me at all to discuss my issue as suggested from the OPSM reply on 4th July.

Hi, If I choosed a frame after having an eye test. Few days after, I saw another frame in another OPSM store. Could I cancel the order and pick the new one? Do I have to pay for the lens which was made?
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Hi Meimy, We offer free returns for any reason for 30 days. I would suggest calling the store to discuss. Thanks, OPSM

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