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Quick service and good quality of Reglaze.

Very good choice of lenses at way below High Street prices.
Purchased 1.67 in Kodak lenses for a reglaze very good finish and quickly sent.
Eleven day turn around from Perth.

Another purchase at optically.. Another fantastic buy

Site is always easy to navigate.
Loads of choice in styles at awesome prices.
Great quality for staggeringly low prices.
Had delay due to quality of one pair, all good in the end

Fast and cheap

Very happy! good quality of lenses and quick delivery. I'll definitely recommend optically or use again. Very conenient. Thank you

Good second pair of prescription specs

Simple to order with a great range available to choose from. Would be great if you could sort by size on website.

multifocals from optically

all criteria was met, i dont need to write a never ending meaninless review, i am happy with the purchase

Its been more than a month and i am still waiting....

Have been waiting for more than a month now and all i get from them is it will be there soon, should have gone somewhere else, hope i get a refund at least.

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Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I am extremely sorry for the experience. May I request you to please share your order details or the name on the order so that I can have this checked and get back to you. Thanks, Team Optically

Almost a month and still nothing received...

Do not be drawn in by the 24 HOUR DISPATCH. I ordered my glasses a month ago, and I have (despite emailing customer service numerous times) still received nothing, nor have I received any tracking details for the order - despite them apparently being dispatched over a week ago. Customer service is not helpful and they are not apologetic at all about the delays.

Perhaps it was my fault for not reading the small print that most glasses do not fall within the 24 hour dispatch, however the delays and unhelpful support will stop me from ordering from Optically again.

I purchased these glasses because mine broke, ordered for the quick service and now I've been left with no glasses for a whole month.

Should have gone to Specsavers

Hi, I am sorry for this expereince. But we have a dedicated 24 hour section (https://www.optically.com.au/glasses/24-hour-dispatch.htm) with 200+ designs ready for next day delivery. The frames you opted were outside the 24 hour dispatch service, I agree that ther has been a delay but we never promised a 24 hour dispatch. Your glasses however have been sent out and will be with you in 1-2 days. Thanks, Team OpticallyThanks Optically. However you said last week they would arrive within 1-2 days - it has been a week since then Since you would like to take this approach, let's now discuss your customer service. I have sent three follow ups before writing this review. Each time I received excuses - they were being "quality checked" for a second time, despite being marked as "dispatched" on the site. I then was told I would receive updates and a tracking number. This was not provided until I AGAIN had to follow up myself. The tracking number provided by you after that was INCORRECT. Even if you purchase the glasses within the 24 hour dispatch - don't bother.

Too Slow on sending the order - Not Responding to E-mails

Been waiting for an order to arrive for a month now - was promised delivery up to 12 business days. Have sent emails and got no response. Do they care??

December 22nd 2018 Update: Too Slow on sending the order - Not Responding to E-mails

Too slow on sending the orders
Lots promised little delivered
Not responding to Emails
Not answering the phone
Do you really care about keeping customers?

Hi, Really sorry for the experience, please can you share your order details or the name on the order so that I can have this checkedHi, Please can you share the order details in order for us to look into this issue. Thanks, Team OpticallyI rang your customer service over a week ago, It was found that our order was sent to the wrong customer!! and I was promised we should get it soon.....but so far still nothing! I tried to ring to your customer number and that number is not answering either. Can somebody sort out this order? I just need a refund and don't want to keep chasing you up. My order No is: OD-AU-000021632. If this is not sorted out within few days, I am going to submit a formal complaint to consumers affairs.

Need to update site and customer service

A few things that l dont like about the site is you do not register, so your past purchase history can not be viewed. This also stops you from saving information like the photo you have uploaded.
I also had trouble with the admin, l had forgotten to put my post code on my order request. (Why this wasnt auto fill, or prompted l dont know) the admin sent me 2 blank emails requesting something, it didnt stipulate. A week went past before it was made clear, they had the suburb & Territory would have taken a minute to look it up. I have purchased 2 pairs of glasses and love them both, but am aware the site and customer service has some issues.

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Hi Jo, Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to know that you are satisfied both the glasses you purchased from us however sorry for the delay with regards to the delivery for the 2nd pair. I have checked both your orders and wish to inform you that they had the complete address when ordered, you cannot checkout for your order on our website with the postcode field blank, the system will ask you to update the missing details to proceed further. Your latest order was held and you were contacted to confirm the post code as the address entered online was incorrect as per Australia post system; the address (1st line and postcode) did not match your previous order neither did it match Australia post's record. We would not send glasses to an address without confirming with customers as it is quite possible that one has moved since the previous purchase or wishes to have the glasses delivered to a different address. I understand that there is a limitation on our website wherein one is unable to create an account for ease of future purchase however I wish to inform you that you can check your previous purchase details on our website using your respective order number and registered email. While I have given you the above alternative to check your previous purchase details I also wish to inform you that our team is working to implement the requested feature wherein customers will be able to create an account and store their purchase details all in one account. This will be live in our next edition and all existing customers will receive an email for the same. Regards Team Optically.

High Quality. Low Price.

I was quite apprehensive about ordering glasses online at first - after all, it is difficult to know how they will fit, feel, and work without seeing them in person. However, with Optically, these difficulties become minor concerns. The option to virtually try on pairs of glasses really made the difference: this way, I could see how large/small they were on my face, and whether the shape suited me. In the end, I ordered one pair of glasses with the thinnest lenses available (I have a high prescription ). They took a little time to arrive, but arrive safely they did. I am very happy with my experience of shopping, ordering, and receiving. Everything was easy, well explained, and even enjoyable. The glasses frames are solid and feel strong, while the lenses are the right thinness without compromising my prescription. All for far less than I would have had to pay at a local store. I will likely be purchasing my next pair from this company.

More bung for money.

This is the second time I purchased an eye glasses online from www.optically.com.au and I am very pleased with my decision as the eyeglasses are great. I have ordered eyeglasses with a multifocal lenses which I usually pay for around $400 from local optical shop. With www.optically.com.au the eyeglasses only cost above $100 and there are lots of models to choose. I have uploaded my photo on their website so I can foresee my self in every eyeglasses I initially selected. All the transactions were done with ease online.

Great service and prices!

So easy to order, any problems are handled quickly and professionally. Couldn't recommend anywhere better!
Will be placing more orders in the future.

cooperative ,convenient , caring

I have made two purchases in the past twelve months and pleased with both purchases. I found any queries I had were responded to in a reasonable time span. I accept the risk of frames not being precisely what I had in mind- not pre - trying them on them on , but I am a slight risk taker and not been disappointed on either pair.


Good prices with good quality products. Money worth excellent glasses for everyone. Not Kant range to choose but enough to satisfy.

Above and Beyond!

Your service is reliable and timely. The selection of frames available are numerous for any budget. Thanking you for providing your expertise and supplying glasses I can enjoy wearing.

We're really good, but not so much in my last encounter.

How bought many pair of glasses previously and customer service was good. The last pair I bought were slow to arrive and broke soon after I got them. I paid for the return postage and when they were fixed they were sent to the wrong address. Mistakes happen, but the whole process has made me want to try someone else.
I submitted a review about this to ProductReview.com, but because it was a negative review they ask if I would like the review sent to Optically first to allow them a chance to respond. I agreed and soon someone from optically contacted me to say because it was the weekend they would get back to me the following week. Never heard from optically or product review. com again. Seems a bit odd.
Perhaps it's ProductReview. com. au that are at fault.

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Dear GNMaier, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to know that you had problems with glasses against your last order and appreciate your understanding. I can assure you that this error was a one of case and will ensure it is never repeated in future. You will be contacted by one of our team member to discuss details for your order and have it resolved to you satisfaction. Regards Team Optically.

Customer serv. OK. Guarantee a scam

You get what you ask for in terms of frames and service. However when something is seriously wrong do not rely on the UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. In my specs the reading area was hopelessly wrong. I contacted the company rep immediately and said I expect I may have to wear the glasses for 3 or 4 weeks to allow my eyes to get used to them then I would get back if they still did not satisfy. He agreed. When they did not I wanted a refund.The weasel-words and dodging started in the first reply and 4 emails later I asked for their definition of an UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. I will return and paste their reply in an edited review. Totally unsatisfactory. Do not use this company which may be a type of drop shipping to local reps.

I am wondering exactly what is to be understood from your statement on the web site. It seems to me that since I am well within 90 days since I first wrote. Optically assures worry free warranty. We offer exceptional 90 day unconditional return policy. You can email or call us for return; we will process the exchange order immediately. SO IT TURNS OUT IT IS UNCONDITIONAL FOR 90 DAYS. That is a condition.Hi Mac, I am Frank and I head the customer support at Optically, I am extremely sorry for the unexpected experience you have had however our website is not a scam and we stock all our products at our laboratory and store in Sydney. Thank you for getting our attention towards your order, however as stated on our website we offer a 100% guarantee for all our products supplied and if for any reason you are unhappy with them you can return them within the 1st 90 days either for them to remade, replaced or a full refund. I wish to inform you that customer satisfaction is our top priority and we do all that we can to ensure our customers are delighted with our products as well as with our service. I sincerely apologise for the incorrect information that was given to you by our one of our support staff, I will look in to this internally and will surely take necessary action against the same. With regards to the glasses supplied as they are not suitable you can return them either to be remade or for a full refund. Unfortunately I am unable to find your order details due to limited information shared against this feedback hence request you to kindly share your order details in reply to the message sent through ProductReview.com.au Please be assured once we receive your order details we will ensure the same is resolved to your satisfaction within 48 hours. Hope to hear from you.

Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Optically is truly awesome, Finding a pair I like is so easy and so many to choose from, My friends are so envious of how many pairs I have and the price I've paid , No more owning 1 daggy pair because its all you can afford I own 5 amazing pairs, 1 for work, 1 for the car, 1 for home and 2 others to match certain outfits

Very impressed, a game changer in the optical industry. SHUT DOWN BIG OPTOMETRY

So I've thought for a long time that opticians were a scam. In the current environment, I think all in person optometrist chains will upsell you where possible in store to get you to spend $300 on a couple of pairs of glasses, you more than likely don't need (or don't need 2 pairs of). I don't believe I actually have vision issues, however, after getting my prescription from an optometrist appointment, and using optically, I at least feel reasonably satisfied that I'm not getting ripped off by Big Optometry. Seriously, it's a CRIME that I can get amazing quality glasses shipped to me in a couple of days for under $50, but BIG OPTOMETRY will charge me $300 for a couple of pairs with a couple of weeks wait time! I hope all in person optometry shops go the way of book stores and cd shops and SHUT DOWN. This is an industry perfect for disruption and Optically is an amazing service to stop yourself being exploited by your local optometrists.

Apologies to any good optometrists out there who've been tarnished by BIG OPTOMETRY, but if you can't do what Optically is doing I'm not interested.

Great value and customer service

Easy to find what I was looking for on the website and I received nothing but amazing customer service. I accidentally ordered the wrong pair of glasses and they have been so patient with me to choose the correct one. And have gone above and beyond to make sure that I am a happy customer. Thank you!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, is it true that your 1.61 index plastic lenses are protected with 1-year unconditional replacement (this just seems crazily amazing)? I mean, will I send my glasses back to you guys when the lenses are damaged so that they are replaced? Do I need to pay the postage both ways then?
2 answers
Colette, These guys are ridgy didge I stuffed up my script received the glasses and complained but after sending the product back they replaced the lenses at minimal cost(it was my fault) I intend to reorder soon. Regards JohnHi Colette, The 1.61 index lenses are supplied with a 1 year unconditional replacment against any dammage to the lenses.

Do you have frames suitable for archery target shooting (prescription to be added)?
1 answer
Hi, Thank you for your inquiry, I see that for archery you need Wrap around style glasses the ones that Oakley or the other sports sunglasses manufacturers make. Now, when it comes to prescription lenses there is a limitation on how much curvature can be added to it hence they cannot be fit in wrap around glasses. However, the solution to this is to use something called as sunglasses inserts. Mostly all premium sunglasses brands offer serval model that offer prescription or RX inserts. These inserts can be fitted with the prescription lenses. Thanks, Manager - Optically Pty Ltd

Are you located in Australia or not? The address on your website at - 14 Jeremy Grove, Glenwood is actually a residential address. Most of these positive reviews are from reviewers with no history, the negative reviews are from people with multiple reviews. Seems a bit shifty.
6 answers
I am located in Tasmania and order a pair of Skechers and I was very please with the order, and it didn't take too long to come either. Not sure where they came from exactly, but pretty sure it was posted from Australia.Hi I ordered prescription sunglasses from Adelaide and the whole process went smoothly I suspect the glasses are made overseas but I still received within a weekYes, it is residential address indeed !!! As When I returned my glasses+lens on the above mentioned Glenwood address via Australian Post, I was informed that they had to safe drop it, as no one was home. Now the question arises, why will you put up a Residential address ??!! After I complained, they have smartly changed their address. Have a look. Dont trust them, they never keep their word. Read my review and you will have a better idea. If its prescribed lens, they will issue only partial refund and their quality is also not very nice.

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