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GM Moodley

GM Moodleyasked

Can I make soup with my optimum G2.6 blender
Can I use it to chop veg

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello GM,
Our optimum Blenders are capable of making ice cream or heating a soup!

For hot food processing, blending food at a HIGH speed, spinning the six stainless steel blades at a very high RPM, produces friction heat. In a few minutes, your soup can be ready!

You can also add warm ingredients in the jug but NEVER place hot ingredients (above 65C) into the blender

As for the frozen ingredients, thanks to those same speedy blades the frozen food is crushed at an incredible speed, leaving no time for them to melt! So after a few pulses your ice-cream can be ready.

And you can definitely chop vegetables :) Here you can see how to chop onions in the 9200A: https://youtu.be/ZdstLDydCLA (will work the same way with the G2.6)

For more recipes you can check out our website:


Hope that helps!



Hi there,
I am looking at the G2.6 Platinum but am wondering if the 9200a 2nd generation would suffice...? I see someone bought the G2.6 in February for $490? Is that right? They seem to be almost double that typically.
Which model would you recommend out of these two models?
Kind Regards,

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello Dani,

The Optimum 9200A 2nd Gen is our most powerful high speed vortex blender. It is an extremely reliable commercial grade blender used by many well known companies, such as Gloria Jeans and Wendy’s.

It is the #1 Best Rated Blender in Australia for 2 years running!

Check out: https://www.productreview.com.au/p/optimum-9200.html

The power of the motor is 3.5HP and at maximum power it’s 7 amps therefore crushing ice is no problem for the Optimum 9200A 2ndGen. The blender is made from the highest quality materials , designed to out perform and outlast many of its competitors.

The buttons come programmed to allow you to multitask!

Here is a great comparison of the Optimum 9200 Vs. Vitamix:


The Optimum 9200A blender comes with a 12 month commercial warranty, but will provide many years of use.

It also comes with your choice of 5, 10 and LIFETIME warranty!

Included with the 9200A 2nd Gen is a heavy duty tamper tool for assisting with blending thicker ingredients, a scraper, a recipe book with over 100 recipes, a nut milk bag used when making nut milks and a drinking bottle.

You also receive access to our 24 x 7 warranty and support team.

Optimum has a very strong focus on quality, with all of our products being designed and tested in Australia.

Our blenders come with a 30 day free trial, allowing you to use the item yourself and in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the machine you could opt to send it back for a full refund.

The Optimum G2.6 has been listed on our website September last year as our most advanced and highest quality commercial blender to date. Have a look at the reviews: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/optimum-g2-6

The dishwasher-safe bearings make it one of the few brands (along with Vitamix and Blendtec) to offer such a technology, ensuring the part which fails the most in blenders (bearings of the blades) will last you many years to come.

The unique patented jug design for better blending is dishwasher safe!

The Optimum G2.6 will also have the highest quality parts and motor than all other Optimum models and any other domestic blender on the market today.

It also features automatic torque control. For more details, please click here: https://www.froothie.com.au/g2-6-blender

We hope this helps. Let us know if there's anything more we can do for you :)



Hi team I currently have the 9200 version and wanted to know how loud or noisy the g2.6 is in comparison ? Do you have decibel readings on your models ?

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Hi Francesca
We had the 9200 on loan for a few months before we got the G2.6. They are probably about the same noise level, bearing in mind that they are powerful machines so are expected to be noisy, especially when crushing ice or grinding nuts. Having said that the G2.6 is easier to clean as the jug is wider at the bottom (although running it with detergent and water for about a minute cleans it well anyway) and it is easier to use with the pre-programmed buttons. We're really happy with the G2.6.


Thank you Terry



Is there a reset button when blender siezes?

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I don’t know. Mine never has.


Yes. That has happened to me and I have pushed the little button underneath the base of the appliance at one of the corners.


Yes we tried that but it still doesn't work unfortunately



I have one of your blenders and the other day the blades fell off one of the jugs I use and I had a second one and somehow their was black shredder rubber under the jug when I used it. Couldn't see where it came from. Not sure what is going on. My daughter has the same blender and believes my blender is less powerful than hers.
What do you suggest. Not keen to use it and gave out it away in the cupboard.
Your advise would be great.
Kind regards

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Optimum Appliances
Froothie A.Optimum Appliances

Hello Monika, sorry to hear about the issue you are facing but our team will be able to have this sorted for you ASAP. Just open a support ticket here: https://athenasolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Jodie S.

Jodie S.asked

Hi does the warranty cover commercial use?

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hi Jodie, commercial warranty for the Optimum G2.6 is 1 year. Detailed info are mentioned in the warranty terms and conditions on our website and supplied with the product. In summary, Froothie® warrants your product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform satisfactorily in household use/commercial use, when used in accordance with the accompanying instruction use. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care will be repaired or replaced at
our discretion, solely at our option with no charge for parts. This warranty does not extend to accessories.
Replacements are offered for major faults as determined by Froothie®

Brigitte H.

Brigitte H.asked

Can I blend lobster shells?

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

With ease and within seconds, all our models for the Optimum blender can blend lobster shells and even stones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkARqOGagyg)

I recommend the Optimum 9200A or 9400 (https://www.froothie.com.au/store/froothie-blenders) :-)



Yes, I think you can. I have not tried that. But just a head up, DO NOT try to blend bearing balls. :(



Hello to everyone that has had this blender for a while. Are you happy with it? They have offered an upgraded (I purchased the 9400, sounds like it is the norm for upgrades, which I am happy about) My concern is the digital screen, will it last? I love the 10-year warranty, but would hate for the screen to stop. Thoughts please :)

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hi Laura, I can tell you straight ahead that no customers reported any issues with the digital screen of the G2.6. Everybody is extremely happy with their purchase and love using the G2.6.

The 10-year warranty definitely confirms our trust in this product so you can put your mind at ease.

How are you liking your blender so far? :-)

Cheers to your health!

Francois N.



Hi there,
I'm posting this seeking your feedback on G2.6
I ordered and picked it up from Froothie this afternoon.
I'm concerned about the quality after unpacking the box and realized that this model is the 2nd generation of G2.1, which has issues with broken blades that damaged the jug and some food color stains on the jug.
I can't find decent amount of reviews on G2.6 on the internet. So I'm hoping to hear from people who have purchased and used the latest model of G2.6 Optimum blender. T.I.A. Anyone?

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Hi Jenny. I recently did a post for the G2.1A (G2.6). When my blender arrived I was a little concerned that I have been sent the G2.1 and not the G2.6; however I remembered there was a difference in the motor between the 2; G2.1 2836W, G2.6 2400W. Upon checking, sure enough mine was the 2400W. Based on this I made the assumption that their G2.6 is actually G2.1A; not sure why it is not advertised as G2.1A. Anyway, I have not experienced the reported blade issues, I did read product review before purchasing. If you have a look at the jugs on their website, the G2.6 jug is clearly different to the G2.1 jug. Now, I can't say the assembly hasn't been updated, but I got the feeling that the broken blade issue was occurring before the release of the G2.6; based on this, one would hope the issue was fixed prior to release.
I have only had mine for a week today, and to be honest, the biggest issue was getting the thing started!! I figure myself pretty good with devices, but starting the blender the first time was very frustrating. I'm not sure how the G2.1 starts, but the instructions suggested you select your preset function and it starts... another section of the instructions says to press ON/OFF and PULSE together... but despite everything, you simply select your preset function or manual set up and press ON/OFF (light tap), hold for too long and you'll turn it off. But hey, maybe it was just me!!
Best of luck, and remember their website says you can return within 30 days FOR ANY REASON. Enjoy :)


Thanks Nathan for your time and effort in giving me informative and detailed feedback.

I did a page to page comparison this morning between G2.1 & G2.6 (G2.1A) and I did find that there are differences between the two models.

I can only hope that I have purchased a blender that will last for a good 10 years at least! Thanks again.

Optimum Appliances
Mario N.Optimum Appliances

Hi Jenny, better late than never :-) Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply. It seems this question was missed. As Nathan perfectly pointed out, the G2.6 is actually the upgraded version of the G2.1 with the most important improvement being the new Blade Assembly version which no longer has the issues it's G2.1 predecessor had. The motor power of the G2.6 is a bit lower than the G2.1 but test showed the efficiency is considerably higher. All in all, we haven't received any negative feedback on the G2.6 so I'm hoping your having a great time with yours as well.

Both of these products have been discontinued and have been replaced with the latest in Blender Technology, the Optimum Vacuum Blender. Again, the Vacuum Blender had great success and it is currently Sold Out on our site but you can learn more about the benefits and features of this new blending technology here: https://www.froothie.com.au/store/froothie-blenders/optimum-vacuum-blender

Hope this helped & cheers to your health!

Francois N.

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