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Optimum H3000 2nd Generation

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H3000 2nd Generation

Hello, Im interested in purchasing the Optimum H3000 and noticed someone just purchased this juicer in March 2020 for $359.00. Why is there such a price difference?

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello Victoria, as per the website the H3000 2nd Gen is currently sold out https://www.froothie.com.au/optimum-h3000
Regarding the price, I don‘t remember that this model was ever on sale for only $359
Our supplier and marketing team normally decide when we have special sales like recently we had a 10% discount offer for Easter.
Did you have a look at the Optimum 600M or 400XL already? You might be interested in this model :)
What are you mainly looking into juicing?
kind regards,

Andrzej P.

Andrzej P.asked

H3000 2nd Generation

Dear Sir, Madam

could you please tell me, where can I buy from just that model (what shop) in South East of Melbourne suburbs ?


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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello Andrzej, you can come to our office directly :) Unit 1/ 24 London Drive,
Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia
Alternatively you can buy online on www.froothie.com.au, Amazon or Catch



H3000 2nd Generation

Is this product works well with oranges and Lime to make juices? Please respond. Thanks

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello Nadja,
Yes, the Optimum H300 2nd Generation works really well with lime and oranges. Obviously the fruits need to be peeled as the peel would not taste good and will clumb the juicer.
I hope this helps and you will be really impressed with Optimum H3000 2nd Gen. Any other questions please do not hesitate at support@froothie.com.au or via phone at 1300 309 900. We are here to help, thank you immensely :)
And remember, any purchase on our website includes a full unconditional money-back guarantee which includes return postage if you change your mind. However, I can guarantee this will not be the case.
Alexandra Froothie Team

Belinda H.
Belinda H.

Dear Froothie Team,
I have this 2nd Gen model, and whilst I save the skins of citrus and pineapple to brew into a herbal tonic, I actually know how many vitamins and goodness is in citrus skin. So, if I can't use a whole lemon or lime, can i peel it and then juice some of the skin separately. Also, FYI, the citrus skin is often dried and use in herbal teas, as is highly prized medicinally in many cultures.



H3000 2nd Generation

Is this product manufactured in China? Also, how long can you store the juice in the fridge after using the vacuum function? Thanks.

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Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hello Scop, we are a local brand, the products are developed in Australia, we are based in Melbourne.

The manufacturing is done in our factory in China like all other brands in the industry.
However, I would also like to add that we have all the certifications and perform quality control on all shipments.

We subject our suppliers to the highest quality approval audits before introducing a product. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001:2000 approved and products have achieved UL, CE, EMC and IEC Accreditation. Optimum is an established brand, and our factories have a combined knowledge and reputation of over 120 years in the industry. We continue to drive quality throughout our business, and to bring the product up to our exacting standards. At Optimum we employ a skilled sourcing team to work with suppliers in mutually beneficial relationship, by working closely with our suppliers our joint aim can be more focused on ensuring quality products.

More info here: http://optimumappliances.com/standarts#quality

Maciej K.

Maciej K.asked

H3000 2nd Generation

Do I have to buy separately another pulp outlet to do sorbet from frozen fruits?
I just have got Optimum H3000 2nd Generation and there WAS ONLY one pulp outlet which is not suitable to do the sorbet. I tried to do with this original one and I have almost broken it with frozen fruits. What is the hot plate for? There was not any suitable manual with the machine I received to use it efficiently and safely. How to use the machine to do baby food or nut milk, etc. ?

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Optimum Appliances
Froothie A.Optimum Appliances

Hello Maciej,

yes the blank plate for make sorbet is sold separately. As per the website, this is not included with the juicer. You can contact us at support@froothie.com.au or +61 3 8609 2210 to purchase the blank plate.
Here is the product manual: http://optimumappliances.com/assets/manual_pdf/EU/AU_Horizontal_H3000_2nd_Gen_Juicer_Manual_v9-ONLINE_VERSION.pdf and here you can find some juicing tips: https://athenasolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036815653-H3000-2nd-Gen-Juicing-Tips-600-Pro-

If you have additional questions just get in touch via us: https://athenasolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new :)

Hope that helps!

Sandra T.

Sandra T.asked

H3000 2nd Generation

HI I just received the Optimum H3000 2nd Generation juicer. I was so excited after researching the product, which I specifically wanted for celery juicing and which was recommended by Froothie. To my shock, the celery pulp completely blocks up the machine as the pulp cannot get through the controlled pulp outlet. I've tried chopping the celery small, but nothing worked. It can't handle celery. I have read the manual, looked up videos etc. and there are no answers other than the pulp outlet is too little to let the pulp out. If anyone has any recommendations before I return the juicer, please let me know. Cheers

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I have juiced celery many times- no cutting, stalks, leaves-everything. I can only think you have the wrong combination of strainer and pulp outlet. My machine came with two options and not much information.
First the juicer (celery) uses the clear plastic filter with 2 outlet screens and the pulp outlet with an orange seal which fits the knob end of the screw.
The other attachment (no information) uses a white plastic attachment with a circumferential filter at the end . This is great for pulping things like tomatoes without removing the pulp.
I have been using the machine now for maybe 2 years without fault. It loves juicing celery?

Sandra T.
Sandra T.

Hi Les thanks for your feedback, I have only the one attachment with a tiny hole with adjustable pulp settings and just found out from Froothie that there is another attachment which will take a few weeks to arrive that might be more suitable from juicing celery. Perhaps this is the one you are talking about. I was under the impression that the 2nd generation is a brand new product that just came out, so I am surprised you have had it for that long, and I am glad you having no issues with it. Once more thanks for your suggestions, and I hope this will be resolved soon. Cheers

Optimum Appliances
Athena Solutions Pty LtdOptimum Appliances

Hey Sandra, yes exactly we do have another pulp outlet as well especially for people that are only juicing fruit and vegetables with high fiber content :) However for juicing celery you should not be facing any issues. We recommend to cut the pieces about 2-3cm long, then it works best.
Also a great tip is to alternate between fruits and vegetables with low and high fiber content. Here are some more tips: https://athenasolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036815653-H3000-2nd-Gen-Juicing-Tips-600-Pro-

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