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Optimum Mature Cats

Optimum Mature Cats

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Will never buy it again!

I was changing food as my cat was aging and needed different dietry requirements. I tried this food. This product made my cat so ill the vet thought he was in renal failure! It cost me hundred's of dollars in vet bills for tests. The vet then called me later the same day to tell me he was horrified by the salt content. I immediately changed to another product and my cat now looks 5 years younger and the vet says he rarely sees a 13 yo cat look as well as mine.

Salt conten too high, even for dry food

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I also had the same issue with Optimum kitten biscuits after changing my kitten over to it a week ago - my cat started drinking/weeing so much we thought she either had diabetes or renal impairment. Plus hideously offensive stools. $240 of tests later - the vet and I work out it was due to the high salt content. Back to Whiskas we go.

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Mature Cats
Release dateNov 2008
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