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Oral-B Hummingbird

Oral-B Hummingbird

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This is a good little tooth flosser which doesn't take up much space and is easy to take about everywhere. it's effective and amusing to use as well, which definitely helps people to want to buy it. The downside is that the refills, and even the hummingbird itself seems to have disappeared from Australia.
Good for lazy people who don't bother with regular teeth floss. It's quite fun to use actually. Also suitable for lazy children, as this as the child 'fun factor'.
Where are they all, no refills and now I can't even find the normal one?!

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Pros: has terrific reach right behind the back teeth, and is easy to hold Cons: no longer sold in Australia, and can't find an o/s store that will ship here. refills also need to be bought o/s. Overall: this flosser has been a lifesaver (= gum & toothsaver) for me. i have limited hand function and it allows me to floss even the far reaches at the back. i don't use the battery at all. i've glued my old one together twice now and it looks quite grotty. still works though! bring them back here, oral-b!!!!


So onto google, check out eBay, they have them in Hong Kong have them and I will be buying them from that seller.
I have used it for a long time and was very satisfied with the results
Then I tried to get refills and apparently they are no longer available in Australia.


This nifty little tool is really cool. I like it very much and it does a real good job of flossing your teeth. The vibrating flossing action makes little pieces of food and debris jostle loose for easy cleaning. It even gets way down deep between your teeth and gums to get all that crud loose. It is very small and fits right in your purse for compact travel which I found to be very convenient. It comes with a few refill flossers but not very many so you have to end up buying more pretty quickly but all in all this was very well worth the money and operates like it is supposed to. Very satisfied
The vibrating flossing action. The price
they only give you a few refills on the flossers


Overall its an easy little unit to use. It does an excellent job cleaning your teeth with no or little effort by the user. Its not rough on your teeth and the battery life seems to go on forever
Easy to use
Liked everything about it


Why have they taken it off the market, my dentist remarked on how good my gums were after using this for some time and buying it after I had periodontal surgery. Bring it back
I thought it was great
Can't get it anymore!!!!!!!!!!


I used this hummingbird for about a week until I went back to regular floss. The refills are good to have in your purse as a standby incase you need them after a steak meal, but I found that this hummingbird was more annoying than helpful. The refills were probably the best thing about this as they came in a hard case that closed securely that I have in my hand bag. I think that this device was a bit of a gimmick and oral B seem to have deleted it from Australia. Oh well.
Fun to use
Difficult to use and get it into your mouth.


Please bring this product back!!! I am so disapointed that i cant buy refills for the Humming Bird. what am i suppose to do with the hummimg Bird now!!
it is small and compact and one of the best products i have ever bought
there is nothing wrong with this product


This is such a simple concept and for some reason - it encourages you to floss and give your teeth that extra clean because of the novelty factor - having said that - the hummingbird is genuine and I have found my gums and teeth feel better for using it.

Good thing is you can share your hummingbird with your partner as every time you use an attachment - you then throw it away and refresh with a new one.
great handy small size and really works! great to take with you when travelling
the on going costs of buying the attachments (Floss & Toothpicks) could get expensive


Oral B your intentional dumping of this device on the Australian market is unethical. What is the point of buying a discounted item only to find you can't use is as intended. Shame on you!!
Good product.
It appears Oral B have dumped it on the Australian market. I purchased one recently but now I have been told that you can no longer get the floss refills in Australia, I have been told this by numerous dentists and pharmacists.


I like the hummingbird. It feels good! The massage makes my gums visibly pinker, so it must stimulate circulation. That can't be bad. The flosser attachment is as effective as those little floss things that look like "mini hatchet saws" that I used to use, with great success. However, the massage is enjoyable so I do it more often.

The toothpick attachment has a permanent mint flavour built into it, which I've found even lasts nicely through its vodka bath.

It certainly tastes nicer than plain ol' toothpicks -- so I want to use it -- which gets rid of the "tedious factor." It feels fun.

The toothpick attachment, too, is a great shape, very resilient with a fine flexible point, so it really gets in tiny places. My teeth are tight, but the pick doesn't seem to get damaged. Regular toothpicks shred in my teeth.

The flosser attachment isn't flavoured but the massage that transfers into the floss feels pleasant. Fun. (When has flossing ever been fun?)

Simply put, it's "fun to Hummingbird" -- more than boring "Flossing or Picking". It's a way to lighten up and that's a good thing, and it gives you a better smile.
Small, fits nicely in my cosmetic bag. Fun. Different. Cute. Makes me smile. (Cleans my teeth so I smile even more.)
I can't think of any. In response to ongoing costs (listed above), yes, replacement purchases are necessary. I do soak my pre-loved ones in mouthwash or vodka so I re-use mine a few times, so the price is really not a big deal. (Regular floss and toothpicks have to be replaced, too.) Yes, this costs more, but watch out for 15% off sales in places like Kmart. Stock up then.


A waste of $12, after spending 1/2 an hour using the hummingbird between my teeth, I then flossed using normal floss, and was still able to remove bits of food from between my teeth (mmmmm charming I know!) I wouldn't bother with this product, as you have to continually fork out money for new heads also!!
small, interesting idea
didn't get all the bits from between your teeth, took a long time to use. Waste of money, have to buy replacement heads.

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Where can I get teh Hummingbrid machine & parts from in Australia (Perth). I have asked for them in England, Hungary & Singaporewhilst on holidays for the past 3 years, 2012 back,..... nobody has heard of them. I bought 2 in Perth about six years ago but now they and parts have all dissapeared!
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I did the same thing in Perth years ago and I bought a heap of the refills on the internet from a chemist in the UK. I've still got some about 6 years later.Dear MargaretCole, Is their any chance you can provide the details of the UK Chemist as i will be visiting their again June 2013?


Oral-B Hummingbird
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