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Oral-B Triumph (ProfessionalCare) PRO 5000

Oral-B Triumph (ProfessionalCare) PRO 5000

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3.8 from 27 reviews

Beats manual brushes hands down !

The Oral-B Braun electric tooth brush is a winner in my eyes or in this case MOUTH. With its smooth easy to hold design, and its interchangeable heads throwing away my everyday manual toothbrush was a no brainer. The Oral-B braun is waterproof allowing me to brush whilst in the shower.

Battery life is also very reasonable having to charge only twice a week.

Simply doesn't hold a charge

This is the second PRO 5000 that has an issue with the blue tooth connection randomly draining the charge. I thought the first was a fault and had it replaced. Sadly no, I was mistaken. Even with the blue tooth turned off, it appeared to have a mind of it's own. Frightening right. When your tooth brush goes into unholy communion with the timer, leaving you without any battery life when you need to brush your teeth.

Good functions and accessories

While maybe a bit excessive to have a Bluetooth connected timer just for your toothbrush, it is a good idea because it reminds how long you should brush each area of your teeth. Good battery life, and the stand it comes with makes it store neatly on the bench top with its accessories. It has lasted well so far, so I would definitely buy again

Great Toothbrush

However, I don't think the Bluetooth functionality is necessary to have a even better brush. I used the app for a few weeks then it got the point where I was too lazy to bring my phone with me. If they added new features, I would probably use the app again. Other than that, the performance is amazing and my teeth feel great after every brush!

Best brush

Overall the performance is good. My entire family using this. My teeth are getting better than prior. I bought it in Costco, and two brush cost me $179. Pretty good price for the quality brush.

Has lasted for years

Have had mine for years. Does a great job. I do find it abit loud tho when coming home after night shift and trying not to wake my partner up. My battery seems to not last as long now but still good.

Glad we made the switch

We immediately noticed how smooth our teeth felt after switching from standard toothbrushes to this.

I really like the little timer with the face so you can see how far along you are and visually know when to go to the next quadrant of your mouth or when your pressing to hard.

However the Bluetooth connected app your sold on is over the top, as it’s inconvenient to open the app and have it sync up and record twice daily. On the box it also claims to personalise brushing and coach you, but thats a very far fetched all it’s referring to is the timer where a quarter of a circle will flash for 30 sec then move onto the next. I wasn’t expecting the toothbrush of the future but it’s bit of a let down.

The carry case and brush head storage that’s included is handy though.

Excellent product but battery seems to be an issue

We originally bought this toothbrush about 18 months ago, but within about 6 months the battery started to play up and would take over 12 hours to fully charge. Took it back to the retailer we bought it from and they happily exchanged it under warranty. Since then it’s been good. Good charging, excellent brushing. The dentist is very happy with it too.

My dentist compliments me on my teeth brushing

This is such a great toothbrush. My husband and I share the device and store our own little toothbrush heads in the box to dry (and there is also a travel box that stores the handle and 2 heads). I'm a personal fan of the brush heads with the extra flossing tool built in, but even the regular heads are great (I find them cheapest to buy in bulk at Costco). The charge can last out of the charger base for a few days too. I don't think ours is specifically the 5000, as we don't have the digital display but i do like the timer and built in red light when you press too hard on your gums or teeth.

I love it.

I like the way my teeth feel after their 2 minute clean. I like the timer that tells me when 30 seconds is up and it's time to move the toothbrush to the next quadrant of my mouth. I like the little " smart guide" that shows me how far through the cleaning procedure I am. I like that the toothbrush gives a warning light that tells me when the battery is running low, after about 5 days. ( 20 minutes of cleaning). Over all I love the toothbrush.

Cleans teeth very well, fairly good quality

Bought this toothbrush back in July 2012 for about $180 and the battery has only just died - pretty happy with it's 4.5 year lifespan. It was the first time I used an electric toothbrush since I was a teenager.

In terms of cleaning, my dentist now says I hardly have any plaque build up on my teeth when I go in for my 6-monthly checks. I used to get a lecture on dental hygiene every time so I definitely think it has helped my oral hygiene! I love 30-second mouth quadrant timer as it ensures I give myself a good 2 minute clean morning and night.

I enjoy having the different setting options on the toothbrush as I found it was too rough in my mouth on the regular setting - I always use it on sensitive or my gums bleed. However, my husband finds the regular setting works well for him. The pressure sensor is also a very useful feature as it ensures a good technique when I am brushing. After a few years of use, the pressure sensor would sometimes trigger incorrectly as the toothbrush reached the end of its lifespan. Charger worked well up until the whole thing died. I like that you could take the small charging base out of the toothbrush head holder for portability when travelling. The toothbrush heads are fairly pricey but they are available in Woolworth, which is convenient, and I try to stock up on them when they go on sale. I like that there are a range of heads available to target certain problems.

My husband and I both experienced the same problem whereby toothpaste foam and/or water would leak out of the toothbrush head (where it attached to the base) whilst in your mouth and onto clothing. We tried everything to prevent this - made sure we dried the toothbrush head and base after each use and made sure the toothbrush was in our mouth prior to switching on. Would still occur even when both components were completely dry before using. Not a deal breaker but a little annoying, especially if you had to change clothes after brushing your teeth!

Overall a good toothbrush that definitely improved my oral hygiene.

Battery doesn't last

I have purchased several Oral B tooth brushes over the years. This one was great for about 2years. Now the battery doesn't last that long when I fully charge it. My older oral b that I gave to my mum works better and holds a charge better. That's 10years old. Shame as its not cheap and should last longer for the price.

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Update my Oral B Toothbrush Type 3762 when fully charged now only lasts 3 brush times. So it takes nearly 2 days to fully charge and then only lasts 3 teeth cleans. Obviously i need to replace the battery. But its not easy to get replaced.

Worth every dollar

I bought one of these 4 years ago for $180 I think that it was really good value for money considering how mine is still going strong and cleans perfectly, I have trouble using any other toothbrush because this one just cleans so perfectly. The one thing that I find really disappointing about Oral-B electric tooth brushes is that here in Australia we used to have orthodontic heads, and when I had braces and used my tooth brush with this head it was SOO amazing life changing stuff because having braces is hard enough, toward the end of my braces they stopped making them and I couldn't find them anywhere it really Peed me off! but now I don't have braces and everything's fine again I love my Oral .

Clean than ever

This will sound too trivial but it really cleans)) I had similar one made in china, my dad is a dentist, we spent almost a year for my treatment. Oral B did fantastic job, it clears all around, very easy to use,

Perfect product

This product is excellent would fully give this product 10 out 10 worth every cent, I'm going to buy another one it's that good I can't believe how good the brushing is and the battery life is amazing.

Perfect clean everyday

Most wonderful clean you could ever experience. Gives minty fresh a new meaning. Love it. The way it cleans your teeth is amazing and I can visibly notice less matter between teeth when flossing. My dentist even asked me what I was doing differently on account of there being less plaque. I am very impressed with this toothbrush and would recommend it to anyone.

Charger issue: do not buy

I bought one, a week later the charger got busted. Returned, got a replacement. 3 months later the charger got busted. Now I am looking for a charger. No, it is not the battery. It is the charger. The toothbrush is totally overpriced and there goes your famed German quality totally out of the window!


I have been in two minds about electric toothbrushes but finally I bit the bullet.
The 5000 series is top of the range and if you want black or bluetooth than it will be the 7000 series you want but it really brings nothing to the table to justify the price of an extra 40 to 100 dollars.
I was on the verge of going to the dentist for a clean and descale but decided to go down this path.
After the first clean i was sold my tongue told the story as I felt the inside of my teeth and could feel the ridges at the back of my lower front teeth which is a sure sign that most of the plaque build up was gone.
I tried numerous setting but ended up with the tooth plus setting which is the harshest.The brush indicates if you are pressing too hard by flashing a red light at you which is built into the upper part of the brush.This was an education in itself as I found I had been pressing way too hard with my regular battery powered brush.There are other features which I found gimmicky a bit like buying Photoshop and only needing to using 25% of the program,but then again others may find them useful.The diamond polish was useful and my teeth definitely were more even in their colour and stains were gone after a couple of brushings.
This thing is German built unlike the Philips which is made in China.having said that there is nothing wrong with the top brands being made in China but i think it should be reflected in the price.
Back to the heads.Well if you need heads do your due diligence and you will find heads available by the dozen on line on Ali Express direct from Chinese manufacturers not at $15.00 each but $15.00 for 10 or more delivered.Once I have tried these heads I will let you know but the construction and design is identical to the real thing and if they only last half as long I am still way in front so don't fret about the cost of head replacements.
For now though I bought my second one for my son and got it cheaper than my original which I paid $167.00 so just do your search and you will save bucks.

Do not buy

I brought this item 4 months ago the battery now lasts 1.5 minutes not even enoufh time for one cycle i asked for a replacement but didnt have the supermarket receipt [who keeps there coles woolworths dockets for 4 months not me] they wont even replace the battery dont buy

Battery life


basic electric toothbrush which gives a really good clean
very simple

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how can I draw state transition diagram for it?
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We have a 6 month old oralb triump 5000toothbrush which has begun to have the pressure indicator come on when brush is turned on and not yet cleaning teeth
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I have not had that problem, mine is working just as well as it did when I first bought it.


Triumph (ProfessionalCare) PRO 5000
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