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Oral-B Vitality Plus ProWhite

Oral-B Vitality Plus ProWhite

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battery life concerns me

i love the product, brush head is great, easy to clean with all the angles without any trouble. the only drawback i can see is battery life, it last a lot less then what i am expected. maybe the charger is not quite reliable

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $35.00.

My Mum Bought It 4 My 45Th B-Day & My Teeth Have Never Felt Cleaner!

After using a manual brush most of my life I tried one of the cheap $15.00 Electric Toothbrushes 1st (I wanted to know if I'd like it B4 shelling out 4 Oral B Professional one.
My last one stopped after years of use & Mum bought this one 4 me after buying one 4 herself & loving it!
Thanks Mum.
I love the 2 minute timer so u know ur teeth are cleaned throughly.
My favourite feature is the small head. I love that each tooth can have be totally surrounded and brushed like never b4 including the gums.

FAULTY BRUSH - Non existent Customer Service - Lack of care! Left with nothing!

Oral-B is quite simply the worst major company and any company that I have ever dealt with. They pride themselves on these so called guaranteed products and seem to dominate..

BUT, when they don't work, you are left on your own. I have tried emailing/contacting customer care for Australia several times and do not get replied to. My product - The Oral-b Vitality Plus toothbrush was faulty within months and I went through many costly replacement heads. Oral-B responded once and only once with an email of a company that I should send my faulty brush to...

This email was to a company that never responded and now neither does Oral-B. Several messages sent over now several months and no replies! A faulty product and they claim no responsibility. The least that they could do is acknowledge the fault - would it be so hard to send out a replacement brush?!!!

Yes I have the purchase receipt. NO I WILL NEVER GO NEAR THIS COMPANY AGAIN because their care does not exist. I now have a Dentitex Brush, which was much cheaper and it works much better! Oral-B = the worst = only ok when it works = no customer care!

Does what it says it does

My teeth feel like they have had a much thorough clean after using these toothbrush. I bought one for my whole family and everyone is equally happy with it is. Super easy to use.

Saves time

Received this toothbrush as a gift (therefore no verifiable receipt) and have now used it twice daily for around 2 years. It is perfect in every way. Recharges quickly and easily. The heads are very easy to replace,long lasting and low cost. The brush performs an excellent clean of the gum line - which is particularly useful for me as I do not use floss (no patience). It is a thorough way to clean teeth - but don't press too hard or I imagine that over time one could wear down enamel. (I have experienced occasional gum soreness - which reminds me that I may be pressing too hard).

Excellent Toothbrush

This is a cheap toothbrush that has all the feature of an expensive brush, It has a 2 minute timer , battery can last for 2 month and the caps are easily replaced.

Love this toothbrush

This toothbrush was half price at Coles so I bought it as an upgrade from my Oral-B Vitality. Makes my teeth feel very clean and the two minute timer is helpful as I can get lazy with the amount of time I spend brushing. Great the way it fits sensitive brush heads as well as Pro White brush heads because I have a lot of spare sensitive brush heads from when I used the Vitality toothbrush. I haven't noticed my teeth being any whiter since using Pro White brush heads though.

Cleans well

Dentist said electric toothbrush’s are the way to go, so I got one.
This one cleans really well, you can feel how much of a better job it does compared to a regular toothbrush.
When it’s on charge, there is no light or any signal to show it’s charging, or when finished charging, although the instructions say it can’t be over charged.
Also nothing to indicate which way it goes onto the charger, it only works one way but I always manage to try the wrong way first lol.

Caused tooth sensitivity

This toothbrush definitely provided a good clean. However for me it was just too rough and aggressive. About a week following its use I started to develop sensitivity in one of my back molars. After going back to just a simple manually applied toothbrush I've noticed decreased sensitivity.

It's fairly easy to store and a charge will last for around 4-5 uses (2 min/each)

Great toothbrush!

I've had this toothbrush for over 7 years now and nothing has changed about it from when I bought it from Coles. I had trouble cleaning my teeth with a standard toothbrush as this toothbrush was able to clean the tougher areas in the back of my mouth. Battery life on this bad boy is excellent, and I haven't been any happier maintaining good oral health with this toothbrush. Changing brush heads have been easy, and it is rather inexpensive to buy too!

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Best for the price

After having electric toothbrush's that have cost over $100 that after 14 months stopped working I decided that $22.50 how could I go wrong. I have had this one 2.6 years and still going strong. I even have a replacement one in cupboard for when it stops working. very happy indeed.

Great smile

I have finally found my forever toothbrush . U cant go wrong simple plug in to wall charge and go . Have tried all the other and nothing compares to this . Gets in hard to reach places . Combining this with the right toothpaste will show results in just a few weeks.

Great toothbrush for the price

Picked up from Coles as they always have this half price out the front. Amazing little toothbrush for the price. The first use may hurt but after a day or two it will soften. The head doesn't last long about 1 month for the bristles go sideways and doesn't clean properly. Easy to rinse after use but there are little holes at the back where gunk can get in and bacteria will grow in so you definitely have to change it every month Unfortunately the replacement heads are pretty expensive so it is quite an expensive toothbrush to maintain.

Great brush. Got lovely clean teeth now

My teeth feel nice and clean eachtime I use this brush. I have used it for a while now and it has become very popular at most stores and funny keeps coming on sale often which gives you more the reason to buy it. You will need to buy the heads as time goes though.

price is good

price is very reasonable (coles always has it for half price)

however the result is not so clean it make sense of the price, value for the money you paid but dont recon for anyone want better cleanings

Oral-B fan excellent product!

I've got thumb & wrist problems so I couldn't use an ordinary tooth brush anymore. I purchased an Oral-B Vitality Plus Pro & love the product! This product has really helped me keep up with my routine clean with pure comfort & ease.
The buffers in the brush head work really well for stubborn stains & I don't even have to floss after a good clean!! Great solid product that never fails me!!
Easy to store on my bathroom bench with it's tiny recharge adapter that gives a great strong charge that I only need to recharge twice a week.

Cheap and useful

I bought it in the Woolies when it is half priced. I bought it around $22 dollars. It is a cheap electronic toothbrush and it does the job. The good part of this brush is that it is a charging device with a charging dock instead of a one use disposal battery type of device.

Affordable electric tooth brush

Was recommended to change to an electric toothbrush by my dentist and this product was on sale at the time for $20. It has a timer feature that will let you know once you have brushed for 2 mins. The charging dock is simple and you cannot overcharge the toothbrush. One full charge will typically last you for about 4-5 days using it twice daily. Definitely will not be going back to using a manual toothbrush anymore.

Grudgingly admit this is good.

My partner raved on about his electric toothbrush for months and finally bought me one, only when it was half price at the supermarket for $20. Felt odd after manual but have to admit it gives my teeth a far better clean particularly difficult spots at the back and the dental hygienist has said my gums are finally healthy. Works well after 1 year and brushes changed 3 monthly. Would not go back to manual.

As good as you get at the price

Without paying a lot for the up market products, this is about as good as they get. The brushes are easily replaceable and it lasts a good while with a reasonable finish to your teeth between dental visits.

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Oral-B Vitality Plus ProWhite
CategoryElectric Toothbrushes and Flossers
Price (RRP) $49.99
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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