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Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean

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My teeth are so much cleaner!! The round head feels like it wraps around each tooth, easy to give each tooth a good clean. Let's you know when your time is up which is handy because you get carried away. Fits nicely on my vanity- no bulky charging cords and battery life is good (three or four teeth cleans?) good price, good product.

Good toothbrush

Pretty good for a low price electric toothbrush, cleans ok and charge lasts for three cleans. Brushes only last about 2 months and definitely cleans better with a newer head attached. Heads are expensive but can be pick up on half price special fairly often.

Amazing toothbrush

Definitely has improved my oral health. With brushing consistency, reaching hard to reach places and not brushing too hard.

The two minute timer and the interchangeable brushes.

Charge lasts about a week and is very easy to store as long as you clean it every week

Going, going....gone!

I really need to keep my receipts for these toothbrushes because their power drops significantly. My family has gone through 4 of the precision units. In the beginning we has one unit for 3 of us and just changed the heads over, this was find for a bit but the unit never really recovered. So we brought another one and threw out the first and shortly after brought a 2nd so the 3 of us were using 2 instead of just one. One of the 2's power dropped off every fast and one was ok; one may have been used more but I just don't know. Woolies had them at 1/2 price and we got a third. At this point we each had our own but the oldest just wasn't giving a good brush; and as luck would have it the newest one after about 6 months the button stopped working. Anyway we are now back to 2; and will buy a 3 again when they are back to 1/2 price. I really like them but their longevity is pretty rubbish.

Couldn't live without it

I have had my Oral B tooth brush for years now and if i don't use it - away from home I just don't feel like I've cleaned my teeth. I love it

Very happy with the purchase

easy to setup and works like a charm, the charge does last for over a week so that is nice.This brush keeps my teeth cleaner than ever before. You can feel the difference the first time you use it.This is a replacement for an old one I had; I love this product!

Easy to use

I've had this for a few months now and it's will working well. It is simple to use and only requires two minutes to clean. It also comes with an extra toothbrush head. The disadvantages are that it slows down when the battery is low, and often requires frequent recharges.

Good so far.

We received our Oral-B power toothbrush a few days after ordering and we have both been very pleased with our results. After a few weeks of using it, both my wife and I have cleaner feeling teeth, less gum bleeding, and better breath.

Fantastic product!

This is great! Remains charged for ages! After using this, I was camping and had to use a standard toothbrush, and afterwards my teeth didn’t even feel clean! Great value. Bought on sale.

Great product great price

I bought this toothbrush when this was on sale in the supermarket. I have been using electronic toothbrush for many years. This is one of the electronic toothbrush which is high quality and reliable. I can easily replace the brush head when it becomes old

Great toothbrush!

Recently purchased the Oral-B Precision clean after my old Phillips Sonicare brush broke,
I think it's a decent toothbrush as it does exactly what it says.
The brush is "okay" in my opinion the head is too small and it being round and not oval shape takes a bit more time brushing the surfaces of each tooth.

Awesome toothbrush!

We bought this toothbrush on a sale as members of my family use it. It has been fantastic. My teeth look and feel so much cleaner and you only have to use a small amount of toothpaste. The battery lasts for a long time so you don’t have to worry about charging it very often. I like how you can replace the brush instead of having to purchase a whole new tooth brush. It came with an extra brush anyway so we do not have to purchase another one yet. It stands up by itself which is great and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I will highly recommend this product!


Best toothbrush. Sometimes the head can be too small for some people, depending on their preferred size of head. They charge quite fast and last for a fair few days without being put on charge. They are also super easy to clean

Fantastic toothbrush, very quick charge!

I had been recommended by my dentist to purchase an electric toothbrush. My first thoughts were oral b is a reputable brand. I was right, everything about this toothbrush is great. My oral hygiene has improved immensely. It’s so quick, easy to use & travel with. Great charge & life span. Thankyou oral b!

Oral B excellent toothbrush

Bought the Oral B electric toothbrush and am really impressed with it. Does a great job cleaning and the battery life is surprisingly good. Was much cheaper than anticipated as well.

oral B for me

I have used oral-B electric toothbrushes as long as I can remember. They just go on and on I recently bought a new one but the two I have alreayd in use refuse to die.

Good brush

Its really good as tge way it clean my teeth never had any problem just take it and will brush ur teeth in bery comfortable and easy way. The charge last up to 3 days

Great toothbrush

I have been using this toothbrush for years and love. It's easy to replace the toothbrush head and has a compact charging stand. Would recommend this over a normal manual toothbrush.

Can't Live without it.

It's clean and powerful. Definitely worth the buy, you can feel your teeth get cleaner. When i switched to a normal toothbrush, it sucked. GET IT. IT IS WORTH IT.

Happy Customer for 6 years

cant use ordinary toothbrush again. me and my 5 year old daughter both using electric tooth brush. if you can afford electric toothbrush then do the switch. its is worth it, plus your investing in your oral health.

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Questions & Answers

Is it water proof?
No answers

Can i change the rechargeable battery? There are no instructions to remove this.
1 answer
You should be able to change the rechargable battery. Just Google the instructions :)

Why is it after 3 days use my toothbrush stopped due to not enough charge, but it wont charge after 14hrs its totally lifeless. Not happy it cost me over $60
2 answers
I would take it back to where you purchased it or contact the manufacturerCheck two things. 1. Did you get any water on the charger? 2. Did you plug in the charger properly? If not, as unhappy customer said, take it back to where you purchased it or contact the manafacturer. There should be a 30 days gurantee back on it. This is for if you have already used it. You need the original receipt copy and packaging though and shipping costs are out of pocket. Good Luck.


Vitality Precision Clean
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