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Orbis 3 Piece Deluxe UltraTough Spinner Luggage Set

Orbis 3 Piece Deluxe UltraTough Spinner Luggage Set

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The low quality spinner rollers are really a let down

Hi all

For anyone considering this as a bargain and buying (99 + postage) :

I just got myself a set cuz of the specs of the small one fits (ish) jetstar and tiger carry-on limit.

The small one turns out to be taller. advertised 54.5 35 22.5 vs 56 38 22cm

And my biggest gripes are:

1, the 360 spin wheels are rather low quality and could see snapping/broken if withstanding some accident/rough surface impact. And its single-wheel construction rather than dual-wheel for each one. Some cheap ones like Aldi was dual-wheel and this system is much smoother and absorbs better impact

2, the ykk zipper is so small and fragile. not easy to pull

3, the inner zipped compartment could use a better layout for bigger usage space. Hard to describe it. But If you have seen Aldi one whose layout is better

The pro over Aldi

The shell seems more flexible and impact absorptive (PC ABS) over Aldi (ABS)

My verdict:
Just for the sake of the wheels, I was very gutted would rather invest in something decent and sturdy.

Hope it helps.

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