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Oricom OL10 Animal Night Light Collection

Oricom OL10 Animal Night Light Collection

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Flashes while charging

We bought the cat night light a few weeks ago. Our baby isn't even born yet and already it is not working perfectly. We charged it straight away and it worked fine. After about a week, we noticed that when charging it flashes and it gets really annoying! It is not a good flashing. It's like the power to it is tripping. But it still works fine other than that so I am not totally disappointed. I just need to find somewhere to hide it while it's charging so it doesn't give someone a seizure!

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Hi Sarah, that's not good to hear :( Can you call our Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785, your night light comes with a 12 month warranty. W'll be able to fix you up ready for the arrival of your new bub. Best regards, Oricom Baby Care

Great light worth the money for all the well designed features

We took it away with us a couple of times over the Summer. Its pretty small, light weight and so handy to have in some elses home or hotel if you need to get around during the night. It also gives peace and reassurance to my small children knowing the light is there and they can use it and reach it. My Toddler went to sleep with it a few times and it was so easy. Thinking i could have spent hours getting her to go down whilst she was over tired and in a strange house. I just gave her the light which was a treat to take into bed and she settled quickly looking at the change of colours in the soft light.
I like the the material it is a soft BPA free plastic. There are no rough or sharp edges, no cords and it is easy for little ones to hold. It doesnt get hot.
There is the auto colour changing mode or you can select a colour from Red, Green, Blue.
There is a timer so it saves power and the battery itself will last a night. I think its about 8 -10 hours.
Wireless Charging! No need to fumble for a cord or usb, just pop it back on the plate that has a little glow on it so you can always find it. The plate is small and the whole thing takes up a really small amount of space.
I did think it was a bit expensive for its size and the fact its just a night light. But really its been so well thought out, i can use it as a bit of a torch if i need to find dummy during the night. its easy to take out. its safe to use and i can leave it in the room with out a fear of cords or burning or breaking by my toddler

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Hi.... i really love the elephant my daughter was using it as her night but just as my new baby is Bout to arrive the colours have started to stop working. ..... blue and green to be exact the red still works but thats it. Are they fixable or can i put in new globes??? [email removed] Thankyou
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Hi Jess, thanks for the message. For this one, we recommend that you please call Oricom Support on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will be able to assist in troubleshooting this issue and providing you with a solution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

I have recently purchased 4 of these lights. 2 of them work fine but the other 2 I have trouble with. The 1st I can't get the bottom plate which holds the battery in to lock in, which in turn effects the light, some times it works and some times it doesn't. And the 2nd the battery just doesn't work/charge at all and the battery plate is stuck. Are you able to help me? Also I think that there is a definite design flaw with those bottom plates.
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Hi ShanShan, I am just a customer but if you go to Oricom's website http://www.oricom.com.au they have a phone number which is their actual office in NSW so they will definitely be able to help you. "Please contact our friendly customer support team located in sunny Western Sydney to ask any questions about Oricom products. Our customer support team have the knowledge and resources to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Phone: 1300 889 785 or 02 4574 8888 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST) Fax: 02 4574 8898 Email: support@oricom.com.au"Hi ShanShan, Sorry for this trouble you are having. Please give us a call so we can help you out, you can quote your reference HL63923 so we have your details to hand. Ph. 1300 889 785. Best regards, Oricom Baby Care

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