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Oricom PMR1280

Oricom PMR1280

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Fantastic and for a budget price.

Driving in convoy to Jenolan Caves, worked excellently. I'm a single guy, but took a family away with me on this occasion. Although the family were irritating in the extreme, and a nightmare (no wonder I'm single), the units were not, and performed exceptionally well, beyond my expectations for a budget UHF CB Radio. Very clear, very light, handy. I bought these a couple of years ago and they had their first real usage on this trip. I couldn't recommend these units highly enough. In built up areas, not so good, but I had sensed this and it actually states this anyway, in the instructions. On the highway though, line of sight, perfect! I'm not really sure how far we were apart (both units) at any one time, but possibly not more than 3-4 km, in car usage. I couldn't fault them. I bought mine for about $80, I understand the model has been superseded, but for mine, these will do me for a few years to come. I will buy Oricom again, Aussie made, owned and on price, 3 year warranty, what more do you need to convince you? Extremely happy with this product as you will be too. I also bought all the accessories, car charger and vox mics, excluding battery packs (hope they still sell them), didn't use them on this occasion, but they're there if I need 'em. Do yourself a favour, invest in a pair of these, you will thank your lucky stars you did.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Very cheap communications.

I bought a pair for $39 two months ago, mainly for a survey job up in the mountains where my offsider would be out of sight most of the day, and there's no mobile coverage. We've been using these little beauties for a month now, and couldn't do the job safely without them. We are usually no more than a few k's apart, and the only time the received signal gets weak is when there's a hill between us. My experience is that after about 2000 metres, with a few hundred trees and a few thousand tons of rock between them, the signal will get weak; but otherwise all good and clear. Excellent value, and far better than the old analogue traffic controllers ones we have. I particularly like the squillions of possible channels and the clean definition between them; unlike the older units mentioned.

Ok, a year later (May 2016), and I still have nothing but praise for these tough little UHF's. I just returned two pairs of Digitech rubbish to Jaycar, as my Oricoms were far superior, at half the claimed power and a quarter the cost! Jaycar were good about it; a well worn path for them, I'd say.

So, I've bought a new pair of Oricom 1290's for work, so I can take my own ones home, but I still prefer the 1280's. No FM radio to distract blokes who are supposed to be watching stuff, etc. The newer ones are smaller, and less robust in appearance too. I'm after a new pair of 1280's now for work, or maybe the more powerful 2000 series kits.

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A year on, May 2017, and these little Oricoms are still the best. I love their simplicity and reliability. Three working days out of each battery charge is a good feature too.

Not real happy

Bought a oricom uhf200 unit for truck last year,quite happy with this unit,however on this experience I then bought,pair of1280 units,fully charged & line of site,no better than 1km,need for emergencies (ex -ambo.,)

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Hi Robbo, The units do not seem like they are operating ideally. Line od sight you should expect much further range. Can you contact our Support Team on 02 4574 8888 or 1300 889 785 to see how we can help? Best regards, Oricom UHF CB Radios

Happy with mine

I've had mine for about 2 years and have used them on various occasions during this time, mostly for contacting other drivers. I agree with the previous reviewer. The audio is good, the battery life is excellent, and the range is more than I expected (about 10km line of sight, or 3-4km in forest (depending on terrain)). The criticism regarding the clunky menu is also true. For example, to me, changing channels is not an intuitive process. Overall a good buy at around $80 (for 2, includes charger)

Compact and overall pretty good units

I bought these a few months ago now, and I'm finding as a basic radio they are superb. Easy to use, clear, good range and best of all (unlike other radios I've had) they don't seem to run the batteries flat when switched off for a couple of weeks or a month at a time.

I will say though, they aren't the most intuitive as far as the interface goes. Setting CTCSS or scanning channels is a bit clunky, as there seems to be a lot of button presses involved. There's also no OK button, so if say, you want to unset CTCSS and change the channel, you have to wait for the radio to go back to its 'business as usual' mode before using the menu key to change the channel.

All in all, I bought these (on special) as cheap radios to use in convoy, and for that they work great. As expected they are compatible with the other UHF radios that I already have, and based on price they seem good value for money.
Energy efficient, clear audio
Clunky menu interface

Questions & Answers

what type of batteries can you use in the 1280
2 answers
They have a little pack of three AAA batteries. You can remove this and replace with disposable batteries, if you have to.Hi Terri, thanks for the message. Thanks Sarge for the response. Alkaline batteries will work with this unit. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

Hi I have a Oricom PMR 1280 which has been sparingly (not more then twice) used, It is over 6-7 years or may be older however when i am now trying to charge the sets they wont power up. Is there an issue with the batteries?
1 answer
Hi there, thanks for the message. For this one, we would suggest that you give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue with you and will work to provide you with a solution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

I have a pair or PMR 1280's. One of the has continual has, the other is fine. All settings are the same, CTC, DSC, are off on both. How do i mute the hash on the one?
2 answers
Ken, what is your question? I don't understand your sentence mate....Hi Ken, I do not understand the question. Could you please give us a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as we will be able to troubleshoot and sort out this issue for you. All the best, Oricom


Oricom PMR1280
CategoryUHF Radios
Price (RRP)$99.95
Release dateNov 2011

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