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Oricom PRO610-1

Oricom PRO610-1

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bad choice

I bought an this phone because I had a different Oricom model for a few years and it was good but although this one was more than twice the price it doesn't work anywhere near as well. The function button has to be pressed at just the right spot or it wont work and as these are made for people with poor vision and hearing I think they could have done better. When I use the boost button it is like putting it on speaker phone it is so loud everyone can hear my conversation. I spoke to Oricom about the problem with the button but they say the phone is one of their best sellers and don't think there is a problem. I am very disappointed with this phone it is nowhere near as good as the old cheap one which I have gone back to using, I really wish I had never bought it. If you are thinking of buying it for and elderly person don't bother, Uniden make one I don't know if it would be better or not but it surely can't be worse.
I can't think of anything good about this phone
The function buttone is hard to use the boost button makes it too loud to hear, expensive and Oricom don't really want to know about it.

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Thank you for feedback on the PRO610-1. If you feel that the usage of the menu button is not correct, we are more than happy to evaluate the unit to test for a fault. In regards to the Boost volume, you can adjust this volume down to reduce the volume level when the Boost function is selected. I would recommend contacting our Support Team on 1300 889 785 to arrange to send your phone in for testing. Please quote reference number HL37142 when contacting us.

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Handset TypeCordless
Price (RRP)$159
Release dateFeb 2013

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