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Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift

Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift

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Did not agree with me....

I suffer from a little anxiety and stress and was recommended Anxiolift from a friend. Everytime I took a tablet I was violently ill with severe vomiting and diarrhoea for at least 6 hours. I tried 3 times and had the same effect everytime. I found the tablets are strong and gave me an upset tummy 45 mins after consuming it. It felt like I had food poisoning. Not good for me, will not be recommending this to anyone.

Purchased at Priceline for $15.00.


Like others, I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for some time. Recently the symptoms peaked where just functioning became a major effort. Nausea, trembling, dizziness. I never realised it could get so bad. Years of insomnia not helping. Three hours after trying 2 tabs I suddenly noticed the physical symptoms had eased significantly. Almost couldn't believe it. I am now taking them every day (2 tabs twice a day), and am starting to sleep a little better as the symptoms have eased significantly, allowing me to relax. I cant recommend enough.

Purchased for $35.00.

Effective Within One day

Unfortunately No Result

I have suffered anxiety, hence insomnia for over 10 years. The only way I can sleep is using anti anxiety meds which I have done to function, but desperately continue to try to wean off. I read the reviews on Anxiolift, and hoped for a small miracle. I am not condemning this herb, all I am saying is if you suffer from long term anxiety and/or sleeping disorder this mild herbal tab may not help. I have tried both morning and evening, and middle of the night., but no calming affect. I am continuing to investigate Guided Meditation on a daily basis in a quie room, t so that down the track a mild herb maybe of assistance.

A Fantastic Product That Really Works

I am a 51 y/o man who is a very nervous & anxious person by nature.
I had to take a practical driving assesment to upgrade my license.
On the day of the test I was as usual extremely nervous until I took 2 Anxiolift tablets.
I couldn't believe it my nervousness & anxiety was almost completely gone.
I went into my test feeling confident & passed the first time.
I'm sure that had I not found & taken Anxiolift I would of certainly failed as my anxiety & nerves would of got in the way.
In day to day situations when I am really stressed I continue to take Anxiolift which substantially improves my quality of life.
I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from anxiety like I do & to at least try it.
It works well for me.

Finally feeling good about life!

I have suffered from various levels of anxiety since my early 20's, but the last year has really reached its peak. I feel sick most days, headaches, intense nausea and heart palpitations. Can't catch public transport because I feel like I'll throw up, and the same goes for going out for brunch or dinner or the movies with friends. I've stopped going out, stopped socialising. My anxiety has turned me into a recluse and I haven't been treating it.

This morning I was walking into work and I felt severe nausea, dizziness and heart palpitations. Classic anxiety attack for me. Decided I'd had enough and visited my pharmacist and she suggested I take Anxiolift. After only one tablet, I feel calm and my sense of dread is completely gone. I've felt so bad for so long, it's hard to describe the feeling, other than to say I now feel good about life! I look forward to seeing more improvements as I continue to take Anxiolift. Will update in a few weeks.

Best product for depression

Coming off lexapro this helped with the side effects after 10 years on antidepressants this product has been the best thing I ever tried and will stay on it ..I sleep great too

Very beneficial

I have been tapering off Pristiq from 100mg to now - 4 days without it over a period of 2 years as Pristiq is very difficult to stop due to the side effects. The pharmacist suggested supporting this with Anxiolift, and the product has been very helpful. Im at day 4 of not taking Pristiq and am taking 2 tablets daily with a great result and reduced sides effects.

Exceedingly hopeful

I've read so many positive reviews of this product and can't wait to receive mine. Only problem was finding a stockist. I live in a small town in Gippsland and tried so many chemists/health food shops but nobody had heard of them. Finally found them on eBay and snapped them up immediately. (One would think that Priceline or Chemist Warehouse would have surely heard of them, but no luck.) Fingers crossed for a positive review to follow shortly.

September 27th 2017 Update: Seriously fantastic product.

Been on Anxiolift for about 2.5 weeks now and I can honestly say they’ve made a huge difference. My sleep has never been this deep or satisfying and I wake up completely rested. I haven’t taken any Valium at all since starting these tablets and have also noticed that although I still get anxious/stressed sometimes, (albeit much less often) these pills allow me to regain composure with just a few deep breathing exercises. Definitely worth giving it a go if you are looking for a better night’s sleep and a calmer mind and body. I’m hoping that more stores begin to stock this product as I still have problems finding in locally. Thank heavens for eBay

cant wait to dump the anti depressants

I started using this product over a month ago as I felt all my current life stresses were getting the better of me and I was struggling daily along with taking 200mg Zoloft daily. I was desperate and went to a chemist in a small country town in Gippsland. The chemist suggested I try this and I am hoping for the day to arrive that I can decrease my Zoloft and be soley taking Anxiolift. The affect is almost instant and I will continue to take this as long as I can

Amazing product

My almost 10 year old son has been on this since January what a fantastic product. He is like a different child has kept the same friends at school and able to deal with situations when he would normally become anxious.

As good or better than Valium

I suffer from severe anxiety and was using valium - an addictive drug - as a means of anxiety control which also causes drowsiness (not good for operating machinery). I had a severe anxiety attack and wasn't carrying valium. I found a chemist nearby who said they'd had good feedback from anxiolift. Upon taking anxiolift I felt almost immediate relief from my symptoms. Although I felt very relaxed I didn't feel drowsy. I have since visited a naturopath who agreed the ingredients of anxiolift were what she used and were very effective means of anxiety relief.

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This product is the same as the "Fusion Branded Stress and Anxiety". I was told by a fusion representative that Oriental Botanicals is a spin off from Fusion

Wish I had found this sooner

I am writing to let you know how Oriental Botanicals Anxiolift assists almost miraculously with my stress and anxiety. Going through a traumatic and situation that felt like being a pressure cooker about to explode, I was reduced to tears, experienced intense nausea, was totally panic stricken and did not know what to do. I had sweats, shaking, nervousness, my heart was racing, dry mouth, high blood pressure and lightheadedness all classic signs of panic and anxiety.
Within about 15 minutes of taking Anxiolift in conjunction with deep breathing techniques the symptoms vanished. When I take Anxiolift I feel calm and the feeling of being overwhelmed with anxiety eases. I only wish I had found this wonder sooner.

Questions & Answers

I feel tired all day.. Plus it takes me almost an hour to completely feel alert after waking. Has anyone felt more energetic since taking these?
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Cant say I have more energy per se', but am starting to sleep better...so feel more refreshed and mentally alert.

Have only started these pills yesterday and found I got a headache after taking the morning pill then again the night time pill, is this a symptom of these pills?
No answers

Will this tablet affect your weight? (Weight gain)
1 answer
It shouldn’t at all. It didn’t with me. But maybe consult with a pharmacist or doctor if you’re concerned.

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