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Does it keep u awake
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Hi I have severe anxiety due to withdrawals from codeine 4 hospital visits just this week the doc prescribed Valium I only took for a week now stopped now I have anxiolift do u think it works? I don't want prescribed meds anymore can't keep calm need help
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I have never taken meds, but was prescribed some 'heavy duty' (chemists' description) anti-depressants, and thought Id try these before I went down the med path. They definitely helped me with the physical symptoms so that I was able to concentrate on looking after the mental symptoms. Just being able to function without dizziness, trembling etc. was fantastic. I took two first up and noticed after about three hours the effects kick in. For a natural treatment I wouldn't have believed it could work so quickly. Perhaps your body still needs to 'clean out' the valium properly - you may be getting side affects from that? Im not a doctor so I dont know...drink lots of water, take 2 twice a day - thats what I've been doing and it really has helped me, but were all different - stick with it mate

I feel tired all day.. Plus it takes me almost an hour to completely feel alert after waking. Has anyone felt more energetic since taking these?
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Cant say I have more energy per se', but am starting to sleep better...so feel more refreshed and mentally alert.

Will this tablet affect your weight? (Weight gain)
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It shouldn’t at all. It didn’t with me. But maybe consult with a pharmacist or doctor if you’re concerned.

I am taking Lexapro 20mg and wondering if it I can also take Anxiolift?
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Hi, a naturopath has suggested I take anxiolift, 2 tablets twice daily. Can you advise the best time of day to take it? Thanks
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Hi Marise, I just take it in the morning after breakfast. It seems to work best for me at that time.It makes me sleepy so I take at night

Mirtazapine, can you take it with Anxiolift??
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I would not be able to answer this question as I am not a GP. You would be best to speak to your doctor or naturopath. As with all herbs and supplements it is best to speak to someone qualified. I only know that I am on medication for hypertension and it does not react with mine. Good luck. This is a great product.I would advise you ask your GP about this. Good luck :)

Can I take anxiolift with thryoxine. Crestor and blood pressure medication?
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Hi Mitch, I take Thyroxine daily along with anxiolift and haven’t had any adverse side affects. In saying this, I’m also not a GP so I would suggest you check with your doctor before making any decisions. Good luck :) Kate.

I have Adult ADHD. I am 37 years of age. I am prescribed Dexamphetamine with great results and have been for years. Can you take this with Dexamphetamine ? I have taken Oriental Botanicals - Anxiolift for the past 5 days and IT HAS CANCELLED OUT MY DEXAMPHETAMINE RESULTS COMPLETELY. Is there an ingredient in Anxiolift that is acidic or causes acidity ? I know Dexamphetamine works best in a non acidic alkaline body environment which I always maintain but this Anxiolift has cancelled it out so much I have been unable to work. Please let me know somebody. Thank you
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I would stop immediately and seek professional advice from both your doctor and pharmacist.

Can you take anxiolift wirh high blood pressure prevention medication
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Check with your doctorI agree with Sharene to check with your doctor. I wouldn't imagine it would as the product typically slows the mind from an anxiety attack while blood pressure works on the body. My wife uses it if she can't sleep (over thinking) and it works for her better than all of the herbal sleep remedies she's tried. The ingredients are all natural as I had my naturopath review the ingredients too.Yes! I am on Noten and Coversyl and this can be taken in conjunction with Blood Pressure Medication. My Father is a Doctor and my Mum is a Naturopath. Completely fine.

should I take Anxiolift morning or bedtime?
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Have used it morning, noon and night and never had a problem with timing.

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