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Osmo Patch

Osmo Patch

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Steve W

Steve W North Queensland, QLD

Osmo patches for forefoot bursitis


just started using osmo patches for chronic bursitis in both forefoot , but left Is definitely worse . Have been placing the patches on top of forefoot area, and by morning the powder has turned dark and feels like it clumped together into little “rocks”, last night I put it on the underside of my left foot, and by morning the entire patch was black, and inside the patch felt like some type of “clay”, is this normal( FYI I scrub my feet every night clean).also can the patches be purchase in bulk ?

Purchased in March 2021.

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shopper88SA, 5571

  • 13 reviews

Helped hip pain.


I had 2 falls in 4 days - 1 on concrete & 1 on hard soil in the garden. I fell onto my hip which I had surgery on 3 months prior to the first fall & have had a lot of pain since. Used Osmo Patch last night and feel more comfortable this morning. My only grumble is that the powder is very hard to keep flat when attaching it to your body - it did gravitate to the lower part of the patch. It's a pity the scientists can't come up with a different formula for the patch contents - i.e, a gel type substance that stays where it should. My patch was black this morning.

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Worked well


I have used a small box and then one large box. Bakers cyst was almost gone then started to come back a bit. The patch will not remain dry if you either dampen the skin, or as I did, wet your finger tips and then dampen the packet carefully once its on the adhesive, then attach to cyst area. Had to wrap with a towel also since it drained so much fluid each night. Have to order more.

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Saved me another injection


After a week of trialing them have found it is helping me to sleep, no throbbing hip keeping me awake
Agree it doesn't smell very nice - but a small price to pay for less pain

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Jean Jackson

Jean Jackson

  • 2 reviews

New box


Thank you for the complimentary box tried it last night So different to last box even smelled like the old boxes used before and a lot better result from my foot . Thank you , great service .

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The jury is still out.....but


I have had bursitis in both of my shoulders since August.I have had 2 lots of cortisone with one last Tuesday 20th January.I bumped into. Woman in a shopping centre and got talking of my problems.She put me straight onto Osmo patches.The first night a heap of sticky brown gunk appeared on the patches and leaked through to my T shirt.I put it down to perspiration but the second night I used them nothing happened.So I tried them for the third night and one in particular oozed the sticky gunk.
At the moment my pain has diminished but it could still be the cortisone or some sort of help?This Woman swears by them.

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Great result for 16 year old with bakers cyst


My daughter developed a bakers cyst from basketball. I have a natropath friend who recomended osmopatch in conjunction with acupuncture. She began improving after the second patch and after third patch, we also had an acupuncture treatment. The following day, my daughter virtually felt 100 %. We used all the patches anyway and then she resumed running. So far, no repeat occurance and she couldnt be happier. My suggestion is to try both the patches and acupuncture in unison.

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Questions & Answers

Terry M.

Terry M.asked

Can you use Osmo patch at the same time as useing Norspan patches

No answers
Dedo M.

Dedo M.asked

is osmo available in australia

No answers
Charmaine V.

Charmaine V.asked

Hi, I have bursitis in the inner hip and get the pain predominantly in my groin. Can I put the Osmo patch on my groin or does it need to be on the hip. Thanks

5 answers

Charmaine I wouldn't waste money on this product. I got nó result nor relief from these patches.

Osmo Patch
Toky J.Osmo Patch

Hello Charmaine,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Whilst our patches can be used on different types of hip bursitis, the results can vary from person to person as many individuals carry excess weight in this area. That said many people have seen very good results and the patches are also able to induce healing by increasing blood flow to the area.

Please remember that there may be underlying causes that continue to set off the condition, such as inflammatory disease (arthritis for example) and excessive or repetitive strain to the area just to name a few. Our Patches are a natural alternative treatment option to the current invasive treatment options that exist. They are intended to help the area heal by naturally draining the excess fluids as well as promoting blood flow to the area.

Assuming that there is no underlying inflammatory disease or scarring, it will then be up to the person being treated to adequately rest the area and to identify and if possible avoid the cause.

The patches are worn during the night and discarded in the morning (single use). Usually one patch is worn each night (approx 8-10 hrs) over the affected area, although more than one may be worn if required. That said the patches are not suitable for application in certain areas of the body, in particular you should be mindful that the patches should not be worn over or close to any genital area.

The patches should be used each consecutive night while you feel that you are improving. If you get to a level that you are not completely healed and your improvement has plateaued then you can consider stopping using the patches and keep the balance there in case there is a flare up.

It is impossible to answer honestly how many patches you shall need as everyone's condition is different. Some of our customers find total relief from 1 or 2 boxes of 10 packs and we also do have several customers with chronic bursitis that use the patches for temporary pain relief on a need to basis as they have underlying conditions that continue to cause flare-ups.

I hope this information has been helpful and should you decide to try our patches I do hope that they will offer you some relief.

Wishing you and your family good health.

Kind Regards

Customer Care

Charmaine V.
Charmaine V.

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have bought the patches and have noticed a difference especially when I do repetitive bending over. Now I don't have the pain I had it's a mild discomfort. But just wondered about the groin part I have been putting the patch on my hip. But definitely have noticed a big difference with what I was going through before. I have noticed though that when I take the patch off it is still dry is that normal. I thought that if it was draining fluid out it would be damp or something.

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