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Ostara Recruitment

Ostara Recruitment

3.0 from 2 reviews

Staff are very helpful

Ostara have been particularly effective at finding employment for me. They have been extremely understanding and courteous in coping with my disabilities. Special thanks should go to the staff for there efforts at finding employment for me.

Sloppy practice, repeated problems and blames the disabled clients for staff mistakes

Ostara are experts at wasting your time. They don't have anything to offer job seekers. As a small provider they seem lazy and unmotivated and would prefer to hang out chatting in their empty office, than get on the hunt for their clients. This apathetic attitude makes their work sloppy, they make a lot of mistakes and constantly screw up details, dates and times. But don't expect them to ever be responsible for their mistakes - it's always the job-seeker's fault of course - or they blame Centrelink. They have zero options for job seekers from my experience and make zero effort to find options. The staff are usually nice to your face but extremely "eh whatever". It appears their attitude is they believe they can't find people with a disability work, so why bother trying? One woman I had was discriminatory against me for being disabled! She was so self absorbed and thoughtless in her "approach" to me that she didn't even realise how discriminatory she was being, even though I politely asked her for respect and acknowledgement. When I rang Ostara HQ to speak about my issues faced with the office I got the generic customer service speak "I'm sorry you feel that way" but no genuine acknowledgement of just how much Ostara had wasted my time over months and months. There was certainly no mention of the backhanded subtle discrimination I faced from their worker and when I pressed for the discriminatory attitude to be recognised, I got no response. And this is a disability provider? The area manager was also supposed to call me to discuss my situation but I never heard from her. They really don't care. Just yet another window dressing not-for-profit using disabled people to gain funding and grants. Shameful.

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