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Oust 3 In 1

Oust 3 In 1

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sherriVic, 3802
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Ditch it, throw it in the bin, it is a nice smelling poison.
There are non chemical commercial cleaners available now and I will go with those.
It smells okay
It may kill germs but before you spray it, have a good read of the side of the can. On mine, the warning list is a mile long. It includes little items such as not to spray it in a room with pets such as birds or in rooms used by babies. No company will ever write such damning warnings unless there are compelling legal reasons to do that. I'm sorry, but if a spray is so dangerous that you shouldn't take a baby into the same room without airing it(and that's in the warning) then quite frankly, how good is it for the rest of us? I'll take my chance with the germs.

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It's ok


Purchased it today at Coles,325gm cAn on special at 5 dollars.
I use it for the toilet mainly,just stick a can on top and use it to spray on the seat and for air freshener in the toilet.also good for mildew.
I like the that fact it kills germs,well so it says,and that it is a spray so i can use it on matresses etc.even though i note on the can it says dont use on matresses.
There are different scents,mine was 'outdoor',and it wasnt a great smell.personally i prefer Glen20

toosh_88South East Queensland, QLD
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Would not recommended it


It's pretty expensive. And the smell is disgusting!!! I had to walk away it's that terrible. We used it for our Pet store, we usually use glen 20 and other products, only bought oust as it was on sale!! terrible do not buy it!! it stinks!
the smell was awful!
the smell!!! disgusting!

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I mainly use it in the bathroom, and when I do, I open the window straight away because of the awful smell of the deodoriser.I'd have to say the only thing that keeps me buying it is the fact that it kills the germs.
It's a 3 in 1 that comes in different sized cans. It's as easy to use- all you need to do is uncap the lid and spray.
The smell is disgusting in my opinion, so if you're going to be using it alot, make sure you like the smell of it. It's a little pricey too.

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is this product suitable for curry smell removal?

1 answer

You can try, but I doubt it. To get rid of curry smells or any other strong food smells you need to use a professional grade ozone machine.
You can hire them for the day rather than buying. Just google "ozone machine". There are plenty of web sites and YouTube clips about how they work. It's about the only solution to permanently get rid of curry smells. You can try washing walls and surfaces down with white vinegar and water. Maybe try that first before parting with any cold hard cash to bring out the big guns.

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