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As everybody would know its quite confusing buying products online but I chose Gentrax through outbax camping because they offered a reasonable generator with extra accessories like the cover and funnel
no one else seemed to provide. I never received my accessories and I need the cover its as noisy as hell.
But four times they have told me its lost in the post? Now it's out of stock and last time I rang the guy pretended the phone didn't,t work properly when I pointed out he was being untruthful in his response
he hung up on me, never got me accessories big warning on dealing with this company.

Product Quality
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Hi John, The experience you describe is definitely not one you would expect when shopping with us. I would love to take the opportunity to investigate this more and find out what has happened. I have messaged you direct to request more personal details so that I can look into this. Brendan

loving our spa

we had no problem with ordering and our delivery arrived 2 days early. We are amazed at the quality for price and LOVE our spa, we have put 3 people so far onto your site as they also want one of these.

Product Quality
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Looked everywhere for what we wanted and only these guys had it and was a good price

Looked everywhere for what we wanted and only these guys had it and it was a good price and the quality very good the delivery time was very very quick quick bought several things there now and they won’t be the last

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Sent an 80w panel instead of a 120w panel.

Bought a 120w panel in Oct 2018, used it for a 4 day trip and noticed my 130ah battery was flat, but didn't investigate as a I am a novice with solar and thought that may be expected.
My second trip in early 2019 also flattened my battery, all 4 days were bright sunshine so I figured something was wrong. Investigation showed the regulator was faulty and I replaced that, which wasn't an issue. The output from the panel was an issue though, it was 4.5amps in midday bright sunshine, which is the expected output of an 80w panel. Checked physical dimensions and they match the 80w panel that Outbax sell, not the 120w panel.

Contacted customer support and had a number of emails back and forth, I had to provide measurements and photos of the measurements. The end result was that they didn't acknowledge they had made a mistake and my panel was out of warranty.

I agree, it is out of warranty...but it's not the panel I paid for. I would expect a good company to take ownership of the issue and help resolve it, in my opinion they should've done something.

I won't use this company again, however if you do order a panel from them please make sure you have a multimeter and can measure the output when you receive it. Outbax don't provide specs on the panels and judging by ebay feedback and this site, they have a history of sending out lower specc'ed panels.

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Hi Stephen, Sorry to hear about the issue of the solar panel. On initial check it really sounds like the solar panel isn't large enough to run the requirements. I have messaged you to get specific order details to look into this further. Brendan

Product is very dangerous.

My Gentrax 3.5 kw Generator after only about 20 hours use fractured the fuel line where it exits the fuel tank, spraying petrol all over the electrics. This could have caused a lethal explosion. Given the age and hours use, I believe that the fuel line must be of sub-standard quality, and if this is the case the unit should be Safety Recalled immediately, before somebody gets injured/killed.

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Hi Chris, sorry to hear that the generator had an issue. I can assure you this isn’t common. I have messaged you to get more details and see how we can help. Gavin

I Have Not Received My Goods

It is three weeks since I ordered an Hawaii inflatable spa. I still have not received it despite being promised that it would be here by Monday 21st. The phone customer service was quick and friendly when I rang over a week ago to find out where my delivery was but did not keep their promise to call me back. The email customer service has up to now been quick to reply but still no delivery. It should not take over three weeks to get a parcel from Sydney to Canberra. I believe Outbax should not be using Hunter Express for their deliveries as that company has well over 1000 terrible reviews and only about 100 good ones. I am at the stage of wanting my money back to go elsewhere.

Hi there, really sorry to hear that you had issues with the delivery. Apologies that a staff had not contacted you back, this is super strange coming from our service team and we will thoroughly check on how that occurred so that it won't happen again. Completely agree that it shouldn't take three weeks. We are sending hundreds of items per day and we know it shouldn't take that long at all. I have private messaged you to get details of the order to check on this in more detail. BrendanUpdate: I finally received my goods, a spa and it is working well.


Have bought a few items for these guys and am always impressed with the quality of their gear and speed of service.

Follow up service

Purchased a fantastic spa through these guys on eBay, great communication and service on the initial purchase, I have had an issue with the liner, [name removed] from Outbaxcamping has done all the hard yards for me with the result I have a new liner on the way under warranty!
Couldn’t be happier with their service,
Cheers Kathryn

gentrax genny

very functional unit easy start very happy a very good seller prompt delivery bought this for a friend on a rural property they are very happy


very good good price free post arrived in good condition by courier van have not wired up yet but can not see any prodlem

Still waiting

Ordered on the 15th December, still waiting for my goods. Keep getting pushed to the courier company who ask me to contact you guys. I just want my money back now. This is ridiculous.

Hi Caryn, yes our team is familiar with this delivery detail. It is definitely a shared frustration when deliveries don't occur quickly. You can even see that we actually dispatched the order the very next business day on the 17th. The timing of the year doesn't help, 9 days of the past couple of weeks have either been a weekend or a public holiday. Our team is diligently chasing this up with HX for delivery. I'll personally monitor its progress and update you. Regards, JayIt shouldn’t take two days to get an update on a con note number. I will never be using the courier company again. And telling from all the negative reviews for them I would advise your company to do the same. Majority of your negative reviews for your company are to do with freight. It’s not good enough to still have not heard anything from your company or the courier company.

Very Good Service

I brought a pair of women's Ugg boots for my darling and delivery was quick and items exactly as described.

Good service against all odds.

I bought four solar panels, I received the wrong ones. I had to wait for quite a while until the right ones were restocked. No rush. Good communication and good panels at low prices. I had bought from them before. I now have seven panels.

Great Service 300 Watt Solar Panel

Bought a 300W Solar panel which was a great quality product.
Ended up not needing it and returned it. The process was easy and quick with a quick refund.
Thank you!

Falsifying solar panel outputs, BEWARE

I bought a 120 w folding solar panel in Jan 2018. An 80 w was delivered. I complained and they wanted me to prove it. I am an electronics engineer, it's very easy to prove. They capitulated and sent me a partial refund. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I ordered another 120w folding panel two weeks ago. Guess what. An 80 watt was delivered. I suspect they are being deliberately misleading or just just incompetent.

Hi Paul, We are most certainly not falsifying output. I have private messages you to find out more details. Regards, BrendanSo why have I recieved an 80w panel when I ordered a120w, twice!, and why do you not state the output power on your panels? And then put the onus on me to prove it's not the correct panel?Hi Paul, doesn't sound right, I would like to take a detailed look at this. It would be great if you would reply to my message direct so I can find the details. Brendan

Don't buy their submersible pumps

Hi, just 11 months after I purchased one of their 1.5hp Submersible pumps it stopped working, I lifted this thing 25 meters up out of my bore hole, I got my electrician out to inspect the pump (at my expense), he told me that it was either water ingress/ fused, so checked my date of purchase, great! only 11 months old, got on to their sales team telling them what had happened, I was told to pull it apart & "take a picture of the internals of this pump" ? So not being a pumpoligist I did as asked, and cut the main power lead since I thought it needed to be done to access the internals. However, I could not pull this thing apart. I was then asked to send the thing back at my cost! I have now been told that" They can't perform any test due to the cut wire.
Their safety is also another concern here.
The warranty is void because of this.
They also mentioned that the wire doesn't need to be cut in order to get internal access to the pump"
We can return this back to you upon your advise. However I have been offered a
Alternatively, we can issue $50 refund as goodwill gesture

Very useful item.

Works really well and keeps the battery fully charged. It is easy to use and easy to refill. Would recommend it.

Great company to deal with.

A great company to deal with.
Good products, great prices, delivered on time.
A pleasure to do business with.
I will always compare needed products on your site.

Great deals available

After scrutiny of items available on the web I settled on Outbax Camping as this seemed the best offer suited to my needs. Great price available. My purchase arrived in a very timely manner. Very satisfied.

ripped off

I irdered a 4.4 kva model assuming it was the alternator output

however i was wrong itvis the engine output.

Also to my surprise was when i tried loading the genset it cut out when 2200 watts electric jug was switched on.
In closer inspection of the name plate I realised I had been sent 2.5 kva model BEDD not the CEDD as requested on my order form

Mick from Outbax camping tokd me I got what I paid for.

I received what They sent which was not what was advertised at the price I paid.

Buyer beware of this conman

Steve WA

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Hi Steve, Sorry to hear that, the situation most certainly doesn't follow our set policies on how we would resolve problems. We couldn't find your order, and our team couldn't recall any conversation about this sort of issue. Can you please private message me some order details or what date you ordered from us? Regards, Jay

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Questions & Answers

Will the 3.5 kva generator run a 2000 watt appliance tower heater or kettle etc toaster
1 answer
Hi Randal, The Gentrax 3.5kW will be able to run a kettle toaster, etc. As a general rule you would want to check the 'max draw' of each appliance with its manufacturer; as this is not the same as what they are 'rated' at. Hope this helps. Brendan

Hi I am I terest in purchasing one of your above ground pools. But I would like a bigger filter do you have bigger filters available ?
1 answer
Hi Sharon, we can likely help you with that. Each pool does come with the suitable filter, if there is a specific filter model you like, we can see if we can get that for you. Please email us details via our website contact page, chat, or phone us.

Do you have an outlet near Ringwood Victoria? Do you also carry other components? My best contact is --> [email removed] Will look fprard to hearing from you asap. Michael
1 answer
Hi Michael, We do have a warehouse in Victoria, however we are an online store and can therefore only deliver. Yes, we keep parts for items that require maintenance, what items are you referring to?

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