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Outdoor Connection Escape Series

Outdoor Connection Escape Series

3 Plus, 4 Plus and 6 Plus
3.5 from 2 reviews

Good Tent, good features, good price.

I bought my first Escape 6 about 3-4 years ago when my 3 children were all under 6. For me and my wife and the kids it was a bit 'cosey', but only if you wanted to walk around and do stuff in the tent - not just sleep.
The Escape 6 is easy to assemble and robust enough that it should last someone that doesn't abuse it for many years.
Now that my kids are bigger we contemplated selling it and buying the Bedara Tent also by OC. After much thought we ended up buying a second Escape 6 and having a 'boys' tent and a 'girls' tent! Even have a Coleman marque that joins the 2 tents up (and yes it does take me a long time to set our camp site up!)
Robust, easy to put up and take down, compact storage. Height inside.
Flaps on the inside netting have 2 hooks to keep them up. They need either 4 hooks or velcro for their size.

Design issues

Purchased Escape 3, Outdoor Connection tent. First use, made sure read and adhered strictly to all assembly instructions. Pole assembly required threading poles through loop at centre. No loop provided but used short tapes provided to secure around poles. Clipped on inner tent and used "Velcro" tapes to secure fly. Ensured poles held in good smooth arch shape. All ties and pegging completed. After very mild weather and NO falling accidents against tent, found broken centre section of pole and on disassembling, other sections permanently bent. Suggest require say 300 mm loop section just below either side of centre on the diagonals to thread poles through. Store owner agreed to replace poles. On own inspection of Escape 6 model found the suggested loops are provided and for that larger model, are approx. 500mm long.
relatively light for cartage. flow through venting. entrance area.
bad pole system. Needs to be same as used in escape 6 model. Less room than expected for '3 person' tent

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Escape 3 PlusEscape 4 PlusEscape 6 Plus
Room TypeSingle RoomSingle RoomSingle Room
Sleeping Capacity346
Price (RRP)$199$299$299
Release dateFeb 2012Feb 2012Feb 2012

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