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Good product but rediculous recharge options

Love the packages they offer and the data is great however a downfall for this company is the recharge option via credit/debit card plus the extra fee they charge as apart of their T&C they say will apparently be credited back into your account after 10 working days, made a complaint all they said we would love to get your feedback with other recharge options which i advised other options as i also don't have 7eleven in my area either it's rediculous !

Amazing Service!

I had a very small issue with the 1st payment taken off my credit card being overcharged. I contacted OVO and they rectified it immediately and couldn't be more helpful. OVO was recommended to me by a friend who has it for her son in high school.... and it is easy to see why. They are amazing.

Great product, data consumption a little high

The service can be slow at peak times and also the consumption rate at peak hours seems quite high, when streaming on my xbox, it seems to go through data at 10x the data it should( this may be an issue with my console settings to be fair though), apart from that it's amazing value for money when you get into the higher data plans, no one else can offer data sizes like this for the price, Ovoplay is a great offer and can help when you're bored and don't want to waste data, I've switched my entire home internet to OVO and couldn't be happier, on a side note I keep seeing negative reviews for the customer service team, I think they're amazing, have helped me multiple times with various issues, one staff member even talked a 7-11 cashier (on my mobile) through the process of giving me a recharge when he was unsure of the process. Data speeds are what you'd expect


Signed my daughter up for the 1GB data plan as it was much cheaper than previous provider for the same data allowance. Her apps are all switched off mobile data and always has been to prevent unnecessary data consumption. All was going well until she watched OvoPlay for the first time one evening on her Ovo sim phone logged in through the OvoPlay app and yet it consumed all her monthly data. I contacted Ovo who said they would investigate and note any sudden data consumption by sending out a data consumption report within 5 -8 days!!!! Received the report which stated the obvious that 1048327 of data had been consumed on the day she watched OvoPlay. Contacted Ovo who said the report didn't show any inconsistencies with data consumption and that the 1048327 of data could have been used by any other app. I repeatedly informed them that her mobile data is switched off for all apps and how coincidental that something else on her phone should be a major download at the same time she watched OvoPlay. Despite this, they would not accept that OvoPlay was the cause of the data consumption as she had nothing else running in the background and was not streaming anything else. Very bad customer service putting blame on the user. Never had any issue with exceeding her data allowance before. Thanks for nothing Ovo!


Great plans and pricing, their customer service, procedures and website are a joke though. Fine if you have no issues (once you are set up anyway), but if you have an issue, there is no fun to be had.

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Product review changed the title of my review, therefore product review also only gets 2 stars.

The most useless staff

twice now I have used all my phone call allowance with out the 50% or 85 % warning each time ,
I have asked to speak to a supervisor on many occasions
they say we will give you a call back that never comes
They are dead set useless

Great mobile broadband at affordable price

We live in an area that didn't have NBN and as we didn't have phone connected, we opted for the OVO 150gb monthly plan using a router. It worked well for several months the until we were able to connect to NBN last month. We highly recommend OVO and they have an way to use app.

Really never had an issue

Used the 4g data only sim for about a year now and never really had an issue.
The odd occasion the service has been slow but 99% of the time the download/uploads speed have been decent.

Worst company ever

Absolutely ridiculous, I am a traveller and bought the SIM from post office for my two weeks staying in Aus. When I activated my SIM, it forced me to provide credit card details as I don’t have any AU identity. After a month, I found that they auto recharged $34.95 to my credit card without my authorisation. I reached out to their customer service, they refused to make any refund. I reviewed all the policy from their public website and the package of the SIM. I can’t see any terms mentioned that it will default the setting as auto-recharged if you chose to provide credit card as your identity. And I remember that I did wanted to remove my credit card details after the SIM got activated, it is no way for you to remove the credit card details. Worst company ever.

A joy after Telstra.

Much better speeds than ADSL 2 where I live in the Bush. Customer service is excellent. Love that I am not tied to a contract. When I am in hospital I can take the mobile broadband with me, so saves me money. I am a light user but easy to upgrade for just 1 month if I have visitors and then go back to the lower plan. Now can do this directly on the app, even better. Love the simple straightforward app - so easy to use. Dealing with TELSTRA was a nightmare. So glad I found OVO.

Thanks ovo

Good reliable coverage, as i travel with work, only a very few places the coverage is poor, but then again there are places my ovo work & others dont. Been with ovo a couple of years & the only thing is that if you do run out of credit you cant recharge on line otherwise it would be 5 stars.

Everything works well unless you have a concern

I just received a $100 credit card charge for OVO extras allowing my child to call oversea's. I immediately contacted OVO to reverse the transaction as its an obvious mistake and was simply told "You shouldn't have given your child the password to the app". Without the app it is not possible to monitor data usage unless your happy to wait for 50%, 85% usage messages.

After investigation it appears my child checked his data usage and put the phone in his bag. OVO flog off their extras in the data section and it's now apparent how easy it is to purchase extras such as pocket/bag dialling.

For a company that heavily advertised OVO as a great children's plan beware the lousy app design and poor customer service. This will eventually cost you more in the long run.

OVO Mobile Broadband

I have been using the OVO Mobile Broadband network for a while now as the NBN is many years away (2020-2022) in my area and ADSL is unusable due to the street underground copper cable being in disrepair. I have found their email and phone support to be excellent, even if they need to get back to you (they DO, really quickly). The speed of the service in my area is great and I have found it to be very reliable (well beyond what ADSL would get me).

No credit card equals no internet.

So yeah, I have no credit card nor want one. And it's the only payment system they have. Others accept debit cards, so I'll continue to look elsewhere that's not back in the stone age.

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Hey there, We do also sell recharge vouchers at 7-11s :) I hope this cleared up any confusion you may have had! Thanks, OVO

Recharge options don't work for me

After 20 years of loyalty to Three/Vodafone I decided to shop around to check I was getting the best deal. Came across Ovo Mobile & decided to give them a try. It has been a positive experience so far. Just about to recharge & have my fingers crossed it will continue to be positive.

Update -- While coverage was good & plan good value - the recharging proved too difficult. Based on the many bad reviews I did not trust auto recharge - so went to a 7 Eleven to recharge - but their system did not offer the $14.95. I tried the next month experienced the same. I called up Ovo customer service to look for alternate options & they did not have any. So at the end of thd 3rd month I moved back to Vodafone.

Good product, HORRIBLE costumer service

I've been using the service for almost a year now with no problems, until recently..
Basically I tried to upgrade my services through the app, but there was no useful settings for it (god knows how this 2009ish app exist in 2018.). Anyway, out of no where I got charged for data add ons twice and when I contacted the customer service they told me I tried 6 attempts on it. like who in their right mind would buy data add ons on the first day of cycle month let alone 6 tries?
Oh yes, you've guessed it, instead of investigating what might have occurred, they blamed it on me or a hacker? what on earth? Did you resurrect Steve Jobs to develop your app?

and HOW EXACTLY IS THAT A CUSTOMER SERVICE? I swear third world countries have a better costumer services than this company.

Horrible coverage!

They have awful coverage, once you're indoors, you're out.

Turned off their automatic renewal, but they still charged me for an automatic top up.

Stay away.

Internet speed is ridiculous !

Ovo wireless internet, don't bother!! I am getting downloads of .02mbps with ovo internet...dont bother, worse than dial up years ago!

The sim for teens

My 14 year old daughter has an OVO sim and it is brilliant for her and us. Cheap and she has yet to run out. Highly recommended for teens everywhere.And the Tech Support is very impressive indeed.

Ridiculous inability to change plans

Absolutely ridiculous, you can't change plans independently through the website. When you call you are told that you can only change the plan on THE DAY of the month fee. I was told to call back at the end of the month on the 20th, which I forgot to do - so waited a whole other month, remembered to call on the 20th and was told it had topped up on the 19th, that it's every 28 days (which I was not told before) so now stuck with a plan which is not meeting my needs for ANOTHER month. Farcical

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Hey Kye! Yes, you sure can!

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