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Oxford Bathrooms

Oxford Bathrooms

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Bathroom Spectacular

I would like to thank Oxford Bathrooms for doing such a terrific job on my two bathrooms. The customer service from the initial quotation right through to the construction was amazing. My Project Manager Ahmad kept me informed all the step of the way. The trades were clean, tidy & respectable. I am so happy I choose Oxford to do my renovation.

Product Quality
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Too many mistakes to mention. Just like faulty towers. Could not believe the stress that Oxford put us through. What was a simple job turned out to be a nightmare. Certainly could not recommend.

Poor service

Went into Brookvale to ask about doing a bathroom reno. I asked about the size of a sink and the lady said i should go to Harvey Norman. She said they only do reno. I said i am doing a reno - i will give them a floor and fourwalls - she said no - they do everything and kicked us out of shop. Made no sense - she was in a bad mood from the moment me and my wife walked in.
She just didn't want to ask questions or do her job. I feel she didn't like the look of us. I would sack her instantly if she worked for me.

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

What started off as a positive and helpful showroom experience - very quickly descended into a renovation nightmare once the work started. For 2 small bathrooms, it eventually took 6 months due to mistakes and false promises. The finished product is full of errors too.

We were assigned a site manager who would show up briefly then disappear, only to not know about mistakes being made by the very amateur tradespeople they contract. Error after error was met with false promises and quick-fix attempts to cover them up. All the while, the company still expects regular payments.

The site manager adjusted plans without consulting us, overlooked so many obvious mistakes it's hard to believe, and ended up shoddily attempting to repair things himself to save money. It always ended badly. The guy even left tools behind as well as a full client list with customer details just because he forgot. Talk about a privacy breech.

The contractors the assigned us were rude, messy and so amateur it was like we were part of a training program. They flooded our ensuite, blew our electricity, unknowingly disconnected our hot water, knocked through a wall (and refused to fix it), installed shower heads way too low, damaged vanities as they installed them, damaged tiles, installed a vanity on an angle so the drawers couldn't open as they hit the wall, installed a floating vanity sloping forward so everything rolled off it and, get this - went through SEVEN attempts to fit two shower screens.

At once stage we were left for weeks with a half finished job as no-one from the company would return our calls. Eventually a new site manager was assigned - who never chased up anything and had to be called constantly for updates and to get work done.

The whole thing was the worst renovation experience we have EVER had. The mistakes were too many to mention. The damages (some still unrepaired) are unforgivable. The attitudes of the site managers, management and most tradespeople were appalling. And the finished product still has plenty of issues, which we would have continued fighting over... but we had to make all the payments or they wouldn't supply certification, which was required by our strata.

Honestly, I cannot recommend avoiding this company more. If they are on your list for bathroom considerations - Run a mile.

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