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Oxo Tot Sprout

Oxo Tot Sprout

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Sturdy but you can't clean it!

We bought it because it was sturdy and looked good, and on these things it has proved itself. unfortunately unless you're willing to pay extra for new cushions, food will get stuck to the felty underside of the cushions and it can't be cleaned off. I wish we had bought an easily cleanable one.

The perfect chair

I bought this chair second hand after I very quickly regretted buying the IKEA Antilop High Chair (at least it's cheap and disassembles, so it's our travel chair now). I cannot praise the Oxo Tot Sprout chair enough.

Somehow it does not stain - it's like the crispy white tray repels colours. The straps also clean easily and the cushion velcros off for a quick wipe down.

You can't trip over it! I was constantly tripping over the IKEA chair (footprint too wide). And it's a sturdy chair so there's no fear of it being knocked over.

My baby is seated comfortably. My sister in law has a chair (not sure of brand so won't guess) which her 10 month old baby requires boosting to sit comfortably to use the tray. My baby has been able to comfortably use the Oxo Tot from first use, when my baby was just turning 7 months old (average size baby).

It has a five point harness and pommel which means baby is comfortably strapped in and you can leave the room very secure in knowing he can't possibly fall out.

It has a good back to support baby's posture.

I also love that you can change the steps but haven't had to use this feature yet.

Looks great!

Love it

I'm so happy with our highchair. Aesthetically it looks great, is easy to clean and is sturdy and comfy for my growing boy. My son loves to push away from the table with his feet, but I've never been worried of it tipping. The tray is a little messy, as water does collect in the side when you're cleaning it. But I've learnt to just shake over sink and it's not a drama.

Best thing purchased for my baby

First time mum so not a lot of experience in purchasing baby things. We had many things given to us (we even had a 2nd hand high chair to use) but I do believe that sitting at a table is an important skill to teach my baby so I wanted to buy the best high chair possible. I originally wanted to purchase the Peg Perego but the Oxo Tot Sprout was on sale at the time I was ready to buy so I just bought it after reading reviews on this Product Review website. The chair is soooo good that I feel compelled to write a review and return the favour. This chair is fantastic for these reasons: 1.Nothing sticks to it not even the harness - it appears to be teflon coated! 2.Food doesn't stain the table and I've even fed my baby lots of carrot and beetroot. 3. Very easy to clean, just a wipe with a damp cloth and the chair is sparkling. 4. Baby can't slouch so good posture at all times ( my baby is a real sloucher ). 5. The chair is as sturdy as a rock I feel 100% safe in stepping away from the chair and even if someone accidentally fell on the chair I doubt it could tip over. 6. easy to manoeuvre around the house even though it doesn't look it, it's actually light and compact. 7. Can't trip over the legs, such clever design. 8. One handed table release - again, amazing design. 9.Last but equally as important this chair looks fantastic in our home!
This chair is honestly the best thing we have spent our money on when buying for our baby. I highly recommend this chair to anyone. Note, it did take my baby a couple of weeks to enjoy being in a high chair. Also, our baby was almost 7 months when we purchased this chair, so a younger baby (around 4-5 months) might benefit from a seat that reclines as this one doesn't.

A simple, stylish and practical high chair

Bought this chair after our older one broke. When looking for a new chair we wanted one that was compact, comfortable and easily cleaned. The oxo tot certainly fits the criteria. Not only is it compact but it is the easiest high chair I have ever encountered for cleaning. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into this chair. All adjustments are easily done with seat being able to be moved forward and back. There's no tilt adjustment or height adjustment but it seems to be at the perfect height to let bub eat at the dining table with us.
We're hoping this will be the last high chair we ever buy for bub.

Best Highchair in Australia

We purchased our Oxo Tot Sprout Chair about 12 months ago and couldn't be happier. We have two children, one 6 months and one 2 1/2 years (our first highchair from another brand broke), and the number of different settings and adjustments on the Oxo tot sprout mean that you can configure it for either child, as opposed to a single use highchair that doesn't have any adjustment. I think its worth spending the extra money for this. Also its very solid! Its quite heavy for a high chair, made out of solid timber, not cheap plastic, so you can tell its very good quality and also the weight helps with anti tip issues when the baby starts banging around and moving in the chair.

We purchased ours online from Babytales, was shipped next day, they even put some bubble wrap around the box corners to minimise any damage
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Good sturdy high chair

We have a big baby that started solids just after 4 months so needed something that would support him well, as well as be practical, safe, sturdy and easy to clean. We were also after something that would grow with him and that could be used at the dining table. I did lots of research and we ended up buying the Oxo Tot Sprout online.
It came flat packed with clear instructions and didn't take me long to set up. It has proved itself on several levels, though not quite all.
It is extremely sturdy, so feels very safe, though it is heavy to move around so not very portable. Our baby has looked comfortable in this high chair from the beginning so its working well with his growth. It is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with our decor, and though it wont fit under our dining table at the highest level, this is okay as we are using the tray for now. I feel we will get more out of this chair as our son gets bigger and we can all sit at the table together.
The high chair itself is very easy to clean, but my main bugbear is that the tray itself is made of two pieces of plastic screwed together so although it is easily wiped down, if you rinse it under the tap, water can get into the inside of the tray. Also food collects in the seam between the two pieces. I would have loved to have been able to throw the tray into the dishwasher. This is the only reason I am rating this good rather than excellent.
Safe and sturdy, fits my baby comfortably and the chair itself is very easy to clean.
The tray is two pieces of plastic screwed together so if you rinse it under the tap, water can get inside it and food can collect in the seam.

Just an update a year and a half on. My son is now 20 months and still a big boy. Now we use the chair comfortably pulled up at the table without the tray and it has grown well with him, especially as it has adjustable levels. He can even climb into it (with supervision) as it is so sturdy. I did have to add some extra sticky velcro dots behind the back cushion as he started to easily pull it off, but that sorted it. I also attached a couple of self stick hooks to the back for bibs. I am still happy with the Oxo Tot Sprout chair and it has grown with my baby to big toddler easily.Another update - 4 years on and baby number two is comfortably using this high chair. My first used it til he was 3 pulled up at the table, and only stopped to allow for my second child. She is also a big baby and I am still very happy with this chair. I did get replacement seat pads in a different colour, really to freshen it up for second baby and also so the first would be less attached to his chair. Same issue with getting water in the tray but do love how solid this high chair is. Have used an ikea high chair and i prefer this one with how close i can pull the tray in.Final update! We've just passed our chair onto another family with a new baby - my second decided she was a 'big girl' and wanted to sit in a normal dining chair at 2 years old. It scrubbed up well. Only downside is the sticky velcro things attaching the back seat pad were a bit worn and covered in 5 years of crumbs!, but you could just add on more sticky velcro dots as I have over the years. It was easy to clean, and dismantle to fit into a car. Still as solid as the day we bought it, and not much wear at all. I easily scrubbed off any food stains on the underside of the padded mats with dishwashing liquid, water and a dish brush, then let dry in the sun. All the best with your high chair shopping!

Great easy to use very good looking

We chose this high chair because it can be used until age 5 and slides under our dining table like a regular dining chair which means our daughter can be part of family meals. The chair is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean! It looks great! We love that the tray is easy to remove with one hand and sits down flat which means no spills off the tray. It's also great that new cushions can be purchased if need be.
Looks great, can be used til 5 years of age, easy to clean and assemble. we purchased ours from Maceys in the U.S for a total of $285.00 with flat rate shipping off $19.90 we used a discount vpucher for Maceys which we found online. the chair is $390 + $80 shipping if purchased in Australia online

Little dissapointed

I have had the oxo sprout for under 6 months now. It was chosen over others as it looked great, wasn't too bulky and I could use for a fair few years.
It was easy enough to assemble and it great to use with the easily detachable tray. I have two issues, I wipe down the padded seating generally once a day and the material is coming away from the seat, very dissapointed as this is started to look cheap - which it def is not! Also I have had a chip come off the frame. Very unexpected as the frame is sturdy wood. For the money we paid and the period we've had the chair this is disheartening. I'd consider other products on the market.
Easy to assemble, not bulky, looks great
The durability of the padded seat,arterial peeling away. Frame chipping

Oxo tot sprout - great high chair

After extensive review of the pros and cons of various high chairs, I narrowed my choice own to an ikea hair, the baby Bjorn chair or the Oxo tot chair. I ended up buying the oxo chair for the following reasons; it looks stylish ( we purchased in the pale timber/brown colour), the seat was easy to clean, there are no sharp edges, the tray is removable allowing bub to it with us at the table, the tray is adjustable to fit his size (and he has been sitting in it from 4 months), sturdiness, ability to replace the cushions with another colour, and possible long term use given that the seat can adjust to be a kiddy chair. I'm really pleased with the purchase and will buy another or bub #2.

Cost relative to cheaper options. The chair comes flat packed and was easy for my rather to assemble but I don't think I would have liked to have done it.

Where did you purchase your oxo tot from? Buyforbabyi bought one from www.babiesnmore.com.au

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