14OxyShred Fat Burner

OxyShred Fat Burner

14OxyShred Fat Burner

89 reviews



89 reviews
89 reviews
MissMarieSouth West, WA9 posts

I love my OxyShred

I start every day with the amazing stuff! It gives me the kick I need to jump into my workout in the morning, no matter how groggy I feel when I wake up! I don't feel overly stimmy from it and it tastes great Show details
Michelle G.
Michelle G.
TayGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC12 posts

Love the flavour, unsure if actually works!

Love love love Oxyshred! I love how tangy and sweet that flavouring is and it defiantly gives me a boost in energy. I have been using oxyshred on and off for over 3 years now and although I haven’t seen any dramatic weight loss changes it really does motivate me to exercise. I think the fact you’re paying $72 for a tub of this powdered gold gives you motivation enough not to waste the product if you’re not going to work out. I always take oxyshred before a workout and it really does help me focus and get through my workouts. I recommend this product, but I cannot really say whether or not you will have dramatic weight loss results with it as I have never seen them. Show details
Shanelle Lawrence
Shanelle LawrenceSydney, NSW7 posts

Okay fat burner - Better on the market

When I first started training 3-4 years ago I loved Oxyshred but the more you use it the quicker you are tolerant to it. I find that if I use Oxyshred for as little as 1 week daily I will no longer feel a boost from it by the 5th day.
I also have never noticed an decrease in body fat % whilst using oxyshred as it is advertised as a "Fat Burner"
I do however love the taste. There is not a single flavour that I dislike and I have pretty much tried them all. Show details
LishSydney, NSW

Foul Bowel

This stuff upsets my stomach, gives me zero energy boost and tastes rather average.
I don't understand how people say it makes them jittery, i feel nothing but sore in the tummy when i have it.
Passionfruit is nice, rainbow candy was gross, and the mango.. well, thats oxypoison! Show details
Emma's mommy 2016
Emma's mommy 2016
PeterSouthwest, VIC6 posts

Does what it says on the tin

I've been using this item seasonally for the last 2 years. It works well as a pre workout and even better as a fat burner. I've never taken the full recommended daily dose and would suggest any person thinking of trying it would be wise to start with half a scoop. Show details
IshiAustralian Capital Territory2 posts


I’m new to oxy shread and ive been taking it for a few weeks it give’s a great energy boost I’m taking the kiwi strawberry and it taste good for some reason i don’t have diarrhoea or anything but the weight loss part is still the same I guess nothing changed but I’ll keep taking it for a month and Post my results Show details
Courtney D
Courtney DPerth, WA2 posts

Best way to start the morning!

I've been having Oxyshred on and off for a year now. I feel great in the mornings when I have Oxyshred, it has turned me into a morning person. It does make you regular going to the toilet, which I kind of appreciate XD. No tummy aches, no side effects (dizziness, jitters etc). Has helped me lose a few kilos consistently. Tried different flavours. Kiwi strawberry is a favorite. Passionfruit rocks too!

Highly recommend to all!

NB: people expect this product to do all the work when trying to lose weight. It doesn't work like that. You must still do your part by eating well. Show details

Christie H
Christie HSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Love this! Highly recommend

I have used many different pre workouts and I LOVE this stuff. It gives you a buzz without giving you the creepy crawlys like others do. Lots of different flavours and they all taste so good. Show details
Supplement S.
Supplement S.Hunter Region, NSW
porcelina25QLD, 450333 posts
AlmaPerth, WA
Jodie c
Jodie c

Rainbow candy take it or leave it

Rainbow candy has a slight hubba bubba after taste but actually tastes like some tropical Metamucil... it’s not great and it’s not bad...... def way better then the horrible pina colada but I still like all original flavours better but hey all you can do is try it. Not really sweet like the name suggests.

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TomMelbourne10 posts
Jess t
Jess tMelbourne

Love this product

I’ve been using oxyshred for about 2 months now and love it , I have lost 23 cms from my waist , no more snacking and gives me so much more energy for my workouts . Just about to start using oxy sleep and see how it goes , highly recommend this product for anyone who wants that extra little boost!

Nbubs1923Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC7 posts

Tastes great!

Tastes amazing and helps suppress hunger. I find that it helps boost my energy during workouts and there's a range of different flavours to choose from.

JackyCairns5 posts

Disgusting but works

Its absolutely disgusting. Kiwi strawberry is the worst. Grapefruit is a tiny bit better but still bad. They work though. The new candy flavour might taste good but they are all hard to get down and when you get to the end of the cup little pieces are left and by that point im galcing on it because of its taste. There is a promo code that you guys can use in the photo for 5% off from fat burners only, which is definitely the cheapest place for aussies with free express shipping too.


Losing eyebrows

It helps you lose and tone which is great but the downfall you will lose your eyebrows at the same time:/

FadySydney, NSW3 posts

Not recommended

I have been feeling very awkward after taking this in the morning from 2 weeks . It just feel like my blood pressure arises whenever I take this and will have a heart attack anytime . Never recommend . Doesn’t feel any difference .

Brett Campany
Brett CampanyHunter Region, NSW24 posts

Works perfectly and even better with an eating plan!

I have been on Lite n Easy and mixed with some exercise, OxyShred has helped me lose 13kg in 3 months and keep on losing it! Flavour options are great and the delivery times are really quick!

Highly recommend it! Get some!!

Laura5 posts

It works!

Guys, this product really works.

I've never believed in fat burn or pre workout and this product is just the combination of both!

Definitely is part of my diet every morning pre workout. I love it.

Emily Fursey
Emily Fursey3 posts

Great for first timers!

I found this product amazing the first time I used it however after the second and third I found it didn’t have an as great effect as another product did. I had to up my dosage and still wasn’t getting the effects.

PenegeauSouth East Queensland, QLD131 posts
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BeccalNarellan7 posts

It’s OK

It’s OK, it helps with not wanting to eat.. but it doesn’t give me much energy just I guess more mentally alert which it’s meant to I think so it’s a very standard product would buy again but was horrible. Taste was pretty nice though can’t complain there

Daniella I
Daniella ISydney, NSW10 posts

Love it

I usually take a scoop in the morning before leaving the house and it definitely keeps you more alert and focused. I love it just for that purpose but is also a good appetite suppressant too.


Good but messed with my cycle

I used to use this stuff while I was on a weight loss program and it really gave me a lot of energy, sped up my metabolism and tasted great, only problem or concern rather (it might be a little tmi for some people) is that it caused me to miss periods. I normally have a very regular cycle but while using this stuff my period would kind of disappear and that concerned me. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5, simply because I don’t know if that’s normal for a fat burner to do. Otherwise it’s a great product & I’d give it a 5

LeaSydney2 posts


Good product. Have used for a couple of months now. Thermo is great! Sweat so much throughout my workout. Initially gave a buzz then body will adapt over time. May need to increase scoop by half for an extra kick.

Tassie06Tasmania8 posts

Prepare to crap yourself

First two days I felt I had more energy and in a great mood, then i crap myself twice on day 3 and again on day 4. Literally crap my pants


Insomnia, anxiety

Took 1 scoop with water around 3pm, flavour was nice and I felt energised during my workout. However it stopped me from sleeping that night, felt anxious and jittery. Might not be a problem if you’re used to caffeine or drink many cups of coffee a day.

Apparently contains 150mg caffeine but the way caffeine anhydrous is listed on the label to me suggests it contains more (10g contains 1.25g “mood enhancer blend”, the first ingredient of which is caffeine. 1 scoop = half of that). The safety of another ingredient, higenamine, seems questionable.

Overall wasn’t worth it for me.

DianeMelbourne2 posts


I have tried the Pink Grapefruit, the flavour is fine. I am disappointed with the results i.e did not help me at all. (Only effect has been terrible stomach pains and diahorrea every morning)

I stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime but my metabolism has slowed down due to age. I saw all the reviews and decided to purchase. ( I have now learned that the majority of positive reviews are from Sales companys) I would not recommend.

AaronPerth2 posts

Amazing results!

Have been using this everyday for approximately 5 months now, with a strict diet and exercise routine and I have lost over 20kg after gaining heaps of weight being on medications for years! Really helps my appetite, burn fat and has really helped mental alertness going through university! Absolutely recommend, but don’t expect instant results!

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MelissaAdelaide2 posts

Would recommend a billion times over

Pink grapefruit is nice - not painful to taste like most. My expectations were definately met especially for someone who doesn't train alot. A great day to day aid to shred some fat. I lost around 4kg effortlessly.

Toz4 posts

Oxyshred is amazing

Oxyshred is a must have product. The flavours are all pretty good and they aren’t too strong. Oxyshred is a great way to assist with fat loss when you are dieting. It also gives you a great kick start in the morning

Connie F
Connie FAU6 posts

A great morning kick starter!

I’ve tried both Guava Paradise and Passionfruit, i highly recommend the Passionfruit flavour as it a little more easy to drink.

I take oxyshred in the morning for a bit of a kick start for the day, it helps me kick start my metabolism and helps aid fat loss.

I simply use it whilst weight training & do daily cardio. I use 2 scoops per day, one in the morning and one when I do cardio.

I do however recommend it as a recreational fat burner.



I started using Oxyshred 2 weeks ago after I had plateau following a 10kg weight loss. I take in the morning on an empty stomach then do a quick 15 min walk. It fires everything up. I have loads of energy through out the day and take a second scoop as a pre workout in the arvo. So far I have lost 8cm of fat from around my waist line. It's been amazing to see it actually work and help me in my efforts of clean eating and workouts.

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