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Ozito LGT-018

Ozito LGT-018

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We have a small back yard and front yard.
The old 2 stroke died a horrible death & a new one costed more than we could justify.
PLUS 2 stroke mix, plus line trimmer always breaking and needing replacement taking the head off and wasting loads of time over and over
Had an OZITO 4 mWH drill and could use the same battery and charger.
For the $79 we paid at BUNNINGS it is not bad at all.

HOWEVER - all previous posts are right. The OZITO blades are next to useless long term.

What we found was the BOSCH equivalent are far superior at a fraction of the price. You can get them on EBAY
If you are careful to adjust the wire head spacer you can definitely make the blades last longer and get better use out of them too. Plus changing blades out is so much more convenient and easier than line trimmer adjustment. Forget those continuous bump head arrangements. They don't seem to work for us

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Does a reasonable job for what is designed for

I bought the package deal of the line trimmer, mower and the blower so i ended up with 3 batteries and it was a better / cheaper deal than buying individually. I don't seem to have the problems of battery life some of the other reviewers have altho batteries will lose their "juice" as time goes on.Also, these are only designed to do light work such as a small yard and a verge and if they are regularly cut there shouldn't be a problem.
I will eventually get a petrol straight shaft brushcutter for heavier work but (with pole chainsaw and hedge trimmer) but that will be for heavier work that the Ozito was never designed for. Chose the right tool for the job and don't expect it to do work beyond its design capabilities.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

My garden is now very 'edgy'!

First time user of this product, went together easily, instructions clear.
Cutting abilities are adequate for edging my mildly overgrown paths, buzzed its way through the grass and some small bushes. Blades have limited life, I used half a dozen tidying my, slightly overgrown, moderately sized garden- but would anticipate less next time as there is less work to do.
One charged battery lasted for about an hour of reasonably busy usage.
Need to source replacement blades, you can get them at Bunnings, but am seeking a heavier duty replacement if I can get one.
Overall I am pleased with the product, which comes with a 5yr warranty.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Don't waste your money

The battery life is appalling. It is so true, it only last 5 minutes and takes hours to charge up. I had to purchase another one of EBay just to get a second battery. The only benefit is that it is lightweight. I need to purchase 4 batteries do a decent job in the garden.

Pity about the blades!

Love the light weight,not as noisy,but hit a small rock or wall and the blades are history.Going to try and buy some Bosch Durablades [New] 12 times stronger and quickly drill the smaller hole to fit on the ozito.the Bosch one has the one larger hole and shaped like a sharks fin. If it works will give the ozito an 8

Perfect easy to manage and fantastic

As we are women it is light and easy to use doesnt matter if we have to keep charging batteries it is worth its weight in gold getting a second one so we can both use one each. Fantastic Fantastic. Great Blades just slip them off and new ones on no cords to manage.

Batteries are rubbish, they last five minutes. It takes 5 charges to do the edges on my lawn

I have been through 3 different batteries and they are all rubbish. This is a waste of money. Buy a different brand, perhaps they are better!!!

Ozito LGT-018

Great machine wish I did this years ago but take the advice of Mel with the Bosch blades and another nut to hold :)

Light, powerful, fairly accurate, but blades system needs improvement

Bought a few days ago and on the first go, nicked a stone and one of the blades came flying off along with the fragile aluminium "nut" holding it in place (still haven't found it, or the washer).

Secured the blades with a 3/16 3/4 stainless nut and bolt and working like a dream now.

You can also substitute the Bosch ART26 blades (Bunnings $10 for 24 and better quality as opposed to the $10 for 20 Ozito blades)
Fairly accurate, gets better with use. Quiet and Powerful. Quick Charge, Light and easy to assemble
Fragile blade system (until modified), not for rough use

Light & powerful but the blades !!

We have a small garden, grass grows up to the house wall, using this Trimmer to trim the grass against the wall is nearly impossible without gouging the grass leaving a bald strip against the wall, it seems to be all or nothing. This may be down to incorrect technique but my wife & I tried and cant get it to trim the longer grass near the wall.
The machine is light & powerful, cordless is great but the fragile blades and the inability to get neat trimming against the wall is so disappointing. At the moment scissors give a quicker & neater result.
Light, cordless
Fragile blades, poor performance in trimming near to hard surfaces.

Blades the big problem

This Ozito runs well as far as the motor is concerned, and the battery lasts a good 30 minutes, the big problem is the blades keep breaking or shearing off, would have been better designed if you could fit a length of 'string', a lot cheaper, and more durable, they missed it by 'that much'!
Lightwieght with a decent motor
the blade system failed!

2 minutes

We bought this trimmer at bunnings not too long ago. We don't use it very often and the reason is the life of the battery. It lasts for a whopping 2 minutes before it dies and it needs charging again. It takes a week to do our small garden, and then we start all over again. Don't buy it, it is not worth the effort to bring it home.
The weight

Obviously there is something wrong with your battery and/or charger, take it back before the warranty runs out.It is already in the bin

Exceeded my expectations!

The woman salesperson at Bunnings said decisively "this is what you need" and she was right. Easy to put together. Charged the battery first which only took about an hour and a half to full charge. Lasted 35 minutes first use, which I was very happy with. The book says the battery time extends the more charges and uses it gets. Will run down quicker if you go "hard at it". Very cheap at $97.00.
Light, quiet, easy to use
The blades could be a little more flexible but not a big issue.

Very Happy Best trimmer i have ever owned

This thing is fantastic, being battery powered it removes the need for mixing two stroke fuel and pulling your arm off trying to get it started, i find the blades so much better than the line that conventional trimmers use, I couldn't get the Ozito brand blades but the BOSCH ones are the same and you get 24 blades for 10 bucks thats not bad in my view. the swivel head and angle adjustment makes edging easy.
Excellent tool for the suburban home!
No fuel needed, light, easy to use, blades are fantastic.

Good but?

The actual tool it's ok ; but the blades are week and to expensive every time you use the tool for 20 minutes you pay more than 5% of the value of the tool, the blades should be more durable, and less expensive , this is like all the big manufactures companies finally they go under, today people communicate each other more.
The handle
Blades too expensive and rubbish

Value for your $

This product suits my needs absolutely - trimming my vast lawn edges. i was a little concerned when i carried the box to the car - it was so light i thought it had to be a dud. It was in parts, but it went together solidly & was stable. The plastic blades were 1 of the reasons i went went this product, and it was a good move. They're much more durable than i expected but uber simple to replace when you need to.

re other reviewers problems with the battery - it needs several cycles of recharging before becoming fully charged - says instruction manual.

Loaned the whipper snipper to a mate. Still working perfectly march 2016. returned with the head brken clean off exccept for the wire running from handle to head. She said ' l didn't touch it, l did nothing.. It just fell off!'

No spare parts. Item now deleted.
lightweight, sturdy plastic blades, very easy to replace, well priced
nothing bad has happened yet...

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Ozito 18V Li-Ion Cordless Line Trimmer LGT-018

Bloody love it...after spending years wrangling with the petrol ones..this is so light weight ..goes on with a flick of the switch..and is equal to any of petol ones without the hassles of having fuel laying about..has plenty of power and does a fantastic job..top buy and cheap..wish i had done this so much sooner
Everything..easy to use, lightweight, powerful

The product I have been waiting for

This product is perfect for me. I have always had problems with the other type of trimmers as the strings keep getting cut, and I spend most of my time fiddling, rewinding and fixing the strings. This trimmer has solved all my trimming problems. It uses plastic, reusable blades, which are also cheap to replace. It now takes me one tenth of the time to trim. It is ideal for the small to mid sized gardens (my land area is about 610 square meters).

I am still using my first blades after trimming my garden for the 5th time. The battery lasts me about 20 minutes which is more than adequate for me (the first time was a bit shorter). I paid $99 for this at Bunnings.
No more strings - just blades, it is also cordless

Great, light, easy to use. Great for women.

Good little machine, but battery needs to last longer than between 5 to 10 minutes. It should come with 2 batteries, or a more high powered one.
Weight, inexpensive and gets the job done.
Battery only lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.

Questions & Answers

LGT-018 Battery is useless where can I get a new one that will continue working until flat? instead of having to rest it every minute for 10 minutes.
2 answers
These machines are only used for small lots and short grass so if you make it do more than it is meant for, yes the battery will have to charged more often. I can use mine for most of my yard and it is acreage but mowed regularly. You used to able to get the replacement battery from Bunnings but I found it is better to get a new machine as the battery is expensive. I can honestly say these are brilliant machines used the right way. Good luck.So sorry,my Ozito has packed it in,just stopped. Purchased an EGO 56v Whipper Snipper and so happy with it but a lot heavier,battery lasts 25 to 30 minutes flat out and fantastic. I am sorry I can't help

can you buy a replacement battery for the earlier model?
2 answers
Sorry.mine is not now working .battery got slightly damp as I couldn't get out of a sudden shower.Bunnings or the Ozito website may be able to help.Bought an Ego 56v Whipper Snipper from Masters several months ago. Brilliant powerful machine and edges well with Bynorm string.only fault -no carry strap and can seem quite heavy after a while,but probably not a worry to blokesI am not sure but if you can they are quite expensive check at Bunnings to see if they have or can get them. I bought a new Ozito and I find it brilliant with new features. It was a very reasonable price also.

Where does one get the screw to hold the blades in place? I hit a concrete wall and it simply disappeared!
2 answers
Sue, You probably have to contact Ozito themselves for that. Just go to their website and you can email or phone them. A lot of suppliers are not stocking this product now. Regardsthe bosch blades should have similar holes to the ozito


Ozito LGT-018
CategoryBattery Whipper Snippers
Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Release dateFeb 2012

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