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Ozito 550W OZLT550WA

Ozito 550W OZLT550WA

2.8 from 19 reviews

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Far exceeded expectations

So my morrison line trimmer died and as we are moving countries soon, I didn't want to pay a premium for another line trimmer. I bought the Ozito 500w line trimmer from Bunnings, almost resigned to the fact it would be crap. I got it home and I can say this thing runs seamlessly, even better, more powerful and easier to use than my petrol trimmer - I should have crossed over a long time ago. Our garden is not easy to tame and has thick grass which needs trimming. This puppy made easy work of the edging - I did a full 30-45 mins trimming and the line didn't break once. Seriously impressed. When ever I wanted more line due to it wearing down, you just push the button on the head and pull out a little bit more with your hand. I think alot of ppl who are complaining about the line snapping go buck wild and really attack the undergrowth, get all gung ho, hitting walls and stuff, and start snapping line left right and centre. Gentle and slow is the way, then you don't break the line and get maximum performance out of the unit. For a cheap alternative we are spoiled with this trimmer!

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $50.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Thick, heavy grass or weeds

Not bad and great price

Bought this unit to replace my old Bosch ART 25. Didn't expect much for $49, but so far it has been great. Quiet, easy to use, although heavier than ART25. I am using it on Sir Walter grass (medium size lawn) and worked fine even on very wet lawn. I will update my review in one year.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Lightweight and easy to use

Although it's easy to use as others have noted the line feed is frustrating as it does not seem to feed well. Perhaps it's that I am using a different line to what was originally in the machine. It does a good job though and being older, it;s more suitable for me than a petrol trimmer.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is perfect,

Worth your money, I would highly recommend to ladies who love to look after their garden, light in weight, eazy to work with, just need extra long extension wire bcoz its own wire is only 10 inches approx long, i am going to buy Ozito's 1000wt lawn removal tomorrow, bcoz am very happy with the performance of this edge cutter today

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Model problems

Someone bought the wrong model didn't they? There is a great range of all kinds of garden and workshop products to choose from.
Of course one doesn't have to buy anything from Bunnings.
Good product, the trimmer, for the price but why keep secret the length of line to refill the spool?

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

No good - line constantly breaks and runs out quickly.

Agree with all the criticism about the line feeder; as soon as it hits the grass, the line breaks.
There is no way I am going to fork out any further money on a new line feeder.
Why is Bunnings selling this product!
It is also too short and hurts my lower back from having to bend forward when using it - and I am only 161cm.
Also even with the guard on, it kicks up every little bit of stick and stone it can, into my face!!! Very dangerous, painful and frustrating product!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent product

I purchased the Ozito basic electric model with the wheel on it. At first it was frustrating because the pre-wound line and spool I was purchasing would break every 5 minutes. I purchased 1.6 line of different quality and now wind my own. Never breaks and trims beautifully. bought another unit to use at my mums when I do her lawns. We both have kikuyu grass so a line trimmer is a must. As a female finding this product was gold, professional results with no messy two stroke trimmer that is too big and too awkward to start and handle. I love my $50 Ozito trimmer!

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Okay, but not great - change the line!

When purchased it would not feed properly. On closer inspection, the line supplied with the unit was melting into itself, preventing automatic spooling. Ozito could have done themselves and us a big favour by supplying it with quality line. When I bought good quality star shaped line it worked well.
Have just had the spool cover break and fly off in all directions - nice, sharp pieces of plastic that could have done some serious damage had the trimmer been tilted. This part is, apparently, expected to fail. Am about to order replacement part from Bunnings. I will be very consciously keeping the unit level in future for when the spool cover disintegrates again.

Not bad, does job, cheap

Line feed works when you stop/ start, U gotta get the knack. Put in new line after doing the whole job about 4 times. I reloaded the spool with 1.6mm blue line, thicker wont fit! All these gadgets are fussy, gotta have patience.
The big deal for me, NO pulling a string to start, I gave away the petrol jobbie 'cuz no way could I pull the string, recoil starters are getting smaller, MORE pull required

Automatic Line Feed - USELESS

Used the unit twice Fed the line for 5 minutes when I stopped unit but nothing since no matter what I did. Purchased 3 packaged wound spools by OZITO. Nothing works so a total waste of money. Would not recommend this product to anyone sadly. Can no longer get a replacement spare battery for my old OZITO battery unit - was informed cost of same if available exceeds price of a new complete unit.

OZITO - A total failure in all areas.

Line won't automatically feed.

No matter what I've tried the line will not automatically feed. Have replaced cartridges 3 times and still no joy. It is not robust either and has a lot of flex through the handle when attempting to use in edger mode. Have had no problems with smoking motor however. Having to manually feed the line every minute is a huge problem. All in all a real waste of money .

Spool crumbles

Terrible product.
Spool crumbles after a few uses. There is a tag that says don't bump spool - but it seems bumping into long grass is also a problem!!
And yes, line does not come out evenly or automatically.
Ozito should be ashamed it puts out such a flawed product.

The Motor keeps on smoking!

It worked for 10seconds and the motor started smoking. had to stop it and start over and over again. I think the motor is running too fast. Any sort of a solution would be appreciated. Really disappointed. The motor is from dust free. really don't know what's wrong. It could stop working/breakdown or fire up if I keep on working. Waste of money I guess.
Could have write some pros if it worked for more than 10 seconds.

APPALLING What ever you do donnot buy this rubbish

Used this trimmer twice and only for about 20 minutes each time and the whole thing fell apart Pieces flew off and in fact I believe it to be dangerous.When it worked it did trim the Lawn but certainly not in a professional way.took much effort to achieve an even trim.

Horrible unit! DO NOT buy if you want to trim edges effortlessly

If you like to really sweat it up and put in the hards yards whilst trimming your lawn edges, then the Ozito Line Trimmer is for you!

Honestly, don't bother wasting your money.
Your better off with a $99 petrol jobbie.

This unit is probably ok with a very small yard (very small) or very thin lawn edges. I need to go over my edges like 4-5 times before im happy with them. Needless to say, i much prefer my Stihl unit.

It was given as a gift so can't complain too much, but don't bother using your own cash.
Useless, not enough power, line just keeps snapping (way too thin), way too short

Fantastic value

After using petrol trimmers for years, & getting so sick of keeping fresh fuel mixes & troublesome starting,this electric trimmer is a breeze! Lightweight too (great with my troublesome shoulder). Sure it's not as heavy duty as the 2 stroke trimmers but the ease of handling it means you can take that extra bit of time & still be feeling the better for it.
At $49 I thought "why not give it a go?". It's so lightweight & a breeze to use. Yep, you've got to contend with an extension cord dragging behind you but it's better than pulling vainly at a starting cord & standing in a cloud of smoke! The great thing about this trimmer is the job it does with edging. I have tried all sorts of attachments, etc with petrol trimmers & nothing comes close to how easy this machine just flips over & runs along an edge. We have a double nature strip at the front of our place which I used to do with a shovel as nothing else got a good enough result for me. This trimmer did the 60 odd metres of edges in less than 1/4 of the time at about 90% quality. The line feed has been fine - I've not had any of the problems experienced by others.
The handle is quite short. I'm not tall (about 5'8") & I have the handle fully extended & it still feels short. The line feed works fine but you have to wait till the head actually stops for it to feed properly which can be a little time consuming & frustrating. Obviously this is not a heavy duty item but if you consider the price & where it fits in to the overall scheme of trimmers, this is a little ripper!


I have and have used all sorts of brushcutters and line trimmers. The Ozito 550w trimmer is one of the very few electric line trimmers that actually work. I have had mine for 2 years now and no problems. No bump feed or tangled lines, converts to an edger in seconds and is a breeze to use. Every now and then the line wont feed, it's an easy fix with pushing the button on the cutting head and pulling the line then away you go. I'd recommend this unit to anyone for hassle free trimming !
It Works, Does what it's supposed to do. A joy to use !
Apart from extention cord, nothing !

Over engineered unit that does everything correctly except trim grass

Bought the Ozito unit to replace a Black & Decker unit that had worked without fault for over eight years until auto feed system packed up.The Ozito unit does not feed out the twin spool cord evenly.One will feed and the other will be retracted into the spool.Tried turning off then starting motor to feed out as per the instruction but that does not work.With the over engineered guide wheel and metal flip down guard it is impossible to get a close clean cut. We have only used the unit about four times and the cord has alredy run out.If you want a unit that means you have to stop and feed the cord manually every few minutes this is the one for you.
Looks good and on specs and Ozito reputation should be good value
Just does not do the job it is supposed to do.


Lightweight, quiet and reliable small garden trimmer which gives you maximum results. Easy to use having adjustable handles to suit personal preference. Top value for price which includes a safety guard.
A great lightweight and versatile trimmer which anyone can use. It has full power which can be used for small to medium sized areas for trimming and edging to create a manicured looking garden. Complete with Automatic line feed and a handle which can be adjusted to your own personal preference. Includes a safety guard and fitted spool and line. Easier to start than petrol models and a lot quieter to use. Great value for money.
Dragging an extension cord around which is a potential danger

Questions & Answers

How much are they worth these days
No answers

Can I get a refund on this product as I have never been so frustrated in my life having to stop every 5 seconds to reload the spool. I am not happy and after reading the reviews it seems that this is a product flaw?
No answers

How do l change the line?
1 answer
Follow the instructions, not easy, you need to do it 4 or 5 times to get the idea. If it is not coming out you did wrong way, sorry I cant write down how, maybe someone wil do a video


Ozito 550W OZLT550WA
CategoryElectric Whipper Snippers
Price (RRP)79
Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Release dateJan 2010

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