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Ozito PCS-305

Ozito PCS-305

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Very hard to start - Used only one day and just gone into pieces by itself

It is very hard to start unless you are a very strong man. Has taken back 4 times because it is very hard to start. They refused to refund or exchange (bunnings ). Few days ago while I am cutting a small tree the chain and the chain bar suddenly came off. Never buy this one again.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Has performed much better than expected

I was after a very small saw to do a lot of pruning work of branches between 10cm and 20cm diameter. My stihl was too large to be safely used and buying this saw was cheaper than hiring an arborist saw for the job. It ran without an issues and cut through green wood without any struggle and all up i'd say I did about 12hrs run time with the saw. A year on I pulled the saw out to do some work and it fired up no problems, even with the year old fuel in it (mixed with fresh fuel)
Before purchasing this saw I did look up some reviews and even asked the guy at bunnings if any had been returned and he said 1 had out of 2 pallet loads. One problem that does seem to be constant is the fuel lines perishing. Mine are still ok but for those having problems with the lines try searching youtube for "How to replace fuel line on 25cc chainsaw". It looks to be the same saw in the video and may help others.
My suggestion would be to use good quality fuel, never use ethanol blended fuel and make sure you mix the oil at the rate the instructions state.
Whilst this is not a saw that I would suggest for cutting a winters worth of dried larger diameter firewood, it is great for most forms of green wood cutting and smaller dried wood

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent little gem

I bought this chainsaw last week from Bunnings. I have just done 2 metres of firewood, red gum and yellow box in one day. It cut up to 30 cm in diameter, used two fuel refills and oil. Easy cold and hot start. Didn't miss a beat. Good for small jobs.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Parts are impossible to get

I bought the saw about a year ago, and to be fair, it starts well and cuts nicely. However, the little tensioner screw on the outside became burred and I couldn't tighten the chain. Ozito, for some bizarre reason, don't make this part so the saw is useless. I wouldn't buy another one.

Great powerful lightweight chainsaw

Best chainsaw ever. Low price and good customer service. Easy to operate. Super powerful and easy to cut. Can't have another choice except this one. You can't believe how great this is. Highly recommended. No regret on buying. Small and lightweight yet super powerful. A must have for your garden.

its very nearly almost similar to being just about like a real one

Got mine used, parts or repair, was a bit of a bargain as it turned out. The prev owner hadn't been able to start it since day two 3 years ago although he had since tried often enough. Not a scratch on it and the chain not even showing signs of any use although the 3 year old twigs and leaves from day one were still clogging the clutch cover. The thing floods really easily if the pump and/or choke are over used. Once that was realised, a tune up, and normal chainsaw techniques applied to starting it plus some lovely fresh pulp 25:1 and it behaves just like a real one. Once warmed the string only has to come out half way once and it's off again. On the plus side it is so light and not real loud it is a pleasure to use. On the down side it is fussy on the low needle settings so someone who knows what they are doing should be taking care of that. The build quality is nothing like a pro saw but that's why it is light and cheap. It will be interesting to see how much service it will do with proper care and feeding.

For $89 I honestly wasn't expecting much, but was plesantly surprised.

Ok, so I needed a small & compact chainsaw/pruning saw to keep in the back of my 4x4 purely to clear fallen branches from fire trails when I was camping/hunting in State Forests and this little saw seemed to fit the bill. Not only did it perform that job flawlessly by starting quickly every time, being easy to use one-handed and running like a top but it has also excelled at processing firewood, cutting through seasoned hardwood logs far bigger than the bar itself. At this stage it has probably put in 15 hours of full-throttle medium to heavy-duty work without problems, and I have only sharpened the chain once so far (mind you, I am aware of the saw's limitations due to it's small size so I take my time on the tough-stuff in order not to fry the motor and blunt the chain).

Was really only expecting this cheap saw to be a light-duty, 3 or 4 use throwaway however it has continued to function flawlessly and has actually smoothened-up & gained power as it has run-in. As others have said it will leak chain-oil after extended storage, particularly if it's placed on it's side bar-down and I have read that the fuel-lines can wear prematurely after a year or so however that's an easy $2 fix if you're handy with a spanner.

Awesome baby chainsaw

Bought this beauty for $99 and was told it's for small jobs only. Well, she started like a dream and within a couple of hours, had made mince meat of 5 very well established trees. The trunks of 4 were nearly double the width of the 10" bar. Chain came off 3 times, was easy enough to pop back on but the 3rd time I'd totally stretched it. Again, it was an easy fix. Love, love, love this little baby!!

For the $$ you can't go wrong

Paid $65 the fact it started made it worth the money the saw is cheaply made as expected for price the saw badly needed tuning which requires a special tool or be handy enough to modify the carburettor once tuned correctly the saw ran like a dream for the normal home user with no chainsaw experience the tuning. Won't matter as after they will blunted the chain and kept cutting until the bar is destroyed and will be cheaper to purchase a new saw.

quite agree

Second one I bought had bum oiler got replaced and so is replacement, will try the above and leave on side today.. Bloke at bunnings said mine was first one returned.. They are a great machine, bought number two for $68, now they are $108 again.Whoever designed it gets my thanks, great light saw.

Danger, bad batch of oil pumps

Two of these saws I purchased this week have had defective oil pumps . No lubrication whatsoever goes to the chain and bar . The smell of burning metal is horrendous . I could recognize the problem , others with less experience may not . At the least you will be left with a useless saw , however , if the saw is used with no lubrication the chain will overheat and fail potentially causing serious injury to the operator .
Check this saw if you have bought one and ensure the oiler is working .
I personally think that Ozito should recall the entire batch and make sure they work before re releasing them for sale .

Update on this saw . I bought a third ! yes perhaps silly but when working they are a fabulous easy to use, powerful, one handed pruner . This saw had exactly the same problem , no oil to the bar even after ten minutes of running time . I decided that for $108 I would try to find out what the trouble was myself . I filled the oil reservoir as before but this time left the saw on its side , oil cap off and waited overnight . I replaced the cap and on starting the saw pumped oil very well . The oil pump obviously does not self prime , a little Vaseline within the pump when new would solve this easily . So if you do buy one try leaving it overnight while any air inside the pump has a chance to be displaced by oil . As others have noted Ozito is useless at returning e mails and worse than useless over the phone . Bunnings' staff have been very helpful at all times . A further update now three years on . Frequent use as a back up saw at my farm has seen the originally supplied chain wear out and slip off the bar with annoying frequency . I sourced a good quality American made aftermarket replacement chain from an independent supplier . For half the cost of the ' correct ' replacement chain from Bunnings I got three new ones delivered free , the difference in quality is extraordinary . The replacements are almost twice as heavy and the teeth much higher . Once fitted the saw felt as if it was cutting at twice the rate as previous , less kickback and certainly faster and cleaner cuts . Not really due to the chain being new either , after cutting the branches off a fallen Blue gum for days the chain sharpened easily and quickly more than 11 times . It is still as good as new and hasn't stretched excessively as did the original . To make this already good saw even better get rid of the cheap and nasty chain and buy a good one , you won't be sorry .

I got a lemon

I have previously bought an Ozito petrol chainsaw and several families used it and it worked like a dream till I gave it away and bought another one. And I’ve had no troubles with other Ozito products.

But 18 months ago I bought a new Ozito petrol chainsaw and it has been so much trouble that I wouldn’t lend it to a friend or relative. When, after a few more months I took off the bar to clean and couldn’t get it back together I took it back to Bunnings and they couldn’t fix it either. I then took it to Andrews Bros. the speciality lawn machine repairer in Maroubra. They put it back together but said that it was a “lemon”.

I used it for another 9 months before I needed to clean it but after I did I couldn’t get it back together again. I had a tree lopper do the chopping job and he spent about 20 minutes fiddling and he couldn’t get the chain saw back together either. As it is over a year old Bunnings doesn’t want to know me.

I’ll email Ozito and tell them my issues.

I’ll keep you posted on what Ozito does. Then you’ll know if Ozito stands by its products or not.

May 7th 2015 Update:
I have a problem with my Ozito chainsaw - but it's more a problem with Ozito.
I emailed and wrote a snail mail letter to Ozito complaining about the product.
One month has gone by and Ozito hasn't bothered to contact me.
My last review, titled: "I got a lemon" and giving Ozito a "Terrible" rating was read by 129 potential Ozito customers.
Do you think that Ozito bothered to contact me even after I emailed them a copy of my Product Review - naaaah - they don't give a rat's arse once you've spent your money on their product. No after sales service at all.
I took the chainsaw to Bunnings and they didn't have a clue how to get it to work.
Great service Ozito.

Ozito cheap cheery Chiness chainsaw

My missus bought herself this chainsaw two years ago, it was light and cheap so she was happy with it though she was to scared to use it. She has a Coonara wood heater and she had no wood to burn so we took the Ozito out on many expeditions and it has cut two winters of firewood, many cubic meters worth and it didn't miss a beat. It has even cut logs two times the size of the bar, i couldn't believe what this little saw has cut.

Starts nearly first time every time, hot or cold.

The only issue that we have had was getting crap into the fuel tank that worked it's way into the carby and blocked the fuel flow. Took it the local repairer and was told that they wouldn't touch it because Ozito don't sell parts for them. I went and bought a Stihl with a bigger bar because we thought it was time to throw the little terror out. But it was a very easy job to pull the carby out and give it a clean out and now the little Chinese Ozi is working just like a new one.

Keep the chain sharp and don't flog it cos for the price it's been an excellent little saw.

A lucky dip

I purchased my ozito from bunnings at first it was ok to start with, i used it to trim branches and cut some fire wood neat little saw i thought, but after awhile it became harder and harder to start finally it refused to even cough. Took it to a mower shop expecting some thing easy to fix but was told too expensive even if parts were available. 14 months old with very little use now in the bin.

Excellent Chainsaw

I purchased this chainsaw from Bunnings for $99. I initially was looking at something a bit bigger but the sales guy recommended this one based on his feedback. It took me ages to get it started, I mucked around for about an hour before giving up. I nearly packed it up to return it but I decided to wait a while and try again. Finally I got it started but it wouldn't idle. It cuts nicely, light and easy to handle. After about half an hour of use the motor loosened up and it now idles fine. It also starts really easy now too. The motor just needed time to run in.
The real test for this cheap chainsaw came when we were hit by Cyclone Marcia. I had trees down every where both softwood and hardwood. I cut up a fallen tree on my neighbours house, it was an African Tulip and was a bit thicker than the Ozito's bar. The Ozito didn't miss a beat and I really worked it during the cleanup. The secret is keeping the chain sharp and lubricated. the chain bar oil gets used up pretty quick so keep the reservoir topped up. You have to remind yourself that this is a cheap Chinese made product ($99 really!!), so treat it carefully, keep it serviced and it should last. I recommend this chainsaw, its a bargain.

Great little Unit.

A Great little Unit starts easily, Performs great, lght weight, and very economical. You could use it all day has a quality Chain and Bar. Recomend to anyone! never even changed or cleaned the spark plug.

I haven't had it kick back, or jam.

Also comes with a fool proof petrol Oil mixing container,

It leaks Chain Bar oil! you need to put it on a Drip tray.

Great little chainsaw

I bought this chainsaw in May 2013, have cut dozens of cubic metres of firewood in that time & it's still going strong. It never fails to start, 2 or 3 pulls from cold & 1 when warm. It's light, & it's small size allows it to sit comfortably across the the footwell behind the passenger seat in the car (VR Berlina wagon). I have easily cut logs up to 300mm in diameter as long as I haven't tried force it to cut too fast. Anything up to about 150mm diameter is a breeze. Would recommend this to anyone wanting or needing a small chainsaw.
Small size, light weight, inexpensive, reliable, good fuel economy.

Completely useless

Bought this small chainsaw to do take out some small trees around the house. After much experimentation I've discovered the secret to starting it is to turn the choke on, pull start about 10 times, then switch the choke off and pull start & immediately give it full gas. It will only run for about 10 seconds after that before the process has to be repeated. Worst thing I've ever bought. I ended up using a hand saw
Nothing, although to be fair the bar itself is probably OK. Just the motor / drive is useless.
Horrendous to start, stops after about 10 seconds. Generally the most useless thing I've owned.

my 1st chainsaw

Hmmm I ponder surveying the yard one evening .... maybe I should buy a chain saw & turn a few days work into a few hours work....
Need twine for the trimmer.Will have a looksee down the other end of the aisle at the stuff down there.

Picked up the electric one.weighed a ton.
Picked up the petrol one light as a feather.
Got lucky & was asked "can I help you?" by an old geezer who knew exactly what's what.
A fellow shopper who was an expert in all things chainsawing in he's own mind was directing me to one 4 times as much.
Old geezer won out in the end and it did exactly what he said it'd do & exactly what I wanted it to do.

And now I have a chainsaw in the shed in case of emergencies.

win win
easy to use,safe,time saving

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the little 305 is a great saw iv flogged mine for years and its still going strong--got a fright tho went to buy another one as a back up but as soon as they hit the shelves they are gone ---but theres 15000 on the way so grab one quick cause they wont last long

Questions & Answers

What size chains do theses have as have to replace mine thx
1 answer
Hi Jo, look for 3/8LP 050 45DL specs... For a 12" bar. If search google for that you will find them. I tried my local mower place but they didn't want to help as I didn't buy the saw from them so found the chain online

I have a ozito 350 chainsaw but I need a bar cover can I get one
No answers

How to replace split fuel primer? thank you.
1 answer
I haven't had to replace mine yet but if you have been able pull the saw apart or gain access to the primer bulb, take it out and head to a mower shop and they should be able to supply one. Most of the time this part is a generic one size fits all piece. If you need more help search youtube for "How to replace fuel line on 25cc chainsaw". This saw is basically the same and the video will guide you through the process of dismantling.


Ozito PCS-305
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Bar Length31 cm
Engine Displacement25.4 cc
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateFeb 2013

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