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Leaked on my mates couch

I brought a bottle of shower Power and the lid was not put on correctly. It leaked through shopping bag onto my mates sofa. Hopefully it doesn't leave a stain.

Have you changed the formula? It's terrible!

We've used this product for years also and the new bottle is clear not yellow. It's absolutely useless! The shower is not clean like it usually is after using Shower Power. I applied it 3 times using more each time and it's as if I didn't clean the shower at all.

Changed ingredients? ?

Ive used shower power for years and found it the best on the market. Last week i bought a new one to find the liquid clear not yellow as it usually is, have you changed the ingredients? Because i found it absolutely terrible and will never use it again.

Have not use your product for awhile!

Very happy with results!! Will be buying more in the future!
Our shower screen looking cleaner and clearer for sure!
Getting rid of soup scum ...it works!
Well done ! Shower power!

Waste of money

Bought this product thinking I have finally found a product that works. Was very disappointed with it supposed to work in one min. that was a load of rubbish even tried leaving it on longer, that was a waste of time. In the end had to go back to the way I was cleaning which in future will be doing.

Will cause damage to your tiled shower

Will shrink and crack your silicone sealers and tile grout. I found this out the expensive way after getting a builders bill for $ 2,800.00 to repair damage he said was caused by this product.
His advise to me was DO NOT use any form of chemical cleaners in my new shower.
Shower power is costic you only have to smell the strong acidic vapor .


I have tried numerous cleaning products in the past and nothing has ever got my shower screen clean. This worked first time, with no effort. Its a simple as spray and wipe. Brilliant

Good enough to clean the shower.

Using this product still requires some scrubbing but leaves the shower nice and clean after a good scrub though. Smells good. Probably won't go back to another shower cleaner and stick to this one.

Daggy ad and packaging, but it really does work!

Best shower cleaner I've used- cuts through soap scum with ease! I like that it's made with orange oil and doesn't contain chlorine, ammonia or phosphates and is readily biodegradable. The citrus smell is strong, but not unpleasant (or toxic-smelling like some other cleaners!) I wish they'd update their packaging and those awful ads! But, the product is great, regardless of the packaging- I'm very glad I tried it!


It just doesn't work like you say it does, I sprayed my shower floor and walls with it waited for time and cleaned off but mould still there, it says on bottle instant results, fraid not

Love it

I have used previously Shower Power and was very happy with it. I have just tried the new fragrance Lemon Myrtle. I don't like it. It makes my shower smell like a toilet cleaner has been used on it. Am I going to be able to again use the old fragrance.

Probably the only thing John Laws and I agree on

Yes this actually works.
I was dreading cleaning my shower due to the 6 months of accumulated soap scum. I followed the instructions (spray on, wipe to an even film, leave for ~60 seconds, wash off) and was extremely happy to see that I only had to lightly scrub (more like wipe a few times) some of the worst accumulation at the base of the shower.
In this day and age finding a product that exceeds your expectations is unfortunately rare. Top show OzKeen.


It works so well! I have bought so many products that havent worked and was amazed at how well this one works! Smells much more pleasant too!

Does What It Says!!!

After using bleach products and smelling myself out of the house, was searching for a much better way of cleaning my bathroom and shower.. ozkleen website come up in a search on google.. i bought the bottle and was amazed, it smells a lot nicer that bleach products and it actually does what it states on the bottle, unlike a lot of other chemcals that are just all hype!
cleaning power and fragrance

Great Product

I love this product. I use it in my showers, bath, toilets and basins. It actually works and doesn't leave that awful chemical smell. I love that it is environmentally friendly, but that isn't why I buy it. I buy it because it actually gets the job done. Hardly ever have to scrub or anything.
It works, environmentally friendly, better for my family, easy to use.
Bit pricy. Trigger/nozzle isn't great.

Brilliant product that "actually works" like it's boldly proclaimed on the bottle.

I bought this pump-spray product in an attempt to clean-up after the mess that was left from a competing bright purple and pink aerosol product that simply dribbled from the can and did almost nothing.

This Shower power stuff actually amazed me.
I sprayed it on, left it a couple of minutes wiped it off the glass and chrome with a shower scouring sponge and the result blew me away, the chrome shined and the glass was completely mineral deposit and streak free without the endless scrubbing, it just dissolved and wiped off.
It's smell was that of a cleaning product but was pleasant.

It's not a bleach product so doesn't work that well with ingrained mould but it's so easy to quickly spray on and wipe that I haven't had the mould ever since either.

It's also an excellent toilet cleaner brilliant on the handbasin and I also must give it a try when cleaning stubborn spots on my car. Highly recommended.
Effective, easy to use, good consistency, smells pleasant, coloured helps when rinsing product and scum away.
Can make the floor and hands slippery until ti's all rinsed away.


Shower power is the best bathroom product I've ever used , but I'm so annoyed that every time before my bottle is finished the trigger spray stops working most annoyed !! Please get someone to look into this , it's great for everything even walls , I can't write anymore about this product please.
Cleans quickly
Trigger spray cuts out

Best Shower Cleaner

I discovered this product after many attempts to find something capable of cleaning my 30 year old bathroom. I had tried every cleaner out there and this was the only cleaner that I could just spray it on and leave it, give everything a light going over and then rinse off. There are no harsh fumes and it leaves everything "sparkling" (chrome, tiles, grout and glass!). This is a must have if you HATE scrubbing!
Nice smell, no fumes! Works well with minimal effort!
I use a lot of it so it can be expensive

Magical shower cleaner!

I decided to give it a go to this product despite of its price. When I got home I went straight to the shower to try it, I must say I didnt have any hope, so I spread with a sponge as directed, waited 1 minute, I rinsed and it looked clean, but i wanted to wait a few more minutes until dry, because with other shower cleaners that Ive tried before, usually the scum seems to reappear. When back to shower to check, it was absolutely clean, scum and soap was gone!! I was so impressed that I called my boyfriend to check it himself!

No way !

I have tried powders , creams , calcium remover, wire wool, industrial shower cleaners , bleach, you name it, nothing would get the scum off my 15 year old glass shower screens, it's as if it was baked on hard!!! Enter Shower power! Spray on, spread it around a bit, no rubbing and absolute no effort, the scum is gone! Unbelievable!
No effort required,

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Questions & Answers

Is shower power safe to use on ezy clean treated shower doors?
2 answers
I have a glass shower screen and no problems with ozkleen cleaner. I suggest that you read the labelSo has your glass shower door been treated with ezy clean technology by metro glass or similar?

Is shower power good for septic systems?
3 answers
Sorry, I have no idea.I would believe it would be as there are no harmful chemicals in it, It states on the bottle that it is safe for septic systems. Hope this helps.Yes it is! I too have a sceptic system as well grey water, so I research a lot of products before I use them. Thankfully, this brand does :-)

I would like to know the ingredients in shower power?
2 answers
Hi, there are no ingredients listed on the bottle, however it does say that it is Citrus Fresh and enviro friendlyThe SDS is here: http://www.ozkleen.com/assets/files/Shower%20Power%20Citrus%20SDS%20v1%20May%202017.pdf That is for the citrus version. Citric acid (1 - 5%) Lactic acid (1 - 5%) Ethoxylated alcohols (C9 - c11) (1 - 5%) Orange oil (1 - 5%) The rest I assume is water. The SDS for the lemon myrtle version is different - hence maybe why it doesn't work as well - as per some of the reviews here.


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