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Has anyone ever had a problem with one of the zippers with the oztent? One of our zippers (ex-5) does not close anymore, and we have no warranty. Any ideas/experience how to repair? Oztent Company wasn’t helpful at all, they never answered
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Plenty of caravan or canvas places can do this repair.Drifta or Southern Cross Canvas can help.No - I've never had a issue. All depends on where you live , but there are OZTent agents all over Aust. But won't be hard to fix & I'd guess not a lot of $$...

Does the RV 5 tagalong fit a 2.5 Rino awing
1 answer
The RV5 is 2.6 metres wide, so it will have 50mm overlap each side

Anyone slept 5 people in to RV-5? how comfortable was it?
2 answers
Two adults and 3 kids is no problem. It is 2.6 metres wide.I have not, but you could - but it would be a bit tight. A mix of 2 adults / 3 children would fit better.

Will it fit in a car boot?
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Has anyone had a pooling issue on the roof when all peak panels are in place.?
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Hi, do you mean on the front awning ..? if you send me your email address I can send you a photo of mine set up - no pooling problems. You can get a little " run off" on the front awning at the centre of it ( lowest point) I use to put a bucket under it to capture the water that I in turn used for the solar shower. Another option I've used is to put a ridge pole on the front to spread the run off & give it a bit more strength. That works well. But if rain is coming & I need a little extra washing or shower water the capture method has benefits. Cheers Shane.Thanks Shane for your teply. The pooling issue was to the right side of the awning toward the front edge. To stop it by lowering the awning needed to be lower than the hieght of a child. I was so disappointed with the tent I returned it and am looking at other ideas.

Why did water pool on the downside of my peaked side panel shaped roof? I thought the slope would have been enough for it to run of?
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If you tighten the peak by pushing up the poles tight the water should run off. Also, always buy a fly with your main Oz tent room. We attached it and just left it on since, it rolls up when you want and folds away, no need to ever take it off.

Can you zip the RV5 directly to a foxwing awning?
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Hi Andrew, I'm not sure what a fox wing awning is ...? if its a waning off your 4WD - No I would assume not. Best check with Oztent or a distributorYou can zip both rv5 and tag along onto a fox wing.The tagalong isnt a stand alone tent though so no good for a home base setup while touring during the day

Do you need to season the oztent before use?
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Yes you need to spray the canvas with water.

What is the length of the single room 22kg tent in its carry bag?
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Hi Happy, The soft bag is approximately 2m long with the tent inside.

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