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OZtrail Easy Fold Stretcher Tent

OZtrail Easy Fold Stretcher Tent

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I like to sleep in a dry bed not swimming

dislike to water
won't even keep the frost out.
not very happy with my product.
I wish I had got a better product for how much it was.
I wish I went for another product

Purchased in July 2018 at Tentworld for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Almost a must have camping product !

The Oz trail Stretcher tent is almost there as a dominant camping must. I really like the product idea but no one as yet can make a decent QUALITY product. The Oz tent version didn’t really offer any advantage to me (heavy, Pricy, not canvas). Their cotton lightweight canvas is covered in a rubber type material removing breathability and making it hot as soon as direct sun hits it. Based on this I went the cheapest option. My number one camping rule is travel small and light. The Oztrail stretcher tent is the smallest and lightest available if you call 12.5KG light. The product should be made out of aluminium with a proper canvas option or upgrade.
The videos of setting up on beautiful green grass or on carpet are false advertising in my opinion. Putting the unit on its side on dirt and sticks etc (a proper camping site) will almost guarantee to put holes in the fly mesh…The first time I set mine up was on the beach and the beach sand went through the mesh.

Folds up to the size of a large chair using minimal space (fits behind the back seat of a car)
Comfortable to sleep on (with a quality air mattress)
Water proof (from experience it works well in moderate rain)
Can sleep with mesh only or waterproof fly over
Your off the ground making getting up in the morning easier

Wont fit in the bag supplied
The material is synthetic and makes noise every time the wind blows (if you’re a light sleeper the fabric noise will wake you up)
The zips are situated in the wrong place to the sides (I question if someone actually laid down and worked out proper zip placement because it is totally wrong) (I climb in from the back now)
The mesh is cheap, weak and any misuse will make a hole in it (like setting it up in the bush on its side)
The zips are too small and not robust enough for a child or young teen to use ( they will get it jammed in the material or tear/ruin the zip)
Doesn’t block out any light in the mornings

If you want a one to two night option get this product, but be very careful how you store it. If you need a 3+ night accommodation I would get an Oztrail easy fold single jumbo stretcher and a quality canvas swag. A swag will breath, the canvas will be dark in the mornings and you’ll sleep better. For this reason I have both.

Excellent for fair weather camping - hopeless in the rain.

I bought mine last year as I was going on a 9- week (December to early February) camping trip (Perth - Brisbane -and back across the Nullarbor. I’m female, have a small sedan car, and travel alone. My camp set up included an awning attached to roof racks on the car, the Stretcher tent, 2 solid walls for the awning and a ground sheet.

I had had a 2-week trial run with the Stretcher tent before, in October 2016 - to the Goldfields - and I realised I would need some sort of mattress and bought a single, self-inflating mattress.

Now the Stretcher tent: on the first night crossing the Nullarbor and free camping I decided to do the “quick thing” and just use the Stretcher tent - no awning or complicated camp set up. In the early hours it started to rain. And it didn’t stop for the next 5 days! That 1st night the water pooled at the foot end so much that the canvas stretched and was low enough to touch my toes. That broke the water seal. No solution. It kept on raining and the tent kept on leaking. Everything was wet. I packed up in the predawn greyness and left.
After that I made sure I set up under cover - the Awning plus sidewalls - at any sign of rain. But that’s a hassle I had hoped I might avoid. So rain ?? Not so good ❌

How about when it’s cold? Well the air circulation is really good but - on the first trip I had some very cold nights. There was a lot of condensation on the inside of the fly. After two overcast days and cold nights my sleeping bag started feeling decidedly damp. Drying my sleeping stuff became an issue.

What about heat? In 40 degrees and high temp nights I found it impossible to sleep with the fly on. So ended up pegging cotton shawls to the sides for privacy and whatever breeze was around and slept (almost) under the stars. My little battery operated fan was a godsend. The “no seeum” mesh keeps everything (except the rain) out.

It’s been 8 months since I last went camping. Memories of rain and wind .....Urggh. Sookie, I know. The Stretcher tent is Still an excellent sleeping arrangement, but. It’s Very light and easy to put up, yeah! Time to hit the road again.

Loving it

I've been trying a few different camp setups over the last few years with a desire for quick and simple. I've tried instant tents, pop up tents and swags. I love the Blitz tents for room and sturdiness and still have one in my collection but the size and weight are prohibitive. I have a 3 man "popup" tent for when the better half travels with me but I hate crawling on the ground. This is also the reason I tried and failed the swag along with the horrible thin mattress and cumbersome packing up. This Easy Fold stretcher tent is how it sounds. By the time you figure out what you're doing, it's up. It can be a little fiddly fitting the fly until you figure out to unzip the end flap. There's no mattress so I add a single air bed or self inflating mattress for comfort. I've had it wet and have had no leaks although not directly in a downpour. I set up under an awning and had quite a bit of rain blow in fully wetting the fly to the point of pooling on the top. I can enter and exit on the side quite easily without crawling on my knees. It is small but I don't find it claustrophobic, and it's small when packed up. If I had to pick negatives it would be that the zippers can be a little difficult with a mattress fitted and the toggles that hold the flaps open can be a little fiddly in the middle of the night to close up in a hurry. Cheap purchase price as well. $199 on special.

Pretty good but delicate and bad in rain

the swag/cot combination works, although it is heavy. The real down side is that the fly sags badly in the rain, making it pool and causing water to go through. We wake during the night to remove water when it rains. The gauze is already all ripped up - not really hardy enough for the rough treatment metered out by children.

Great for a quick trip

Love my stretcher tent.
Easy to set up, comfortable,.
No quality issues so far, haven't tried it in the wet yet.
Very good

The benefits of a swag and the comfort of a stretcher.

Bought one of these last week to take on a boys camping trip. Pitching is simple, 5 mins to unfold zip up and fly down. I purchased a 50mm thick single mattress by oztrail and it was extremely comfortable to sleep on. Lots of space inside for all people, I'm 6'2" and I had some room at the end for my feet and clothes etc. Don't expect to bring your pack inside with you though.

Breathable mesh fabric, good protection against the midgies up the beach and adequate pockets inside for items like mobile phone, keys, wallet, even my CPAP machine tucked away nicely without having to take up space next to me on the stretcher.

We had a drizzling rain and remained dry throughout the trip. The fly does a decent job but water did pool slightly towards the end of the fly as the top is quite flat at the bottom. No water came in at all though.

The benefit of being elevated with the stretcher makes it easy to get out of bed. Much better than a swag which sits on the ground.

Putting the tent away is just as easy, folds up into a similar size as a foldout camping chair. Compact enough to stash in the back of the car.

Overall really happy with my purchase, and at $199 was even cheaper than some of the basic swag setups.
easy to assemble, comfortable with a mattress,
some minor zipper issues on the carrying case only, tent zips seem to be better quality

Questions & Answers

Why do my kids Easy fold strecher tents leak with no more than a light dew?, 1 unit is 12 months old the other is brand new
1 answer
Don't know. Mine hasn't leaked. Did you season the tent?, read the instructions.

The poles are very flimsy, and as a result one of the angular joints has broken while I was putting it up,on a windy afternoon, are replacementvpoles available?
1 answer
Go to your local oztrail dealer or contact oztrail online. They sometimes carry spares from other warranty claims. Is yours still under warranty?

Is this stretcher tent midges proof?
2 answers
Sorry I'm unsure, but the manufacturer of the netting say it's sand fly proof ect.I haven't had any troubles with any insects of any kind in the tent, although if you lay against the screen I think the mozzies might bite through, as they would with any other tents.


OZtrail Easy Fold Stretcher Tent
Room TypeSingle Room
Sleeping Capacity1
Price (RRP)$319

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