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Oztrail High Tower

Oztrail High Tower

8 People and 10 People
2.5 from 6 reviews

Great for the money

We have camped in sun rain and wind with this tent and it has worked. Kept us dry, and cosy. One night at Toowoomba we lost our gazebo in torrential rain and thunderstorms. This tent survived and we had one small leak. Re proofed the area. Fine next outing. It is allegedly an 8 person, but there are only 2 of us and it's good. Pleased with the purchase.

Purchased in November 2018 at Anaconda Physical store for $199.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Poor design. Can’t cope with any wind.

Appalling design only for fair weather camping. Tiny pieces of Velcro supposed to keep windows closed. Too upright and flimsy. Not fit for purpose.

Oat rail high tower tent

My wife and myself recently purchased a oxtrail high tower tent for our Christmas holidays and found the tent more wonderful than we thought we where purchasing , it was more spacious and so easy to put up especially for the first time, we also when though a big storm on Christmas Day and the tent stand the test with no leaks , we so impressed with our oztrial high tower , I don't hesitate to recommend this wonderful tent

Not Waterproof

I recently purchased this tent when it was half price in an anaconda sale. It is a good size for my family as we can all sleep in the one room and keep the other room for all of our gear and food. It's also a tall tent which I appreciated being a tall bloke . The Problem is it's not waterproof. It rained heavily on our second night of using the tent and water seeped through the stitching where the toggles are sewn into the tent. All around the side of the tent water had either pooled or soaked clothing, bedding, food etc. For a tent not to be waterproof is quite frankly embarrassing for Oztrail as this was meant to be a $500 so for that price you expect it to achieve the basics of keeping you dry. Then to reinforce the poor quality of this tent, when we were packing the fly sheet away the bag ripped along a seam! Anyway I am returning the tent to anaconda at the next opportunity for a refund. I will keep you posted on what they say

Ozzy tent not build for Ozzy conditions

Bought this tent in WA summer 2013, built up 4 times before it started to rip. Top part completely disintegrated 2016, 6th time set-up. Looks like the UV hits the tent hard and makes the fabric very brittle over time.
Nice, spacious tent generally, with a 499 AUD price tag too expensive not to last longer. OzTrail or ChiTrail?

Lasted only two short camping trips

Brought this tent and am terribly disappointed
All up lasted only 30 days use , the fly perished and faded then ripped at the seams
Called Oztrail spoke to Mark who was no help at all said he could sell me a new fly or 150 dollars
The quality is that of a cheap tent not a mid range pice tent .

Questions & Answers

Is this tent ok in the wind and rain. If not is there a better one?
2 answers
We went through a very bad storm at the Christmas two years ago in the tent and survived very well we were all very impressedIt’s not good in high winds. The design is too upright to be good in high winds. It’s fine in the rain though. Have camped twice in very windy conditions and the kids came away asking for a caravan... in pleasant weather it is a nice tent.

Are they quality .and easy to put up
1 answer
Hi pam .. yes the oztrail tent is very easy it is all colour coded

how do i set the tent up?
2 answers
This tent has to be the most easiest to get it up because it is all colour coded... my wife and myself had it all up in around 20 minutesThis tent has to be the most easiest to get it up because it is all colour coded... my wife and myself had it all up in around 20 minutes


High Tower 8 PeopleHigh Tower 10 People
Room TypeMulti-RoomMulti-Room
Sleeping Capacity10+8
Price (RRP)$399$499

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