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Oztrail Ultimate All Weather Stretcher

Oztrail Ultimate All Weather Stretcher

Queen and Single
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Great concept, terrible quality

We are now on our second one of these, after the first came out of the bag with a tear in the mesh and we had it replaced. That should have alerted us to the poor quality of this product.
We have since taken our replacement out 3 times across 5 nights, and the tent fabric has come away from the base in one spot (and will continue to tear along that seam as there's no way of stopping it), looks set to break in another, the teeth of the zippier misalign regularly, and the mesh is developing holes at an alarming rate.
While the stretcher bed is incredibly comfortable, and the concept is excellent, Oztrail have not put the effort into the tent section of this product. The fly is good quality giving it the 'all weather' credentials, but what is attached to the stretcher is flimsy at best. There is nothing to reinforce any of the seams, and the material is not anti-rip, and the no see mesh is so fragile you worry that just looking at it will break it - I've had stockings that were more robust. Ours has a set of holes which appeared where the mesh had bunched up (how we don't know, other than it moving when we pack it up, as we were super careful with it after the first one) and every time we use it, more of these spots appear.
Do yourself a favour and look for something else, or wait till another company does it better.

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Room TypeSingle RoomSingle Room
Sleeping Capacity11
Price (RRP)$399.95$499.95

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