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Great Deal

Guys here looked after us on our tyre purchase for our new Ford Ranger at an unbeatable price after doing our comparisons. Was delivered next day with no issues. Cheers Guys

The QSV Team,
Brendon & Corey - QSV Wholesalers

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Glad we could help you save some $$$ and make it easy to find new tyres for your Ranger. We hope to see you again. Cheers mate!

Great price and awesome quality

I made my purchase over the phone with brad for Ozzy Tyres, very down to earth bloke made it very easy for me to make my order and within 4 days they were at my door, will be using them again in the future

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Hi Jake, glad you were happy with the service and we hope you're loving your new wheels. Take care. Team Ozzy

Exceeded my expectations

After researching the Ozzy Tyres web site, i purchased my wheel and tyre package over the phone. Brad was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. i had the wheels and tyres delivered to my place and the process was effective and efficient. Brad stayed in contact throughout the delivery process (only 2 days - very quick) which made the transaction very easy.

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Glad you enjoyed your Ozzy Tyres experience! Hope you're loving your new set of wheels. Cheers!

Hussla trench rim and tyre package

Searched online for the wheels i wanted, rang brad and he sorted it out quickly with upgraded monter tyres that wanted. Awesome price and fast delivery.

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Glad to hear you were happy with the service. Thanks for purchasing from us and we hope to hear from you again. Cheers!


Very happy with the service through Brad. Easy to deal with and very helpful. Wheels were delivered quickly, fit perfectly and look awesome on my Ranger. Highly recommend these guys!

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Glad you got the wheels in timely manner and that they fit your Ranger perfectly. Thanks for the review Mike!

great to deal with

easy as process on rim and tire package for my jeep. happy with purchase, great price, fast shipping. Brad was real helpful and kept me updated on order. would recommend these guys for tires and wheels

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Great to hear you're happy with your new set and that we were able to assist you in a timely manner. Cheers mate!

Ford Ranger Monsta tyres

Done some research on line,in regards to quality,size etc.Spoke to Brad on the phone,he checked stock and gave me a really good price.
Brad knew his job really well,spoke English and good to deal with.

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Glad you were happy with the service! We hope to see you again soon, cheers. Team Ozzy

Best service & great knowledge

Dealt with brad trying to find new 22 x 9 matte black rims for my 2008 300C Touring. Being harder to find than first thought, dealing with Brad was easy due to his knowledge & was willing to go above & beyond to search for what I needed. Thanks Brad!

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We are always happy to help Barney. Hope to hear from you again and thank you from purchasing from us. Cheers! Team Ozzy.


Great customer service from brad made everything so easy and was quick delivery couldn't be any more happier with my wheels!

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We are really happy to hear that you're loving your new wheels and that our team was able to assist you in a professional and timely manner. Take care mate!

Great service

Great service, quick postage and above all fantastic price. Thanks brad, definitely shop at ozzy next time in need new rims

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Great to see you're happy! We hope to see you again in the near future. Take care mate. Team Ozzy.

Great customer service and wheels fuckinh look

It was really good dealing with brad from ozzy tyres
Helped me to get right and exact colour which i needed
And they look fab

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Happy to hear your new wheels fit great and look just as good. Thanks for purchasing from Ozzy Tyres. Cheers!

Online Scammers - Don't Buy From Them Online

Bought from them 31st Jan, money taken immediately. Called to follow up 2 days later as no communication or reply from their end.
Was told wheels are on there way... This is the start of them lieing to you, then it was holes need to be drilled, then it was holes were drilled wrong. Then it was wheels are on there way again... After waiting a few days and not hearing anything I asked to cancel order and request refund - as soon as you mention the word refund they either put you on hold forever or hang up on you.
No customer service or respect for other people and what situation ozzy tyres has put them through.
Since they never refunded or communicated with me my bank covered me and are chasing them for the money - could luck trying to ignore the banks ozzy tyres!

Biggest scam company in Australia

Ordered a set of gloss gold avid av06 wheels and tyres from these mugs. Apparently the staff member who picked my order either has sight issues or is deep into the spectrum because I was sent three wheels of the correct colour and one of the complete wrong colour. Not too big of an issue - they'll fix me up surely. Nope. After a month and a half going back and forth with emails and calls I am yet to receive a replacement wheel from these people. The customer service team is less intelligent than the picking team. Apparently because I ordered wheels online it's not their problem, even though their number is sprawled across the websites banner. They're rude, they're arrogant and they take no issue with blatantly scamming their customers. Will never be spending a cent with Ozzy Tyres again and I implore you to do the same.

Finally received my wheel replacement on 28/02/18 approx. 2 months since my initial request. Was only able to obtain my replacement due to getting in contact with seemingly the only competent and helpful employee of Ozzy Tyres. If I was to issue a rating on the employee specifically, it would be 5 stars, however the company as a whole WILL NOT help you AT ALL if you encounter any issues and are quite happy to turn you away.

Great deal! Can’t be beaten.

Friendly staff and excellent customer service. The guys gave me a great deal on 4 x new tyers for my Hilux and I will definitely be coming back.

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Glad we could be of assistance. We look forward to seeing you again. Cheers! Team Ozzy

Nice wheels but fitted the wrong illegal size

Ozzy Tyres Underwood QLD
I actually like the wheels. I do. The quality is great & they do look awesome. I was also happy with the customer service. However!!! And this is a big one. They have fitted the wrong size of wheels onto my vehicle which made my car illegal to drive. Now, I’m not an expert in cars at all so I literally had no idea that wheels must not protrude beyond the bodywork of a car but I did google this & found my answers quite easily. These wheels were totally unsuitable for my car. I was lucky that my colleague picked up on it and advised me to contact Ozzy Tyres pronto to have them changed.
I’ll give it to the guys, they have swapped them over immediately, handled it professionally and did apologise for the mistake. But I just can’t get over the fact that they let me drive away with illegal wheels that they fitted (fitment guaranteed apparently) in the first place! It is just not on and it shouldn’t happen when it’s something they ‘specialise’ in.
So in summary, the wheels look great, price is great, customer service is good but do your research before you let them fit wheels on your vehicle and make sure they’re legal

Great to deal with and great price!

Great to deal with and great price! Called them up and it couldn't be easier, Received the wheels and they look great, Cheers Ozzy Tyres!!

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It's great to hear you're happy with your new wheels. Thanks for purchasing from us and we hope to see you again soon. Cheers mate!

Dodgy Sales Tactics or Incompetence?

Really disappointed. My story. Ordered type and wheel package on their site for a ford fg. Pretty common car. Get told they don’t have stock but they have this ‘other type’ of wheel they can do at the same price. No thanks I am picky and want what I ordered.

Week goes past. No word from the company.

I ring them to see what’s up, like hey when do I get my stuff? Simple things like that.

Nothing. Promises they will ring back with the information.

They never do. Nor do they reply to my emails.
When I do ring, I get the run-around of they have this ‘other tyre’ in stock for the same price and they will get back to me about my actual order. Every time I call.
But they never do. Basically with this company, once the money is in their pocket you the customer can get stuffed.

All I was asking for was an ETA for my order and this is close to 2 months after I paid. They can’t even give me an ETA.

So either this company doesn’t know how to manage inventory and shipping or they just wanted me to get the ‘other tyre’. I cancelled today after once again ringing them to ask about the ETA.

Honestly, do tires and rims just appear at their shops? How do they track their inventory? Or where they just trying to do the hard sell on me? Either way, you lost me and from reading your reviews I see others have had this issue too.

It's now two months since I ordered. They are still not refunding nor returning calls and have resorted to simply hanging up on me now. I have raised a complaint with the ACCC and my bank and even taken to emailing their CEO. I cannot stress, avoid this company!!!In the end, a total of two months. I only got my money back after raising a complaint with the ACCC and my bank. When I got my money back finally I rang a real tyre shop and got my car sorted out in 2 days.

Ozzy Tyres Fraudsters Plain And Simple

4 months on and still not right.

Dishonest, unprofessional and simply untrustworthy.

So I ordered my wheels in July and the only good thing was they were delivered quickly, that’s where it ends. Wrong Tyres fitted, 6 sets of lug bolts and nuts (the car needs lug bolts) later I’m still yet to receive the correctly ordered lug bolts.
3 of the wheel centers damaged due to poor packaging, these were replaced but it took 2 goes. They are clearly very unprofessional and poorly trained as they have supplied incorrect hub centers so the wheels don’t sit flush as they should and move around if you drive on them causing significant vibration. Buy at your own risk as customer service is non existent and the supposed customer service people you communicate with will blatantly lie to you.

Looks like it’s off to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal) for me to have the matter resolved.

Prices are great.

Want to say how happy i am with my new wheels Thanks Ozzy tyres. I ordered on Thursday and they were delivered on the following Thursday morning. Overall a very fast and efficient service company. Well done Ozzy Tyres

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Thanks for the review Adam. We are very happy to hear you enjoyed your Ozzy Tyres experience. Take care!

Amazing product and service

Used the online ordering process and found it easy to navigate. It was informative and explained all you need to know. The guy's from Ozzy Tyres Liverpool (online) and Ozzy Tyres Fyshwick (pick up) were extremely helpful with the purchase. Great product and excellent service. Thanks Ozzy Tyres.

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We are happy to hear the order process was easy and our team was able to assist you in a professional manner. We hope to see you again. Cheers David!

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Questions & Answers

Hello, can I trade in my wheels for new ones or do you know what can I do with mines? Thanks!
2 answers
Not sure if they accept trade ins. Best bet is to get the new rims on your car and sell the original ones privately, like I did. Cheers :)Thanks

You sold me the WRONG tyres eg load rating for my ute! Why will you not replace them for free? This was Ozzy tyres mistake, Not mine! My insurance is now void!!!! Please explain?!!!!!!!
3 answers
Good luck with that . They won't do anything after a sale nor do they have respect for their customers . I am now in the process of waiting for a hearing schedule as I am taking them to VCAT. I would suggest you do the sameI agree with jordyn! I myself have tyres with an incorrect load rating,not to mention I didn't even get the tyres I paid for,was overcharged,lied to and recieved a new wheel with a flat tyre.I can't even put the wheels on my car because of the flat tyre that doesn't seal around the rim properly and now I have to take the matter up with fair trading. I sent numerous emails with no response.clearly these guys do not care about there customers! absolutely Appalling !!Looks like that's what i'm going to have to do.

why was I charged 400 for the shipping when you guys clearly said that its free shipping Australia wide? it actually shows on your wedsite as well ....FREE SHIPPING
4 answers
Because they are rip-off merchantsRead bad reviews...self explanatory; Hey Jenela Please refer to the below link, for all shipping details or email John@Ozzytyres.com.au http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/free-shipping-option/ Regards, Ozzy Tyres

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