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Ozzy Tyres
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Could have been a better experience

I purchased a set of rims for my HSV recently. While the ordering and delivery were pretty straightforward there were a few issues.

I had ordered the rims and a set of lock nuts. The rims were fine but the lock nuts that were sent weren’t the colour I had ordered. I started to put the rims on the car and realised that the lock nuts they had sent weren’t long enough so the wheel wouldn’t fasten to the hub before the nut would bottom out on the stud. Luckily was able to get hold of some different nuts but at another out of pocket expense for myself. Had rang them before this issue was apparent and already had the replacement lock nuts on the way and they were happy to help with that, no big deal. Finished putting the wheels on my car and went around to have a look at the difference and noticed that one of the tyres had been fitted to the rim the wrong way, with the “inside” stamp on the sidewall outside. Another expense for me. I take my car down to the local tyre place and the guy turns the tyre around and decides to check the tyre pressures. One of the rear tyres was at 55psi, the other rear at 46, and the front left was at 42. The max rating for the tyres was 49psi. In all fairness I should have checked the pressures one they were on the car but normally when you pay good money for a product you expect it to be in working order. To think that a professional tyre place is doing something as stupid as this astounds me. Wont be using these guys again.

Unhelpful, Rude and extremely bad customer service

After discussion with OZZY Tyres Canberra, we purchased a set of HUSS HXR030 18x7.5.03 40+CHBK wheels for my husband's Jeep Cherokee in on 30/03/2016. We had the original tyres refitted to the new wheels as they were not due for replacement and everything seemed good. When the tyres were due for replacement, we had them replaced by one of the K-mart Service & Tyre Centres in October 2016. After roughly a month driving around on the new tyres and two interstate trips to June & Temora with our grandsons, the Jeep developed a knocking type noise which we thought was a flat tyre. We pulled over and checked all the tyres but found that they were all OK so we nursed the car home from Fyshwick and then took it into Rolfe Jeep, Fyshwick the next day. The Jeep Service manager rang to say that the front wheels had fallen off the car as they put it on the hoist to look at it and caused $3000+ worth of damage. After numerous discussions it was thought that K-mart did not tightened the bolts on the wheels when the tyres were replaced, although the K-mart service manager insisted that this was not possible as he had done it himself. However, K-mart agreed to cover the damage under their warranty provided they did the repair work which was agreed too. Once the repair work was completed, again the K-mart service manger was ensuring the bolts were tightened and discovered that the bolts could not be tightened properly. After investigation he discovered that the bolts supplied by OZZY Tyres with the wheels were too soft and could not be tightened as the tread stripped. K Mart purchased another set of nuts from Ozzy Tyres and the same problem occurred (once the nuts were tightened to 120 neutonmetres, the the thread started to strip. The K Mart manager suggested that we put the original Jeep wheels (and nuts) back on the vehicle as no other bolts could be sourced to fix the problem. This left us with a set of OZZY supplied rims that we had only purchased seven months earlier, which we are unable to used so we spoke to [name removed] the Manager for OZZY Tyre Canberra who basically told us that there was nothing he would do as we did not take the Jeep back to him to review and fix the problem. My husband was very upset when he got off the phone and stated that he found [name removed] the OZZY Tyre Manager to be extremely rude and unsympathetic to our situation. We still have these 4 wheels sitting in the garage. I would never recommend OZZY Tyres or use them again.

Hi Enid , We apologise for any inconvenience . Please contact us on 1300 699 699After contacting OZZY Tyres and a number of discussions with the "Head Office", we were informed that they wanted to discuss this situation with the Manager at OZZY Tyres Fyshwick. Then permission was sought from us to discuss this situation with the Service Manager at K-Mart where the tyres had been replaced. That was nearly a fortnight ago and we have not heard anything since and neither has the Service Manager at K-Mart. Once again very disappointing customer service.

Definitely tread carefully when purchasing from this company. Check your purchase is in stock before

I wish I'd read the reviews before dealing with these guys.

1) My wheels where stating 'in stock' on the site. I also phoned to check they were in stock & was told 'yes'.

2) Payment taken but hang on - suddenly not in stock & was told wait was 1-1.5 weeks & that I had to pay to secure my order. I questioned that the website still stated stock was avail. & got told it related to a different size wheel (which was not the case). I decided to wait it out.

3) The timeframe had been & gone so I phoned to check up on my order. Got told they were shipping next day, that didn't happen. Then it would be the day after, that didn't happen either. Then the next day, yep didn't happen & by that stage I had found this site.

4) [name removed] was again contacted & said that my wheels were seemingly missing from the container they had received. So why didn't they tell me this the earlier times I phoned? He said I could choose other wheels but no others interested me. He said a different size was available so I did what I didn't really want to do & purchased tyres to suit the larger wheels b/cause I wanted to get it over & done with. He said the new order would ship same day.

5) Order now not shipping today b/cause he thought he had the right size but had to machine them, he would try for despatch but it would most likely be the following day. [name removed] assured me he would make sure they got on the truck.

6) Next day, again, no tracking details. [name removed] assured me they left & that he loaded them on the truck himself but the manifest hadn't been generated yet. I phoned again later in the day to be told there was a courier delay but they'll arrive Fri. I demanded the tracking details b/cause I knew very well you cannot trace an item without a tracking ID and called [name removed] out on his lying. He assured me he was telling the truth but I knew my order hadn't left. I hung up on [name removed] & contacted a manager. I was right, my order hadn't left. It was sitting awaiting despatch @ least & he gave me the tracking number & was honest.

This company has apparently let go of some staff recently but as you will read, still has far to go. They continue to actively sell to customers when stock isn't there. Why lie? Especially when you know you have been caught out. I'm not an idiot yet they were trying to treat me like one. If we could have got the mags we wanted from elsewhere then I would have requested a refund. It seems the good reviews only occur when they have stock because when they don't, many of us have had to argue with them & are lied to more than once.

My advice: Phone to check the stock is there & pay with PayPal via Credit Card for extra security. You would think with all these negative reviews that they would change their ways! Disappointing Ozzy Tyres, time to become reputable.

Extremely expensive penture

I had 2 flat atv small tyres and I told it to oz tyres to get it fixed however, I was expecting the low rates of puncture comparing to the car tyres due to the size of tyre, they charged me $25 for a tiny puncture. The guy who took the tyres away he wasn't that experienced., he fixed the one of them but couldn't fixed the other one. Than I had to take the other tyre some other place and I got it fixed for $10 doller. And it was the same size of puncture.. the service was fast but bit disappointed..

Hello Majid, When we spoke to you and explain the situation you were more then understanding and didn't raise any concern when in store or during the complimentary service quality call carried out. If you had any issue, all you had to do was raise the issue and we would of endeavoured to fix it without hesitation. - Daniel | Ozzy TyresAnd for your kind information no one explained to me about the price before fixing it until I had to pay on the desk at the end.. I understand about the car brand new tires for $75 and $25 for the puncture,, But brand new atv front tyre for $33 and $25 for the puncture is like ripping off.. Hey Majid, We have had a look at our job cards, and there is a card for your job. The price was stated before completing the job, which you agreed to. That price is standard for a professional tyre puncture repair. - Daniel | Ozzy Tyres

used tyres

paid for four(4) NEW tyres,received two new & two used.sent photo,s as requested & try to say there,s nothing wrong with them,this is after three days of calling & texting.tyres even had rocks in them.didn't want to know about it.NEVER AGAIN.delivery was free only 2 weeks to deliver,first thing driver said was, they don't look new.

used tyres.avoidance

Beware of the bait & switch on freight

Bought 2 tyres online on a Saturday (2/11/13) after reading this site and was prepared for any possible shenanigans per the negative reviews. Was not surprised to receive a text from them Monday requesting that I contact them but I was at work and unable to call, so I txtd my wife asking her to call and gave instruction that if the item was out of stock to accept a similar or better replacement but for no additional charge or request a full refund.

She did not read my text in full, so what happened is that the person she spoke to told her that their standard courier ( I selected free standard shipping by Star Track Express and remember this, it's very pertinent and per their website) was unable to deliver the tyres for 2 weeks but they could deliver by an alternate courier for $80 but were prepared to wear half the cost as a goodwill gesture.

Being the trusting and somewhat naive person she is she agreed and supplied her card details to this person and was charged an additional $40 to have the tyres delivered within 3 days, which they were - BY STAR TRACK EXPRESS.

The bottom line is this it seems; This company is legit, the goods were as advertised and were delivered but they run on tight margins and seem to indulge in pressure selling after an order is placed to increase their margins. Lying about shipping wouldn't have worked with me but it did with a woman so they may tailor BS stories to suit gender or circumstances. I will not use them again and recommend you pay a few dollars extra and buy from a company that won't take advantage in this manner. 20 bucks saved on purchase isn't worth the nightmare you may have if the goods are faulty or it takes weeks to receive.
Pressure selling additional freight charges - I'll stop short of saying fraudulently, oops!

Not so good Ozzy Experience

Paid for and ordered five tyres online, with the offer of free shipping Australia, the last time I looked the NT makes up a good portion of that. I got a call saying there is no free freight to Darwin and would have to pay more, we split the cost of freight. Then I had four(4) tyres delivered, instead of the five(5) I ordered. I called to try sort the matter but kept being told I would be called back. After the third call I was no longer willing to negotiate fixing the issue and asked to be refunded for the missing tyre and be done with dealing with Ozzy Tyres. The only good thing I can offer is staff were polite when talking on the phone.
Staff were polite
Bad customer support

Risky Business

I purchased 4 tyres from these guys, first I requested free delivery - a day later I had a call pretty much stating if I didn't pay $40 right then and there - my tyre would take an 'unknown' amount of time to come and there will be issues. Very misleading and disappointing.

When the tyres arrived, one was damaged and my tyre guy said he wouldn't put it on as it was a safety issue, they couldn't guarantee a seal as the bead was damaged and if they received a tyre like that, they would send it back. I sent a picture of the damaged tyre to Ozzy and they said it wasn't damaged and merely a very minor dent that wouldn't effect the tyre whatsoever.

Tyre guy still refused to put tyre on, I called Ozzy again - again they stated it was not damaged, this time Ozzy requested I drive 20KM to get a second opinion from a company that used to be associated with Ozzy Tyres (I wonder why they are not anymore??) and they agreed that the tyre was unsafe and they wouldn't put it on their own car. They then offered me a replacement and they themselves seek a refund from Ozzy - I was more than glad to take this offer and cease my involvement with this shocking company.

I acknowledge that if you read this and expect to pay for shipping - and your order has no issues, you will probably be okay. But if something goes wrong - strap yourself in, you're in for a ride.
Will actually speak to you on the phone
Bad attitude from sales reps, misleading, poor aftermarket service

just a con job

My son bought tyres at a price to good to be true and after paying and waiting 6 weeks but no tyres delivered rang emailed ect with very little success bit eventually told the tyres had magically disappeared and he could have a cheaper lesser quality tyre at the same price. This seems to be a tactic to offer super cheap tyres online then renege on the deal only to offer a lesser tyre at that price.
Overall still offering cheap tyres
Poor service and not being able to supply what they sell

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Your son was notified that the goods were on back order. He than asked for an alternative that was actually more expensive and we gave it to him at the same price and gave him free express delivery. Please remove your review as this was not the case.

Good Price but BAD Customer Service

I was most dissapointed with my first experience with dealing with Ozzy Tyres. It is great to offer a product that is value for money. However, if you don't also offer good customer service, customers will not return and this unfortunately is the case for me. I shall not be guying from Ozzy Tyres in the future, it was a most unpleasant experience for me.
Considerably cheaper that most quotes I received
I found the Customer service team to be rude, arrogant and aggressive, which made me want to cancell my order.

Ozzy Tyres prides themselves on customer service. I am more than happy to discuss this complaint with you. Please call us on 02 9825 0355.I think you need to "revisit" your customer service and telephone manner strategies. No thank you I will pass on the discussion.

Still waiting

While they might have cheap tyres they have even cheaper service levels. Been waiting for over a week for my tyres and I paid for 2 to 3 day delivery. Have tried contacting them but no one has gotten back to me as yet. Not worth the savings to deal with. Dont forget someone needs to be there to sign for the tyres as well so if you need to take time of work take this into account with the price.
Low prices
No customer service

Questions & Answers

Hello, can I trade in my wheels for new ones or do you know what can I do with mines? Thanks!
2 answers
Not sure if they accept trade ins. Best bet is to get the new rims on your car and sell the original ones privately, like I did. Cheers :)Thanks

You sold me the WRONG tyres eg load rating for my ute! Why will you not replace them for free? This was Ozzy tyres mistake, Not mine! My insurance is now void!!!! Please explain?!!!!!!!
3 answers
Good luck with that . They won't do anything after a sale nor do they have respect for their customers . I am now in the process of waiting for a hearing schedule as I am taking them to VCAT. I would suggest you do the sameI agree with jordyn! I myself have tyres with an incorrect load rating,not to mention I didn't even get the tyres I paid for,was overcharged,lied to and recieved a new wheel with a flat tyre.I can't even put the wheels on my car because of the flat tyre that doesn't seal around the rim properly and now I have to take the matter up with fair trading. I sent numerous emails with no response.clearly these guys do not care about there customers! absolutely Appalling !!Looks like that's what i'm going to have to do.

why was I charged 400 for the shipping when you guys clearly said that its free shipping Australia wide? it actually shows on your wedsite as well ....FREE SHIPPING
4 answers
Because they are rip-off merchantsRead bad reviews...self explanatory; Hey Jenela Please refer to the below link, for all shipping details or email John@Ozzytyres.com.au http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/free-shipping-option/ Regards, Ozzy Tyres

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