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One month and still no wheels and no communication!

Online/interstate buyers beware! We ordered wheel and Tyre package though Ozzy Tyres a month ago and have been promised on the phone on two occasions that our wheels will be sent the next day...still no consignment number to say they have been sent and the are not responding to our emails either now... very unprofessional and unhelpful when we spoke to them on the phone...we have now filed a complaint to ACCC. It really shouldn’t be this hard, if you are unable to supply us with the wheels we ordered send us a refund...

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHoxton park
We honestly do not know who this is. Please call Jessica on 1300699699 to get some clarity and a resolution.I did try talking to Jessica on the 1st of March and she kept putting me onto Waza. Unfortunately she didn’t appear to want to help us resolve this. She has my number the order was under Conrad B My husband. They were Lexani wheels.ok will bring it up and contact you.

wasn't happy at all

useless, I wanted a 2 inch lift and a set of rims and tyres, went to pick up my car that afternoon and found it wasn't ready, 1 day lost at work, left the car on the hoist over night with the keys in the ignition and a flat battery on a brand new car......jump started it infant of me with an old crappy car and stuffed the radio..was told that half of the lift was a wrong ordered part so put in blocks instead of new leafs on the rear...was given original wheels back with 2 flat tyres and lost the hub caps, had to go to another tyre shop to get them fixed...nice guys but workmanship needs a lot of attention

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBoston park
Andrew, sorry to hear this. I have just spoke to the boys and they have told me about the wrong parts delivered. Communication should have been done better. The manager was on leave at the store and things were not going right. I will call you to discuss in further and see what we can do to assist.Andrew, Tried calling a couple times and message. please reply to Jess message on her mobile.

Awesome customer service and selection of wheels.

Easiest wheel and tyre package I've ever purchased. Found the style of wheels and tyres I wanted for my Golf GTI online, I rang the guys at Hoxton Park and they ordered them for me and fitted them the next morning. Customer service is great and excellent selection of wheels.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHoxton Park
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Great !!

Great price,great service

Sit back,relax and know you are in good hands when you visit Waza and the boys at Hoxton Park Ozzy tyres.Guys really know their stuff as we went through many Pro-drag tyre/wheel combinations to fit my BRZ(Brembo brake calipers/wheel arch clearance were a hassle to work around)but they got it done and the results were spectacular.Couldnt recommend them any higher.What are you waiting for?!

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Thanks Keith, we do our best to over service all customers and give the ultimate experience.

Great wheel and tyre package.

Ordered a wheel and tyre package online from Perth and got it delivered within a week.

Each time I called Ozzy with an enquiry or request for update I got a satisfactory reply.

Wheels and tyres came packaged well and with all accessories.

The courier was also very helpful and polite.

Overall a positive experience. Thanks Ozzy Tyres.

Product Quality
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Great to hear and proud that we over delivered. Enjoy your wheels.

Great Customer Service from Ozzy Tyres

After initial issues with Package purchased, customer service jumped through hoops to help sort my situation.
Thanks to Jess for all your communication and sorting.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ozzy Tyres ...Awesome Wheels and Packages.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
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Thanks Jimmy !


Thank you for your great service. Easy to talk to, very friendly stuff, helped me out picking the right rims & tyres for my hilux. Job was done in an hour and turned out nicer than I expected. I will be recommending to my mates.

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Thanks and appreciate your feedback and support.


Thanks ozzytyres for agreeing to give my refund I really appreciate it I wait for my refund from you guys Hussein thanks again appreciate it. No hard feelings for ozzytyres

Return Claim MadeNo
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Thanks Ali, 5 stars would be better...

I bought the best wheels that I have seen.

So happy to quickly and easily find and get fitted the wheels of my dreams. I couldn’t be happier with the service from Alex Ben & the team. Really appreciate their work & help to get what I wanted.

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Thanks much appreciated.. Enjoy

Please be careful from buying products from this place

Please don’t buy any wheels from this business and don’t trust anyone here.

I'm sorry as I am not able to write a personalised review for this organisation but I will be copying and pasting my complaint I wrote to this organisation.

On 25th February 2018, I have purchased Alloy wheels (Vertini Hennessey 20x8.5 5x105 Machine Face/Chrome Lip Wheel & Tyre Package) as guided by [name removed]. The total cost of the package was $1850 which was paid through Zip Money. The order was placed over the phone after a detailed conversation over a few days with [name removed]. I had the product fitted on the car at the their Hoxton Park workshop.

Prior to making payment, I double checked with the Sales person ([name removed]) that the wheels which were being put on my 2016 Mazda 3 Sedan were roadworthy and appropriate for my car. Once [name removed] confirmed that the wheel are appropriate and roadworthy is when I proceed to make payment over Zip Money. Also he even advised that they offer a special guarantee which they call fitment guarantee (whatever that means.)

On 22 November 2018, I was trying to get an RWC for the car and the mechanic advised me that the wheels on the car were unfit for my vehicle. And he advised me that the wheels had the wrong offset, track width widened and wheel sticking out beyond the guard which doesn't meet the Vic roads and RMS standards.

Ozzy tyres don’t guarantee anything and all they care about is making a quick sale. Also, I have advised this issue to Ozzy tyres but there hasn’t been any resolution from them and they have denied to fix this matter.

The next step I have taken is to report them to the consumer affairs.

To all the past buyers if have modified your car here please take it to your mechanic as it could be unsafe and illegal to be driven on the road.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sam, we have spent hours speaking to you and you have abused all staff members here. Even Zip money declined your refund request as you bought the wheels 12 months ago and have also sold the vehicle.. We can clearly see what you are trying to do. Best you sell the wheels privately as they were on your vehicle for 12 months and had no issue with them. Sad that you have resorted to this negative review as you are clearly trying to buck the system.Hey [Names Removed], Thank you so much for at least relying to me properly now, almost after 2 months to be exact and for the call I have received from you today at 12:31 pm, advising me that if I don't remove my review that you would take legal action against me. Also, I loved that way you called me a scammer and that I was working the system. I just want to let you know that I am a Legal studies student, so everything I do is according to the book. We will have so much fun in the court system. I hope that this process helps you to realise what you have done wrong. I am not scared at all. So, please don't try to threaten me. Hank, if you spent hours speaking to me regarding this matter then please provide the call records for the conversation with time and dates. Also, you better have you evidence with you at the tribunal hearing or I will be taking legal action against you for defamation and Harrasment. And guess what I have all of my conversation recorded with your business reps. As for Hanks comments about Zip Money, I have spoken to Zip money and the below email is what they have advised me; Nick (Zip) Jan 14, 17:16 AEDT Hi Sam, I understand the frustration with your claim. Unfortunately, I would need to advise you that your dispute would need to be resolved internally with Ozzy Tyres, as Zip is a third party in the relation to your purchase. Zip is only a payment provider in regard to your purchase, and we wouldn't be able to overturn the merchant’s advice given. If you would like to pursue external assistance you are well within your rights to. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Regards, Nicholas Customer Care To the consumers reading this; Yes, I have sold my car a few months ago due to an upgrade. Due to the Vic Roads procedures on vehicle standard check I had to conduct a RWC and that report revealed this issue existed with the wheels. And, I had to buy new wheels for my car to sell it. The wheels I have purchased from this business is relaxing in my storage cage. So, a question for everyone; Does this product fit for its purpose? Also, I had purchased the wheels on 26th not 25th February 2018 and i made a formal complaint on the 1st December 2018, as soon as a RWC was done. The next steps I have taken is to take this business to VCAT for a tribunal hearing in April. Thanks, SamI received a call today from Paula from Ozzy Tyres at 12:06 pm but I was not able to speak to her at that time, so I told her that I will call back. At 12:10pm I spoke to her and explained to her what the issue was and also explained to her with what has happened in the past with her employer Hussein, who calls himself Hank and his employees (Brad). She was very kind and professional throughout the call and was listening to me which was a a good sign that this “so called” business has a few people like her who know what their role involves. Once the call progressed, she told me that her employer has advised her that he will refund $500 and that I could keep the wheels, if I withdrew my complaint and didn't take further action against them. But I had denied to this proposition and have advised her that I will only accept if her employer will refund the total cost for the wheels, legal costs incurred and a letter stating that her employer will take the right precautions in the future with other customer, so that her employer does not repeat this illegal misconduct. But even after my proposition for some reason, she has denied to my claim and has advised that they will proceed with legal proceeding; which I am ok with. Also, she had asked me the below question before the end of the calling: Is it fair for her employer to return all the money incurred in this matter even though I had driven my car on the purchased wheels for 9 months? Then I asked her, If it was fair for her employer to sell me wheels which caused a big safety concern for me and the public around for 9 months? And, What would have happened to me and my family, if we were meet with an accident because of these wheel. Would he pay for all expenses incurred? and, Was it fair for him and his team to break the given Road Authorities (VicRoads and RMS) guidelines and Protocols? ( Guidelines are in place for us to follow and obey and to keep us safe.) We don't live in a third world country, we don't let these kinds of mistakes go very lightly.

Quick with my tyres

Went on line and ordered two tyres on 26th boxing day and a call today to tell me my tyres are at the store for pickup on the 2nd January very happy with Ozzy tyres. Sound like the fellow having troubles should get a life.

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thanks... enjoy

Shocking processing.

Needed tyres fast, placed an order.
Was never made aware there was a process of verification required, therefore lost days in processing, was forced to settle for other tyres in town to get back on the road and Ozzy Tryes won’t refund full amount! I’ve lost days at work and now $400 from Ozzy Tyres for not submitting full refund.
Had the order processed like every other online store does I wouldn’t have had a problem.
Disappointing to be treated like this when I didn’t have a choice!!

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Verification is for security and fraud process. Your tyres were available when ordered but sold out due to delays, sorry again. Please contact customerservice@ozzytyres.com.au so we can assist you.

Thanks Ozzy Tyres Canberra

Wanted a couple of new tyres and checked online for prices. Ozzy tyres had a sale on but the tyres I wanted weren't in stock so appeared I would need to opt for a more expensive option. No problem, I was offered the more expensive tyres at the lower price - happy customer. Thanks Ozzy Tyres Canberra.

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Great to see you are happy

False advertisement and 6mth wait

Purchased a full set of Stance 19’ rims, loved the look on my vz Ute went back for another 2 for spares. Purchased in early May but was told after the website confirmed there was available stock that no 19’ profile rims for the same ordered prior were available. Was pestered into purchasing another brand that had supposed similar look, refused and requested to source pair of same rims ordered. Waited 2mths and no notifications so called up the contact number attached to email; again was told nothing available and again pestered into change for similar style of another branded 19’ rim. Again declined and continued to request Stance rims to be ordered from their distributor, it has gotten to 6mths before again contacting them and this time after demanding the order be finalised or would refer matter to ACCC and ombudsman as to the false advertising and incurring fees and charges via credit company, was only refunded the amount for the rims. No further contact from Ozzy Tyres, poor customer service and don’t believe they were this poor at completing customer orders.

please send me your order number to look at and see what has happened, I cannot find a thing on this.Funny how you can’t find a thing, is the business that poorly run the books aren’t maintained well enough that you wait 3mths after the complaint is made on here yet 6mths of myself waiting on a pair of rims. Can’t stress enough the poor service, being told that would get them sent through from distributors but failed to tell me that line of rims were discontinued by manufacturer yet gladly held onto my money.

Waza and the boys!!

Great service with a free red bull! Easy to talk to and awesome job on the ranger!! 'Quote' best looking ranger we have seen in a long time thanks for the new wheels and tyers boys so stoked with them and thanks for fitting them late Saturday afternoon!

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Thanks ! Enjoy

Great customer services

I placed orders online and the tyres were ready in 3 business days. Fast delivery!! Great customer services when I visited the store. They provided reasonable prices! Excellent work!

Amazing service and even better deal

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you are made to feel so welcome and at home. I rang up a different tyre place in Silverwater Sydney that does Wheel & Tyre package deals too about a week ago but the staff was short fused, "knew better", and wasn't willing to accommodate my needs but then I found Ozzy Tyre online. Not only did they give me the perfect product and tended to my every need but they also did it at a price that can't be beaten. They even threw in free lock nuts and a free tv that was only available when you go through the online process. They kept me up to date every step of the way and with free ice cold bottled water or some red bull while you wait, time flied and was worth every second I had to wait. Big shout out to a awesome group of guys!!!! Thanks again!!

good we delivered on your expectationsgreat to hear!

Perfect wheel for a Japan inspired Mazda 2

This is the 3rd time I’ve bought wheels and tyres from Ozzy, I keep coming back because the prices are exceptional, the wheels are the highest quality and the service is quick and quality. I was after a wide fit Japanese style wheel for a new Mazda 2. It’s been fitted with coilovers and just needed something wide to give it an aggressive stance. After a detailed and helpful phone conversation with Wazza I was locked in to some 17 x 8” Avid 1 AV-56 wheels in bronze stretched with 205 Kumho tyres for $1650! The guys fit me in the next day and now the Mazda 2 is mean. I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of these new wheels and tyres they give the 2 a perfect amount of Japanese nostalgia. Thanks for the help lads!

great to hearWe are happy for you !! enjoy

Great Customer Service

OzzyTyres were professional and helpful thought the whole process. When the wheel package I had ordered online was out of stock I was contacted and they happily organised another wheel package for the same price. Will definitely be using them again in the future and I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

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Unprofessional and unreliable

These guys have basically demanded and taken my deposit for a set of wheels I was after which they confirmed with me that they had stock and everything is good to go right before coming in for fitment. After coming to their store, they make me wait 1hour before telling me that they don’t have stock. I was fed with the most ridiculous lies and promises that weren’t met after a deposit was already taken. It took numerous follow ups (calls and emails) as well as the need to get fair trading NSW involved before my refund was processed. Their refund process is total nonsense and just a way for them to steal your money for as long as they can. If you don’t follow up on your refunds, you won’t be getting anything returned. Took them over 2 months to give me my money back when it was their stuff up to begin with. Until this day, no acknowledgement of their mistake or apologies were given.

Did not think a company this bad could exist. To sum up my experience, I can say that the staff (at least the ones I’ve dealt with at Hoxton Park) are INCOMPETENT, UNTRUSTWORTHY, UNPROFESSIONAL, and definitely UNRELIABLE. You will be fed with lies/nonsense stories, and have your time wasted by them. All they actually care about is landing your deposit, and then covering their own stuff ups with more of their nonsense. Out of my 2 visits to this store, I witnessed almost the exact same issue that 2 other customers had to go through. An ex supplier of Ozzytyres also telling me their experience with this bad company. Some of the other poor reviews seem to be 100% accurate - seems like Ozzytyres does not care about customer service.

My advice: DO NOT PLACE A DEPOSIT or any kind of payment until they physically have what you are requesting for and that you could see for yourself. Ask them exactly what their refund process is and when will you be entitled a refund. Have written communication that can be traced back to them to cover yourself.

what is your order number so i can look this up and contact you for a resolution and compensation. I cannot seem to find it...Thanks for noticing after 7-8 MONTHS, seems like you couldn't find it just like how you couldn't find my refund request and other orders from those who posted a negative review. I am glad that our deal didn't go through because the specs you (Hussein) personally recommended and had assured me that it would be a good fitment wouldn't have been after all. Would have been too late for me if the wheels were supplied & fitted that day. The resolution was me getting a refund after COUNTLESS and EXHAUSTING attempts of following up on my refund request and dealing with these EXCUSES to delay the payment processing. There's no need for compensation as I personally didn't suffer from any loss of money at the end, although I did have my time wasted which can't be given back. The only thing I can ask for is for you to understand what real customer service is for the sake of other customers or give your job to someone else who does (There's no faith in a business if management/boss is the reason why these issues aren't getting resolved and potentially the cause of it). There was a time where I thought you guys were committing some kind of fraud because speaking to you personally as the boss of Ozzy Tyres, didn't get me far.,. luckily things didn't escalate any further. Not sure if this attempt of yours to resolve my complaint after 7-8 months is legitimate as other reviewers are saying that you've been threatening them with legal actions if the review is not removed, but if you are legitimate, I appreciate the effort..

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Questions & Answers

Hello, can I trade in my wheels for new ones or do you know what can I do with mines? Thanks!
2 answers
Not sure if they accept trade ins. Best bet is to get the new rims on your car and sell the original ones privately, like I did. Cheers :)Thanks

You sold me the WRONG tyres eg load rating for my ute! Why will you not replace them for free? This was Ozzy tyres mistake, Not mine! My insurance is now void!!!! Please explain?!!!!!!!
3 answers
Good luck with that . They won't do anything after a sale nor do they have respect for their customers . I am now in the process of waiting for a hearing schedule as I am taking them to VCAT. I would suggest you do the sameI agree with jordyn! I myself have tyres with an incorrect load rating,not to mention I didn't even get the tyres I paid for,was overcharged,lied to and recieved a new wheel with a flat tyre.I can't even put the wheels on my car because of the flat tyre that doesn't seal around the rim properly and now I have to take the matter up with fair trading. I sent numerous emails with no response.clearly these guys do not care about there customers! absolutely Appalling !!Looks like that's what i'm going to have to do.

why was I charged 400 for the shipping when you guys clearly said that its free shipping Australia wide? it actually shows on your wedsite as well ....FREE SHIPPING
4 answers
Because they are rip-off merchantsRead bad reviews...self explanatory; Hey Jenela Please refer to the below link, for all shipping details or email John@Ozzytyres.com.au http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/free-shipping-option/ Regards, Ozzy Tyres

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