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Ozzy Tyres
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DODGY DODGY DODGY, had to get court order to get money back

The moment I placed the ordered I knew I had made a mistake, I got suckered by the cheap price and ignored the bad reviews... trust me I got what I paid for. Short version; wheels didn't fit, tyres were wrong load rating.The owner (Hussein) refused to refund my money. I had to take him to court, I won and the court ordered his bank to take the full purchase amount plus court costs and interest from his account. Ozzy Tyres are down 6 wheels, 4 tyres, a full refund plus costs and interest. Happy to help anyone else struggling to get their money back

Want to hear a joke = OZZY TYRES !! They are not even worth 1 star

I ordered a set of rims off these clowns, well what a mistake that was here is my story -

I was after a set of good looking rims for my pride and joy, I came across the Ozzy Tyres website and it looked pretty good and the prices seemed alright so I go ahead and order my rims online,
6 weeks bloody later I receive my rims, the front fit good but the rear were the wrong offset so I ring the clowns up and tell em so they say "send them back and we will get it fixed" so another 5 weeks goes by till I get the wheels back and still the wrong offset.

I called them back to tell them the offset is still wrong and they say no the offset is right now What the..?! to cut a long story short I told them I was mad as hell and wanted my money back because I have to run 30 mm spacers on the back so my wheels don't bloody rub, not only fitting bolt on spacers to your car is dodgey but they are also illegal and that means my insurance is void if I have an accident but they didn't give a @%#$. I spent $2000 on these rims I might as well thrown the money away because the rear wheels arn't worth a pinch of @%#$ now.

I am in the process of getting court action onto these rogues. Ozzy tyres would have to be the shonkiest and rudest company I have ever dealt with in my life, I wouldn't even take my 5 year old sons bike to them to get tyres because they are so incompetant they would even stuff that up.

I think I might give a Current Affair or Today Tonight a call and have a chat to them about this !

A word of warning if you need wheels or tyres DO NOT go to Ozzy Tyres because I don't want you to go thru the same [censored] as I have...

Unfortunately I was sucked in by there website, that's the only good thing about these rogues!

What are you on about man? hell yeah I have a grievance, I have done my homework, the only thing wrong is these clowns @#%$*# my wheels up !Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.Yeah right mr "OZZY TYRES OFFICIAL" god knows how many times I called you before and you lot didn't want to hear about it so now you are trying to look all apologetic, well you can shove your resolution you clowns !!

Horrible experience - would never recommend to anyone.

Very bad customer service do not buy from this company > I ordered my tyre and wheel package on the 28th of August. I received a call telling me these exact wheels were not in stock even thought the website told me they were, they tried to convince me to change to another wheel which I told them I was not happy to do. I was told I would have to wait but I should see the wheels in 3 weeks.

I called after two weeks and asked how far off my order was - the man told me he would get "the girls" in the office to give me a call. I never got a call. After 3 and a half weeks I called and said I need my wheels soon and to ask the status of them. I was told they would check the warehouse and call me back. I never got a call back. I called again that day and said I need to know and the man told me they haven't been ordered, many dodgy phrases such as "some blokes used to work here who don't anymore, that might have something to do with it I don't know", I was then told I could not get a time limit but it could be 4-6 weeks, once again he tried to convince me to change to another wheel which I said I was not happy to do. He told me to give him a call once I decided to change to a different wheel cause they have to order in the wheel.

I wrote a post on the facebook page explaining my predicament. It was removed within 10 minutes.

After speaking to my partner we decided we had enough of dealing with this company and the sales man [name removed] so we decided to cancel our order. My partner arranged for a set of wheels elsewhere and I messaged the facebook which I had been discussing my order on (as well as phone calls) and requested a cancellation. This was never responded to. The next morning I called asking to cancel my order. I was told I could not do this over the phone and had to email customer service ozzy tyres, which I did straight away. I never got a response. So the next day I called and asked to cancel again, I was told they would look for the tyres but I confirmed I wanted to cancel. I then received a follow up text message (finally), that this will be passed over to "the boss".

I never got a call from the boss who was meant to call me so that afternoon near closing time I called again to follow up, I asked if my cancellation had been done, he told me not yet it is a long process. I explained that I had been waiting far too long and was told I would have to wait longer, he then denied ever telling me I would have to wait longer.

[name removed] then proceeded to tell me they had miraculously found my wheels possibly, and if they had found them they would be sending them out. I refused and told I requested my order cancelled and will not be following through with this order. He said he would speak to the boss man and send them out if we had them and if not then talk to the boss. I asked for the Boss name and number to call and this was refused to me understandably since this is a big company. But then I was told he would speak to the boss and the conversation ended.

No follow up> no promise of a cancellation. It was a rude and unprofessional phone call on his behalf> this is not a company worth spending your thousands of dollars from. Good luck to a large company that does not listen to customers needs.

I am a very disappointed customer. I work for a large company myself and I have never yet complained in any of my purchase history. But this is out of control and the poor service needs to be recognised and I need the refund I requested and most definitely now deserve.

Unprofessional and Dishonest

Ozzy Tyres worst customer service ever. Don’t deliver what you ordered. Got wheels delivered 4 weeks ago, incorrect tyres, damaged centre caps from being packed on top of each other, incorrect wheel bolts so wheels can't actually be installed, incorrect valves installed on tyre and rim package, Said they had SENT replacement centre caps and 3 weeks later I get told they were still waiting on a shipment from supplier, quoted $400 per rim delivered to Perth then charged $450 on invoice.
Without doubt the most unprofessional and DISHONEST tyre retailer I have ever dealt with.

Crap Service

Ordered wheel and tyre package online total cost $1731.45. After waiting 7 days for items to arrive I thought better give them a ring to see where items are. Upon ringing them I was told they are out of stock and I will have to wait another 2-3 weeks for items to arrive in Sydney. So when were you going to ring and let me know that? They said they will email some alternatives, all of which I am not interested in and told them I want a refund. After confirming I want a refund by email I followed it up with a phone call answered by a employee... only to be told the person who deals with that sort of stuff isnt here today...Ok...I ring the next day....sorry they are out for lunch and will ring you back...Ok...waiting for return call but no, must be too hard, so I ring back and get a different employee, who was supposedly meant to be the one to sort the refund out...she informs myself to email the manager a ...Ok...I email the manager with no reply, but he did forward the email to one of his minions who again tried telling me that I can go for one of the alternative options or that the tyres will land in Sydney at the end of the month. Ahhhhh no thanks, I expressed my intentions of recieving a refund once again with no reply or confirmation that a refund will be occurring. After ringing the 4th different person back she now tells me it is in the hands of accounts....All I want is a refund for something I have not received and could not be delivered in a suitable time frame. People make mistakes but its how you resolve them that matters, this one looks like its going to consumer protection agency!!!

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Update...tyres finally arrived, and they were the wrong rims. Sent them a lengthy email stating everything that has gone wrong since purchase was made and gave them 7 days to reply as advised by the ACCC. 2 weeks later they still have'nt replied even after I phoned and an employee said she'll get on to the manager about it and ring me back!! After ringing a few times to tell them they had sent wrong tyres 2 employees on seperate occasions had the cheek to say "whats wrong with them, don't you like them?" This business...Ozzy Tyres are bad news...STAY AWAY!! I'll be doing everything I can to let everyone know how bad this business is!! Meanwhile ACCC and lawyers are heading your way!!

Definitely tread carefully when purchasing from this company. Check your purchase is in stock before

I wish I'd read the reviews before dealing with these guys.

1) My wheels where stating 'in stock' on the site. I also phoned to check they were in stock & was told 'yes'.

2) Payment taken but hang on - suddenly not in stock & was told wait was 1-1.5 weeks & that I had to pay to secure my order. I questioned that the website still stated stock was avail. & got told it related to a different size wheel (which was not the case). I decided to wait it out.

3) The timeframe had been & gone so I phoned to check up on my order. Got told they were shipping next day, that didn't happen. Then it would be the day after, that didn't happen either. Then the next day, yep didn't happen & by that stage I had found this site.

4) [name removed] was again contacted & said that my wheels were seemingly missing from the container they had received. So why didn't they tell me this the earlier times I phoned? He said I could choose other wheels but no others interested me. He said a different size was available so I did what I didn't really want to do & purchased tyres to suit the larger wheels b/cause I wanted to get it over & done with. He said the new order would ship same day.

5) Order now not shipping today b/cause he thought he had the right size but had to machine them, he would try for despatch but it would most likely be the following day. [name removed] assured me he would make sure they got on the truck.

6) Next day, again, no tracking details. [name removed] assured me they left & that he loaded them on the truck himself but the manifest hadn't been generated yet. I phoned again later in the day to be told there was a courier delay but they'll arrive Fri. I demanded the tracking details b/cause I knew very well you cannot trace an item without a tracking ID and called [name removed] out on his lying. He assured me he was telling the truth but I knew my order hadn't left. I hung up on [name removed] & contacted a manager. I was right, my order hadn't left. It was sitting awaiting despatch @ least & he gave me the tracking number & was honest.

This company has apparently let go of some staff recently but as you will read, still has far to go. They continue to actively sell to customers when stock isn't there. Why lie? Especially when you know you have been caught out. I'm not an idiot yet they were trying to treat me like one. If we could have got the mags we wanted from elsewhere then I would have requested a refund. It seems the good reviews only occur when they have stock because when they don't, many of us have had to argue with them & are lied to more than once.

My advice: Phone to check the stock is there & pay with PayPal via Credit Card for extra security. You would think with all these negative reviews that they would change their ways! Disappointing Ozzy Tyres, time to become reputable.

Dishonest, scammers, did not deliver order FRAUD!

Bought a Tyre and wheel package off their website that was "in stock" got told 2 weeks after i bought it (i had to call up because no package arrived) that my rims are not in stock. Got told to wait 3 weeks for them or pick a different style (sales are really pushy for you to pick another style)

Kept getting told to wait 3 weeks every time i called or emailed, made up all sort of excuses why the stock didn't arrive (my favorite one was "the container got locked we have to re-order" LOL) asked for a refund but its as if the word refund doesn't appear in the vocabulary, as soon as i said the word the bloke on the phone said "they may have found my order let me check with the guys i'll give you a call later"

Got a call back from a sales person who seemed to just try to re-push the idea of changing my order - Common ozzytyres for the 50th time either send what i ordered or provide a refund it isn't that hard!

They will lie to you over the phone & treat you like a 7 year old but they're lies are so obvious, phone staff can't keep up with the lies. One staff member told me my package is delayed because the container arrived but didn't have my size of wheels. Called up a day later another staff member said the container never arrived! You can clearly tell each staff member is just making up stuff as they go.

After waiting 3 months for my wheels to arrive and hearing a range of wacky excuses I just gave up asking for a refund and reported fraud with my credit card and the bank refunded the money in under 2 weeks.

These guys don't think Australian consumer laws apply to them so you have to do it the hard way. I would avoid AT ALL COSTS do not be tempted by their prices and their website – it’s just not worth it.

If anyone is having trouble getting a refund, private message me.

Unprofessional, rude and a bunch of liars! Do not buy!

One word for this place - terrible. Do not do any business with these guys. They are unprofessional, lack any kind of customer service expertise and most importantly are scammers and liars. How they are able to practice as a business is beyond me.

I came in to order a set of 4x wheels and was told they weren't in the shop and had to be ordered in. I was told to leave a deposit of 1K to secure the purchase, which I did. Later that day I was told they were unavailable because manufacturing of those wheels were ceased due to quality issues - e.g. breaking/cracking.

As I was only interested in getting those wheels I naturally asked for a refund my of deposit immediately, which they agreed to do so. The following day, I checked my email/bank account and saw that no refund had yet been provided. I emailed, texted and called the store to follow up on my email only to be told that my refund is sitting with "accounts" and will be processed accordingly. I then asked that it be processed urgently which they agreed to do so.

The following day, still no answer from these guys and I called multiple times to follow up on my refund and I was ignored, put on hold and eventually hung up on multiple times. Eventually I got through to the "sales person" or "manager" and was told that there was an error with my order and that the wheels were available and were ordered and already in the store.

Never was I told in the preceding days that the wheels were available or that there was an error nor did i consent to go ahead with the purchase after I was told they were initially unavailable (keeping in mind that I had asked for a refund immediately after learning this - which they had agreed multiple times).

I declined the purchase and was told that a refund was not possible, only store credit.

The store will not admit that they had made an error; are declining a refund of my deposit after agreeing to it multiple times; only interested in making a sale by keeping your money! - in other words - A Scam!

So unfortunately its off to fair trading to handle this dispute and seek damages and compensation for withholding funds which otherwise could have been used elsewhere.

Wish I had read reviews first.

Stay away from this organisation!

I have had an absolutely disgusting experience with Ozzy Tyres in Fyshwick, ACT. I purchased a wheel and tyre package and was told the rims I had selected would fit my car, and the tyres that would be fitted would be the same Continentals I already had on my existing rims, just the right diameter etc for the new rims. After picking up the car I noticed that the rims/tyres were protruding further than my wheel arches. I expressed my concerns about this (I was not told at the time of purchase that the wheels would protrude past the wheel arch) to the store and received no help whatsoever, and asked to speak with the manager.

This took multiple phone calls and emails. After finally getting a hold of the store manager and being spoken to VERY rudely I decided to contact the so called 'head office'. I spoke to a team member there who was at first very willing to help resolve the situation. He offered me a couple of different solutions; both of which did not work for me. I asked what the company return policy was, and then got hung up on. I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe the phone cut out. I then called the number back and the same team member answered. I politely mentioned that there seems to have been phone connection issue and asked if he could explain to me the company refund policy. He then put me on hold, and then hung up on me yet again.

I was extremely shocked that someone could treat a customer in such a poor manner! I think if you're going to run a business you need to learn how to explain your products correctly and not mislead customers with false information. Additionally, when a customer has a complaint be able to discuss and resolve that complaint directly with the customer, rather than hanging up and dodging the issue and pretending its "not their problem." The lack of professionalism is astounding in this day and age.

Shop at your own risk!!

Ordered and paid in full for my "in stock" wheels on the 2nd of August, paid for express shipping on top... Takes 6 phones calls from my end only to be told on Friday the 25th of August that they haven't got them and can't get the wheels i ordered. Ask for a full refund. Now i have to "wait for processing" to get a refund... could take a week or 2. Won't give me an estimate as to when i will get my money back. Crap service, false advertising and no one there seems to really care about upsetting customers... Purchase at your own risk...

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Hi Marcus , Can you please contact me on 1300 699 699 for further discussions and getting this resolved for you as soon as possible we really do apologise for the inconvenience .

Unprofessional custmer service

I ordered tyres on their website and paid immediately. Got my order confirmation and paypal reciept. A few days later i get an email asking for my contact number, i give it and they call me to say i have to pay freight. I explain but i have completed my transaction, how is this legal? They said i selected metro, ahhh no sorry i selected free economy, which was free economy and metro. Is it my fault these pepole can not set up their checout correctly?
So now they explain they have changed their courier company, ahhh i dont care sorry thats your perrogative, i just want what i have paid for!
Now it seems it timt to hold my already paid for tyres to ransom, again great customer service!
So they come back and say look we can get your freight down from 140 to 80, i want to tell them to jam it where the sun dont shine but the person i brought them for says yea ok.
Oh but wait theres more!
After payin the tottaly illegal second freight cost, they tell me they will arrive in 3 days.... Yea right!
Its now been close on a month and they have used every excuse under the sun, they even tried to blame direct freight and tnt, their nominated couriers!
Just so happens i also use these companies for my work, so i contact them.
So i call ozzy tyres back and i am shock horror put on hold! The person was suddenly busy. Thats ok i was expecting it, so i got my daughter to call and would you know that person answers.
We swap phone and i say look this is crap, cmon its nearly a month since payment, you have double dipped on freight and then cant own your stuff up, my guaranteed fast efficient service is far from it. I explain ive contacted both freight companies so someone is lying, now what?
Now they are going to send another order and track the first and cancel it, ahhh there is no need to cancel something that is still in your warehouse.
Im sorry but you guys suck, your customer service is non existent, you dont give a crap about anything but the money.
I will never recommend you and i have kept track of all conversations and fully intend on sending it to the consumer ombudsman.

Hey Julz If you could please email Customerservice@Ozzytyres.com.au or call 02 9825 0355 that would be greatly appreciated. Regards Ethan / Ozzy TyresThank you Ethan for the freight refund 25 May. Although I am pleased about the refund, I do hope several issues are addressed for future dealings, most importantly the customer service & freight issues during checkout. I suppose time will tell. But I do wish you well for the future. Regards

If it's not in stock don't waste people's time and take their money

I made an order online for Alloys and tyres that showed in stock for my wife's Impreza. After a week I contacted the sales department to be told they didn't have the rims in stock and that it would be 2 weeks away or would I like to swap to different wheels. As they are the wheels we wanted we chose to wait. I followed up a couple of weeks later and was told the container was arriving and that they should be dispatched within the week. I then followed up again to be told yesterday that they had arrived and would be dispatched the same day. Today I get an email saying that they did not get sent yesterday but would be sent today and that I would receive them early next week. 15 minutes later I get a call telling me that they didn't arrive and would I like to choose a different set again. Seriously how hard is it!!!!

Absolutely disrespectful arrogant people who treat their customers like dirt.

Like many other reviews I am reading, I was left waiting for a few weeks with a tyre and rim package I had ordered. Upon ringing to see what was going on I was told the rims I ordered were on back order and would not be in for another 6 weeks. Where was the call to tell me so? So instead of waiting I ordered a new set which did come quickly. But upon having them fitted the wheel and tyre specialist said they are the wrong size for my car and my car is not rolling on the correct diameter. I had rang them to say my concerns and after dealing with 2 people I got no answer or no help and they refused to deal with the situation. So after calling back for the 6th time on the 02/03/2016 I got in contact with [name removed] who seemed to help the most and he told me yes they were the incorrect size and not fitted to my car which he told me several times. So he said he would call me back later in the day to fix the situation to which I never received one back. Mind you that's all they seem to say they will call you back which NEVER HAPPENS!!! After calling back on the 03/02/16 I got a hold of [name removed] and he said "Ow yes the girl with the wrong tyres" and persisted to say he had a good memory for remembering so. Then he said hold on a moment, then I was transferred through to a very rude man who persisted to tell me I was wrong and how would I know they are wrong and talking down to me thinking I do not know a thing about tyres. I told him I work at a car place and his response was "You can work where you like love!" He continued to not listen to my opinion after being told by a professional tyre fitter that they will always say they are the wrong size which is not the case and would not fix the problem. After saying I will be forced to take it further he said "well if we send you other ones out you are responsible for the rubbing" which mind you standard tyres that are on my car are a bigger height and width, so rubbing of the tyres doesn't even come into it. Continuing to argue with me I had enough. I had rang the institution where I am making payment through and told them the situation so they followed up with them for them to lie and say their systems are down. So I rang myself and asked how long they have been down for and they said "Since the morning." Another LIE as they were using the system when I called them around 10:00am and the system was working fine. All they do is lie and treat you with absolutely no disrespect. So ozzy tyres if you read this do not bother sending me a disgusting message response as you have done with many responses on here as it will not make you look any better because all you seem to do at your company is argue and not listen to your customers. By the looks of all of your reviews a law suit would be very easily set upon you. Absolutely disgusted with all of this and I highly recommend not to use this company. As long as I am having this problem and after I am going to continue to slam your business as I have never came in contact with such an absolutely disgusting company. Hope you suffer from doing all these people including me wrong!!!

upon speaking to Daniel came close to a resolution then someone else picks up the phone and asks me "Do I know the difference between 1mm" I said really? And then I got absolutely abused and I could not get a word in without yelling. I cannot believe the disrespect from this company. Daniel would not give me the persons name after asking over and over and continued to change the conversation so that person was not named! He said he will find out after minutes or arguing and then was transferred to be told Daniel should not have picked up the phone because he only deals with emails which Is another lie because I was transferred through to him! To say he was no longer available. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled with this service and I will be taking legal action!!! I was threatened that if I did not remove this post nothing would be done!Still have no response even though they have been ordered to give a refund . I will not remove this post so threaten me all you like your only making it worse yourselves . I will make sure your business goes down on behalf of myself and every other poor person that has had to put up with your high unprofessional approach to anything !Have just got confirmation from my VCAT order and have to take them to court . still no resolution or apology for their discusting unprofessional behavior. I'm just glad that over 1500 people have read this and find it helpful. I just hope no one else goes through this.

Only NSW Fair Trading intervention got me a refund after 2 months of absolute pain

Where do I begin. After a 4 week delay they eventually delivered wheels with incorrect offset, pathetic pain job (bubbles, wrinkles, overspray, bad touch-ups), wrong tyre brand & wrong tyre size fitted, wheels had gravel rash on inside edge.
31/12/15 - Ordered Wheel & Tyre package with custom paint job. Value $2706
02/01/16 – Confirmed order was received, advised delivery by end of week or early following week, they confirmed offset of 40+
05/01/16 – checked on progress, told stud holes being drilled today, then off to painters
15/01/16 - checked on progress, told stud holes being drilled today, then off to painters (funny, same as what I was told 10 days ago, turns out I was lied to)
20/01/16 – told being shipped this afternoon, even given a false con note # (verified by courier as not addressed to me)
27/01/16 – advised correct con note # & tracked. Direct Freight Express were incredibly helpful. Ozzy could learn many things from their customer service example
28/01/16 – Wheels finally arrived, on opening “joy” turned to absolute shock. Nothing like what I ordered. Contacted Ozzy but no-one could help. It was at this stage I started recording phone conversations as I smelt a rat.

Over the ensuing time I kept a detailed log of all our interactions (83 entries long), I legally recorded phone conversations (Qld law), kept all emails, provided photos. I have proof of lie after lie, broken promises, blame shifting to the couriers, “can’t trust the painters” & even staff blaming other staff and saying “they lied to me, I’m telling you the truth”. I was told staff weren’t available as they were in hospital, off sick, in meetings. I was promised return phone calls but the whole time I was the only one who initiated any contact. Was “on hold” for hours in total listening to their slick recorded hold message about "25 years, No 1 online tyre store, market leader, 4.5 stars, 100+ recommendations" while experiencing exactly the opposite (they don't mention the many other bad reviews in their PR). I even quoted their hold message back to them but it made no difference. They had my money & that is all that seemed to matter to them.

FORGET PAYPAL Buyer Protection. As I had the wheel tips painted to match my car instead of the being painted one of the “standard” tip colours it was considered a “custom” job. Buyer Protection doesn’t apply to custom orders as the seller cannot re-sell the product. I explained to PayPal it wasn’t what was ordered etc but they washed their hands anyway. Fortunately Australian consumer law is different to PayPal policy.

Did a test fit and the wheels stuck out from under the guard, oh wait… they supplied a package that cannot even be legally fitted to my car. Turns out they never machined the offset, just a slight oversight. As the stud pattern had already been drilled the wheels were useless and could never be fitted to my vehicle.

I was eventually offered a full replacement that they eventually recanted on. Hussein (the CEO) was the “best problem solver” in the company but couldn’t solve this one.

Only after going to NSW Fair Trading did the matter get resolved. The end outcome was as they “couldn’t guarantee the quality of the paint job they would offer a refund”. Something I had asked for weeks earlier when I realised this was going to be a never ending story.

They committed to NSW Fair Trading to provide a refund by 26/02/16 but they couldn’t even keep that commitment. Finally got refund on 29/02/16. Not once in this entire saga was it explained to me how they could send wheels that hadn’t been machined, send wheels with such an obviously faulty paint job they were always going to be returned, fit the wrong size & brand of rubber. Not once was there an apology for getting the order SO WRONG.

I have never in my 54 years had such a bad experience. I have bought many car parts off the internet before from the US, UK & Sydney & never had any issues.

The deal I got on 31/12/15 was so good, unfortunately it was too good to be true. They clearly make their money by sheer turn-over, not quality product & customer service.

Deal with these guys at your own peril. I am now looking to buy a new set now but will not be touching any brand that Ozzy retail or import/wholesale to other wheel & tyre outlets as there is no way any of my money is making its way back to their businesses.

Terrible service after you have paid no care at all

2 purchases and 2 terrible experiences.
1st purchase it took weeks of chasing them and being told wheels were sent until I drove there and got it fitted and had to ask for my express freight to be refunded and the wheel alignment I paid for was terrible.

Stupid me went back again.

This time I considered finance and was going to be charged $600 extra for the privilege so I paid cash instead.

Waited a while with no word so called up and was told they had been trying to ring (lie) and they could offer me a different colour.

Wheels arrive and wrong tyres are fitted correspondence sent to [name removed] and no reply so I let it slip and went to fit wheels only to find wrong nuts sent as I was in a position I had to fit them this cost me $180 together them locally, we also checked the balance and two wheels were out by 10 and 15 grams.

Take car for a drive and tyres rub on all 4 guards and one tyre damaged in a very short distance so my out of pockets will be.

New tyre
Wheel nuts

Emails sent and seen
Facebook messages sent and seen
Messages left for [name removed]

No response, once they get your money they don't care I suggest everyone do what I will from now on and steer clear!


Ordered online and over the phone. Got told it would be 3-4 weeks for the rims to arrive at their store, was happy to wait cos I was guaranteed it wouldn't be longer. 8 weeks later and still no word, every time I contact them I receive the same "call back next week we should have them" excuse. Terrible service.

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Hi , Please contact me on 1300 699 699 so we can look into your concern and hope to come to a solution for you as soon as possible .

Worst service..

Worse service ever.
Made a purchase online on 29th of June. So nearly two weeks ago. . A week passed I heard nothing so I emailed them. I also paid for express shipping. They said they would be sent no later then Monday (it's currently Thursday at this time) they said they had to wait for stock to arrive. Okay fair but all they needed to do was send an email to let me know. Tuesday comes along and I still have heard nothing. I email them again. Oh they will be sent no later then Thursday!
Extremely bad service!!! It's not that hard to send an email to say sorry!! Which I still haven't heard yet! It's not that hard to keep a customer updated on a product they have spend 1500 bucks on.
I'm hoping that arrive soon and that they fit! I have been reading such bad reviews and I regret buying from them.

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We are extremely sorry and hope that we were able to assist you , please contact Lorita on 1300 699 699 for further discussions in trying to come to a quick solution . And again we are truly sorry , hope to hear from you soon .

Poor Customer Service

I ordered the 20" hussla Pinsha wheel and tyre package to Adam after confirming they're in stock. But 3weeks later no wheels delivered! I called Adam several and told me that he will call me for an update but never call back. I spoken to Loreta and same thing happens, she said it will be delivered in a week but no wheels was delivered. I'm so feed up with all their lies!!! I will never buy from this people!!

I'd give them 0 stars if i could.

Ozzy Tyres are probably the biggest bunch of rip off merchants around. i would never buy from them again and would recommend others to do the same. After ordering a set of wheels and tires and being told (prior to ordering) that the tires were load rated for our vehicle, we received them and were told by the fitting shop that they were not load rated at all. Ozzy tyres then tried to charge us $650 to freight the tires back to the warehouse and replace the tires, although they stuffed up. And now they are refusing a full refund, so will have to drag this through the department of fair trading. Every staff member we dealt with from Ozzy Tyres was absolutely useless, from the office staff to the 'manager'. Word of advice- never shop from this company, they will squeeze ever dollar they can out of you, and then some, and still leave you feeling like you've been ripped off.

Incompetent staff, lied to so that they could make a sale, terrible customer service. like absolutely useless.

Unprofessional and unreliable

These guys have basically demanded and taken my deposit for a set of wheels I was after which they confirmed with me that they had stock and everything is good to go right before coming in for fitment. After coming to their store, they make me wait 1hour before telling me that they don’t have stock. I was fed with the most ridiculous lies and promises that weren’t met after a deposit was already taken. It took numerous follow ups (calls and emails) as well as the need to get fair trading NSW involved before my refund was processed. Their refund process is total nonsense and just a way for them to steal your money for as long as they can. If you don’t follow up on your refunds, you won’t be getting anything returned. Took them over 2 months to give me my money back when it was their stuff up to begin with. Until this day, no acknowledgement of their mistake or apologies were given.

Did not think a company this bad could exist. To sum up my experience, I can say that the staff (at least the ones I’ve dealt with at Hoxton Park) are INCOMPETENT, UNTRUSTWORTHY, UNPROFESSIONAL, and definitely UNRELIABLE. You will be fed with lies/nonsense stories, and have your time wasted by them. All they actually care about is landing your deposit, and then covering their own stuff ups with more of their nonsense. Out of my 2 visits to this store, I witnessed almost the exact same issue that 2 other customers had to go through. An ex supplier of Ozzytyres also telling me their experience with this bad company. Some of the other poor reviews seem to be 100% accurate - seems like Ozzytyres does not care about customer service.

My advice: DO NOT PLACE A DEPOSIT or any kind of payment until they physically have what you are requesting for and that you could see for yourself. Ask them exactly what their refund process is and when will you be entitled a refund. Have written communication that can be traced back to them to cover yourself.

what is your order number so i can look this up and contact you for a resolution and compensation. I cannot seem to find it...Thanks for noticing after 7-8 MONTHS, seems like you couldn't find it just like how you couldn't find my refund request and other orders from those who posted a negative review. I am glad that our deal didn't go through because the specs you (Hussein) personally recommended and had assured me that it would be a good fitment wouldn't have been after all. Would have been too late for me if the wheels were supplied & fitted that day. The resolution was me getting a refund after COUNTLESS and EXHAUSTING attempts of following up on my refund request and dealing with these EXCUSES to delay the payment processing. There's no need for compensation as I personally didn't suffer from any loss of money at the end, although I did have my time wasted which can't be given back. The only thing I can ask for is for you to understand what real customer service is for the sake of other customers or give your job to someone else who does (There's no faith in a business if management/boss is the reason why these issues aren't getting resolved and potentially the cause of it). There was a time where I thought you guys were committing some kind of fraud because speaking to you personally as the boss of Ozzy Tyres, didn't get me far.,. luckily things didn't escalate any further. Not sure if this attempt of yours to resolve my complaint after 7-8 months is legitimate as other reviewers are saying that you've been threatening them with legal actions if the review is not removed, but if you are legitimate, I appreciate the effort..

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Hello, can I trade in my wheels for new ones or do you know what can I do with mines? Thanks!
2 answers
Not sure if they accept trade ins. Best bet is to get the new rims on your car and sell the original ones privately, like I did. Cheers :)Thanks

You sold me the WRONG tyres eg load rating for my ute! Why will you not replace them for free? This was Ozzy tyres mistake, Not mine! My insurance is now void!!!! Please explain?!!!!!!!
3 answers
Good luck with that . They won't do anything after a sale nor do they have respect for their customers . I am now in the process of waiting for a hearing schedule as I am taking them to VCAT. I would suggest you do the sameI agree with jordyn! I myself have tyres with an incorrect load rating,not to mention I didn't even get the tyres I paid for,was overcharged,lied to and recieved a new wheel with a flat tyre.I can't even put the wheels on my car because of the flat tyre that doesn't seal around the rim properly and now I have to take the matter up with fair trading. I sent numerous emails with no response.clearly these guys do not care about there customers! absolutely Appalling !!Looks like that's what i'm going to have to do.

why was I charged 400 for the shipping when you guys clearly said that its free shipping Australia wide? it actually shows on your wedsite as well ....FREE SHIPPING
4 answers
Because they are rip-off merchantsRead bad reviews...self explanatory; Hey Jenela Please refer to the below link, for all shipping details or email John@Ozzytyres.com.au http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/free-shipping-option/ Regards, Ozzy Tyres

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