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Ozzy Tyres
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Awesome experience, quick interstate delivery and excellent communication. Benchmark service.

19th April 2012. I ordered a pair of 275 KU31 kumhos for the rear of my E2 clubsport on line cause of the ripper price. [name removed] at Ozzytyres rang real quick to advise that these were no longer available. He offered a superior product at the same price. They were delivered within 3 days to adelaide and I am wrapped. I received a text from Ozzy advising of the ETA and a call from the delivery dude just b4 delivery. I have told others about ozzytyres since and would use them again tomorrow. The way this car smokes tyres with 390kw means I will be back sooner rather than later.
Benchmark service. Give them a go. No bollocks.
[name removed]

Terrible Service Not Happy

I ordered two run flat tyres over the phone and received two tyres that were not run flats with free delivery. On contacting the company I was told "I got what I ordered" which is not correct - I definately know what I ordered and wasnt happy with the way I was being spoken to, they were arrogant, rude and degrading. On one of my phone calls it was explained that the wrong tyres were sent out and recalled and the correct tyres sent but the courier returned the wrong tyres. All I wanted was to have the tyres returned with the free delivery that they were still offering for other purchases during January 2012 and have a refund. I put the case thru consumer affairs and they did get me an offer of an instore credit and if I sent the tyres back at my expense. No way after dealing with them that I would use them again and do not recommend them to anyone.
No pros for this companyy
No service, inept work, buyer beware - confirm in writing the order!

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Not happy

I really wish I had read this site before I ordered rims and tyres from this company. Firstly they couldn't find the order for days. Repeat phone calls with little or no help and no-one returning your calls! They took two weeks to arrive and had the wrong wheel nuts. Next set of wheel nuts sent to the wrong state and finally got the right ones a week and a half later. Then went to fit the wheels to the car and only 3 fitted. Many phone calls again and an email to the manager, another week gone, and apparently the wheel has been sent off. I wont hold my breath as the consignment no I have been given isn't right either. I guess that means another phone call and being put on hold etc etc.. really disappointed and would never recommend this company.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Don`t put your self though it

Ozzy tyres are the worst business i have ever dealt with they promised the wheels and tyres in 5 days to W.A. they took 9 they arived with chinesse tyres not the pirellis I had payed for so sent them back. I was promised a different set to be sent over so I didn`t have to wait rang a week later told they were sent. Rang back for con note told they had not arived back from W.A. would be sent next day given con note that did not exist told wheels lost at courier company rang courier company more than help full told me that he had the same problem personaly .I even theatend consumer protection on them that did not even worry them in all about 20 phone calls and put on hold constantly for up to 10min up to 3 to 4 times a phone call.What happened to the customers always right, frankly don't do it youself!

terrible sevice ,lyers, no customer service

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.


Very good, you save $$$... They dont try and do the sell on you which i like, pretty straight and blunt on what it is and how much, there stuff is top quality and sells itself at the end of the day i guess!
There wheels are exclusive and the highest in quality! I bought a new package recently from them with Pirelli tyres and the price was GOOOOD!
They can be busy at times when needing more info about different options available


Terrible service rude staff (manager is the worst of the lot) steer clear of these guys i would rather import the rims over my self in the future
Are the sole importers of some of the best brands
The worst service I have ever experienced have dealt with them on two occasions one the brisbane store and now the sydney store as brisbane store is closed ( I wonder why ) having spent over 7k all up and am currently still waiting to receive my rims as they drilled them wrong it has been 3 1/2 weeks now and I haven't even received as much as an apology for the horrific service

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.


Do not go to the one especially in Canberra... the manager is a really dodgy character.. purely interested in making money and will tell you fibs to get the business.

I would like to strongly advise anyone going to the Canbarra store to reconsider. The manager [name removed] is there purely to make money. I paid for one set of tyres and got a completely different set whilst I waited for the car to be done, without having being told even once. Then they did not do the wheel allignment (although I was charged for it) again this guy saying that new tyres wont need it! Dodgy salesman who will tell you anything to sell the product.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.


I wish I had read the reviews before going to this store. Extremely bad customer service even after they stuffed up they continued to blame me. They did not apologise once and bluntly said that I can take it further because they have done what they have to and that they didn't have to do anything else. I should have realised when the guy at the counter said that he has done this before.

Bad customer service and not helpful at all.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Worst ever!

Ordered and deposited for a set of 4 wheels for my D40 Navara. Was told that they would take six weeks to arrive and receipt for deposit sent to my email. Never received receipt.

6 weeks pass, heard nothing so I phoned Ozzy Tyres who then informed me that they are another 3 weeks away. Requested again for deposit receipt (still never received).

3 weeks pass, again heard nothing, phoned Ozzy Tyres again. Was informed that container with my wheels was due to arrive in 3 more days. Once unloaded they will be packed and sent to me and a tracking number sent to my phone via SMS.

5 days later, still heard nothing, so I phoned Ozzy Tyres (again). This time was informed that they do not have my wheels. I asked to have a refund from my deposit ($200) and was told not a problem, will be refunded the following day.

4 days later, have not received deposit refund. This time rather than ringing, I emailed Ozzy Tyres explaining my situation and requesting my refund. Still have not bothered to acknowledge my request (even though I have a read receipt from my email).

This business has:
1. Taken money from me and not provided a tax invoice/receipt,
2. Not provided goods or services, and
3. Refused to answer or acknowledge and ignored request for a refund.

Have been forced to take the matter up with credit card provider and lodge complaint with Fair Trading.
Website looked impressive, but beware they will take your money and run.
Very bad service. At no stage did they contact me to let me know that order was late or not at all.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Can you give negative star ratings?

Never ever buy tyres online from here. Original order was months ago, but only half the order was delivered. Now been advised these tyres are no longer available and after agreeing on alternative they managed to send something completely different and unwanted...twice. They don't answer phone calls or emails and it seems to be a fight to get your money back.
Nothing...don't get fooled by their website
once they take your money, you won't get it back

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.


I went to Ozzy tyres fyshwick to replace a tyre that had been slashed they replaced it but failed to tighten the wheel nuts. i noticed as i pulled out of the shop, so i bought the oversight to their attention they fixed the problem but failed to apologise for what could have caused catastrophic damage to my vehicle.

Also the staff where very aloof and not helpful.

Incompetent failed on a basic practical level.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Perfect Service

Just bought some Falken through their online store, RT615's from Ozzy. Must say it was a pleasure doing business with them. As a first time customer, I was impressed with the service, advise and of course the prices. They sure know their stuff, giving valued advise and best options for their customers. I'll certainly be advising all to go to Ozzy for their wheels and tyres. I live in Melbourne, and but tyres from Sydney.........Enough said ! !
top price, fast delivery and further 5% off for future purchase

Ozzytyres Deceiving customers

I needed a set four tyres for my car sizes 195/50/16, i found cheapests Khumo tyres of that sides on the net at Ozzytyres Hoxton park.

I rang to comfirm if they were available, the dude said let me check and confirm to me that all four are available. I asked can i get done today,he yes coming it takes about an hour. So there i go all the way from Penrith.

Get there ask for the tyres and the dudes on the computer and tells me that he only has two tyres. I said to him that i had rang to comfirm that the tyres were there. He ask me that it was some else that talked to. In my opinion He did not give [censored word removed] where i had come from. Then offer me different tyre of the same brand i little wider for $11 more for tyre. I said ok. Two hours later i am getting ready to pay i decided to check the new tyres and found that they were not Khumo but some brand that i never herd.

I said to him they are Khumo,he reply, oh we havent got Khumo but this are much better, you'll be happy. After had come a long way and having wasted almost two an a half hour i kept the tyres,but i will never deal with this crew,they advertise for products they dont have but get you to coming with a lie,then offer you something different and more expensive.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Ripped Off!!!!

Terrible!!!!!! I ordered Kumho tyres. The next day I get a phone call telling me thet they have no Kumho stock, but for an extra $60 I can get Pirellis instead. It sounds fair so I say yes and they add it on to my credit card. A few days later i get the tyres, but they are the Kumhos not the Pirellis. I tried to contact them to get my $60 back but it was near on impossible. Eventually I get a bloke who says he will refund my card. 3 weeks go by and nothing, so back on the phone and email roundabout with no luck again. This goes on for the next 3 months and I give up and tell my bank (Commonwealth) to get it back. Well today I get a letter from the credit branch of the bank telling me there is nothing they can do because I left it too long with a big sorry and contact blah blah if you are not happy!!!! So out of pocket $60 and feeling like writing this review which is now done!!!!!
Good prices and freight service.
Wrong order, overcharged, bad communication, bad customer service.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.


I don't think there is any other wheel and tyre retailers like them. They are the leaders. They have the best ads on the radio and they completed the deal when they sold me my wheels. I took their advice and was happy they gave me the advice. I put on the Vertini Mclaren wheels and Pirelli tyres. When shopping for wheels and tyres go see [name removed] at Hoxton Park. He knows his stuff.
I liked the service and accurate advice they gave me on my ride. The prices were reasonable but was expecting to pay that price as i know the brands they sell are high end and good quality. Pretty much they sell the best wheels and tyres and their showroom is very impressive. They sold me locknuts and a wheel alighnment which was worth every dollar. Also dealing with Huss was a thrill as I have read articles of him in the Hots 4s mag.
they were busy and had to wait a little.


Dont waste your time here, especially if your a woman, they will do anything to charge excessive prices. How they can justify the price difference is beyond me. They are not worthy of my money.

I enquired about replacement Bridgestone tyres and they told me that they were really expensive and the best price they could offer was $590 each, then they proceeded to try and sell me some other "no name" brand for $290 each. I went to Bridgestone directly and they quoted me $299 (fitted and balanced) for the exact same type these clowns quoted $590 each for.

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Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Supplied a cheaper tyre, but charged me for the more expensive one!!

They sent me tyres which were a different brand/tread pattern to what I ordered (without asking). The ones they sent me were also available on their website cheaper than the ones I had ordered.
I complained and they offered me money off my next order, but wouldn't give me a refund or supply the correct tyres. I am currently trying to get the credit card payent reversed.
Steer well clear.

poor customer service, wrong product delivered, over charged me

Ozzy Tyres - It was almost a year ago I ordered these tyres. I sent many emails (to [name removed] at Ozzy Tyres June 2012) and was not offered any solution to what was your mistake. Suggest you review these emails. The suggested resolutions I gave were as follows, and I think were quite reasonable; - Collect the wrong tyres and deliver the correct tyres. - Refund $100 cash back (not a voucher) as a goodwill gesture and I will keep the tyres. - Collect the tyres and cancel the credit card payment. I was offered a $100 voucher but if you think its ok to substitute brands / tread patterns I can't see I will ever order again. Who know what I'll actually get? Tyres are still sitting unused, and I am still furious about it. Regards, AndrewPlease contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

Shocking service and ripped off.

Having just bought a set of wheels from them and as the saying goes you learn by your mistakes ! I have heard some negative comments before about Ozzy Tyres before but I checked out their website and they had pretty good prices and the website looked quite professional so I thought I would give them the benifit of the doubt and give them a go, well what a mistake that was ! I ordered a set of 18 inch rims and tyres and after being told they would be delivered in 2 weeks/ yeah right 8 weeks later I recieved them only to find they were in fact 17 inch and not the 18's I ordered, well when I called them they didn't want to know about it and blamed me, I end up getting it resolved after many, many weeks of hassle and about 200 phone calls because they don't return your calls ever!

They would have to be the rudest company by far I have ever dealt with every person I spoke to was an absolute pig, they are so unprofessional it blows me away how they still have a business at all with their attitude towards their customers,

All I can say is stay away from these guys!

Yep I feel for you Delhsv, they would have to be the biggest bunch of [censored word removed] I have ever dealt with in my life, it is a wonder they still have a business !!Please contact head office on 02 9825 0355 and we will guarantee a resolution for you.

what a deal !!!

Ozzy tyres is the best for deals , price , customer service . Only ordered on Thursday arvo , tyres delivered to central Queensland on Monday morning , now that's quick. Kept me informed the whole way thru the process
. Ozzy I will be definitely back for my next set of tyres.The pricing is awesome as well !
excellent service,product,delivery,price.

All good with Ozzy........!

The following is the truth. I wouldn't waste your time otherwise.

I have ordered approx. 16 tyres from OzzyTyres in the last 6months (yes I have a fleet of cars hungry for rubber), from 15inch to 17inch. I have not had any bad experiences with their Service that they provide. In fact I find their service to be quite good. Example: I ordered from OzzyTyres Online 2 x 225/45/17 but hey had just run out of stock of that particular tyre - they rang me 3 times (I missed the first 2) to explain the problem and then offered me a better brand for the same already discounted price. The 2 tyres then arrived from Interstate in 3 days time. Too good.

Price wise, I am a scrooge by nature - the only way I can get cheaper tyres is to get them from an importer for cash and they're either Taiwanese or Chinese made (not a bad thing - some of these are quite good but not the same quality as most of the tyres Ozzy stocks). Ozzy's pricing is quite competitive, with discount coupons regularly issued and delivered to my door for free - hard to beat.
Free Delivery is a winner and coupon deals keep me going back for more.

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Guys, go ruin someone elses review - have a bit of respect for my view point and opinion. You've had your say, now be on your way.

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Questions & Answers

Hello, can I trade in my wheels for new ones or do you know what can I do with mines? Thanks!
2 answers
Not sure if they accept trade ins. Best bet is to get the new rims on your car and sell the original ones privately, like I did. Cheers :)Thanks

You sold me the WRONG tyres eg load rating for my ute! Why will you not replace them for free? This was Ozzy tyres mistake, Not mine! My insurance is now void!!!! Please explain?!!!!!!!
3 answers
Good luck with that . They won't do anything after a sale nor do they have respect for their customers . I am now in the process of waiting for a hearing schedule as I am taking them to VCAT. I would suggest you do the sameI agree with jordyn! I myself have tyres with an incorrect load rating,not to mention I didn't even get the tyres I paid for,was overcharged,lied to and recieved a new wheel with a flat tyre.I can't even put the wheels on my car because of the flat tyre that doesn't seal around the rim properly and now I have to take the matter up with fair trading. I sent numerous emails with no response.clearly these guys do not care about there customers! absolutely Appalling !!Looks like that's what i'm going to have to do.

why was I charged 400 for the shipping when you guys clearly said that its free shipping Australia wide? it actually shows on your wedsite as well ....FREE SHIPPING
4 answers
Because they are rip-off merchantsRead bad reviews...self explanatory; Hey Jenela Please refer to the below link, for all shipping details or email John@Ozzytyres.com.au http://www.ozzytyres.com.au/free-shipping-option/ Regards, Ozzy Tyres

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