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P&O Pacific Pearl

P&O Pacific Pearl

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Everything was easy and we loved everything about our cruise. Staff were very friendly, food was varied and excellent. Cabin was small for four people though, we were stumbling over our cases


As someone who didn't know which Cruises were good and which weren't - we booked through a travel agent Chinese who scammed our money. I was a child and my parent's disabled seniors. And they charged us full prices. And the boat was tiny and in bad condition. This caused alot of sickness on the boat and I was given the wrong medication which led to a few days of feeling extremely sick - there are no medical drs or anyone on board who gives a damn. Also we stupid bought scam "excursions" that are excursions you go on when you leave the bought. We spent thousands scammed by these excursions when you go off the boat you can get these excursions for 10000 times cheaper!!! oh yea and we were on there for 14 nights/15days. There were multiple incidents of extreme rocking and water coming on board and people freaking out. OMG. And besides occasional good food - it was ghetto ratchet as hell. Vomiting/Diarrhea/Exhaustion. The only time I had to climb ladders and go into bunk beds was at my school's ghetto scam camps. We ain't doing P&O again. It was dirty and ratchet and I hate that we got scammed so many times.


We have been on seven different cruises, with various cruise lines and ships, and have always found the booking process fine without problems. Cruises that we have enjoyed were the South Pacific, Asia, Perth to Adelaide, Hawian Islands, Alaska, New Zealand and Tasmania. We have always had a good time, Cruises are what you make of them, if you have never had a cruising holiday, I strongly recommend you try one.

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Since compiling my review, we have booked another cruise from Singapore to Koh Samui, Bangkok and Vietnam. On the Saphire Princess come join us for the time of your life. March 2018. $899.00 pp for 7 days.

Most stresed Cruise EVER

We have been on about ten cruises including an earlier one on the Pacific Pearl and this would have to have been the most expensive and the not unenjoyable and stressull due to the lack of sleep.
We saved hard to be able to take our mobility impaired adult son on a nice holiday,it's been about 20 years for him. Cost about $12,000 for the two mini suites for ten days. We need these so he could his mobility scooter through the doorway and so we could be next door should he need us.
By the third night we all wanted to go home due to lack of sleep and the associated stress that went with a creaking room 24/7 and wind whistling through our outside door. But the biggest problem was the non-stop racket from the pool deck above us of people walking and kids running, but also chairs constantly scraping across the grooved deck. We had a fair idea the staff new about this problem and it's probably been like that for many a cruise.
If we knew that we would never have booked these cabins on this ship. We feel we were seriously ripped off by them for not letting us know of this, other passengers on the same deck will also be contacting P and O about the fact they also paid a premium price for probably the worst cabins.

no problems great cruise.

My wife and I had cruised prior to this cruise on Queen Mary 2 The service and meals on Pacific Pearl were just as good as QM2 we would use P&O again with no hesitation the staff were great.

Worst experience ever !

Worst cruise experience ever. Terrible rooms (we had to do 3 room moves in 5 days) the air conditioner broke and put black matter all on our faces and bedding during one night. Service at reception was appalling! It look hours to get anywhere and the empathy was nowhere to be seen. We were so upset we wanted to disembark 2 days into the cruise and they laughed at us. Food was below average and upkeep of the ship looked to be forgotten about 10 years ago. The problems we had in our room was not short of a 2 star motel. Response from P&O is no existent so I warn anyone looking at this ship to run for the hills unless you want a holiday that makes you uncomfortable, unhealthy and left with a whole in your pocket. Highly disappointed.

5 Star Service and Food without the price tag

5 Stars in the areas of Food, Entertainment and housekeeping.
A brilliant cruise line and most passengers were returning P&O passengers.
Waterfront restaurant leaves a lot of land based 5 star restaurants to shame.
We'll be back on P&O very soon!

First Time Cruiser

Had a great time on the Pacific Pearl. We booked on line through Clean Cruises,without a hassle,received all the information early.Getting on and off the ship was easy no hassles at all.All the staff were friendly and helpful,all the food was nice, we ate at the Plantation restaurant for breakfast and lunch and dinner at the Waterfront restaurant,great variety at each place.There are plenty of things to do throughout the day from lectures on sore feet to flying foxes that go from one end of the ship to the other.You will never go thirsty on this ship as there are 9-10 bars on board,I found drink prices reasonable with beer prices around 6-7 dollars,and the cocktails around 12 dollars.The shows we seen where very entertaining.All and All had a great time,good value for money,very relaxing if that's what you want, will definitely do cruising again.Don't be put off by negative reviews just go and do it with an open mind and a holiday mood.

Better food at your local RSL! VERY Disapointing.

Steward service excellent - despite the slave labour & being paid a pittance! The standard of food at Plantation was uninspired, poor/cheap quality, boring & BLAND. There was no love whatsoever in the prep or presentation. Every night the same sloppy 'casserole' style Indian or Mexican food. Seriously dull. dry, uninteresting rubbish made on the cheap. Insulting to say the least. Waterfront Restaurant was hit-and-miss. Tiny portions served Luke warm. Ship's entertainment tacky, stale and lame! Entertainment themes predictable and BORING. Actually embarrassing. Unimaginative. Yawn. Noisy cabin near stairwell with metal banging when walked on. 4.30am wake-up call from high pressure water hosing outside cabin!. First and last cruise forever!!!! Dreadful!

Please don't go with P&O Australia... ever!!

We have been on many cruises but this was our first time with P&O Australia.
From the moment we checked in until the moment we checked out it was just bad!
It was just a 4 day trip and thank goodness it was not longer, we could not get off soon enough.
Why?... Incompetent, disorganised, rude (apart from the service staff).
Better food could be found at your local soup kitchen. The food was not just bad, it was disgusting slop, even in the dining room.
The dining/buffet area is shut down several times a day forcing people to all barge in to get something before it closes. It also closes completely at 9pm every day.
It is all aimed at forcing you to go to the areas where they sell food but even that is absolutely shocking.
Everywhere is so crowded and noisy... kids running amok fighting and swearing out loud... you would have thought you were in the shopping centre at your roughest local house area. No security staff to control them.
Kids were allowed to play with food on the buffet servery!! No staff bothered to stop them.
The music played in main areas was more suited to a rough pub on a Friday night... you had to try to get away from it.
The pools and 2 tiny hot tubs are ice cold and filthy. We would not venture into either and we usually love to have a swim on the ship.
You are requested to vacate your room very early on disembarkation day and take your carry off with you to the buffet at breakfast...!! There is not enough room in the buffet for the passengers to dine let alone with a heap of luggage!! Just typical of the organisation on this ship.
Entertainment was of a very poor standard also.
There was a lot more that was sub standard but this will do for now.
I feel sorry for the first timers who experienced this disgusting rip off and will be deterred from going on a cruise again. The other cruise lines are much better, a LOT better, so please do not use this disgusting company as an example. P&O Australia should be shut down or at least be made to declare that it is only suited for the most roughest type of person.


Just completed a 4 day cruise but got a 10 day back ache as a memory. Changed beds after first night and second bed was even worse! If you can't get a decent sleep then the rest of what P&O might have to offer just doesn't matter.

Needs refocusing on meals and broken down lifts

This is my fourth cruise and I took my sister who was disabled. The lifts were constantly breaking down so I had to find alternative ways to reach the restaurants etc. Sometimes my only option was to bring meals back to the room, it was good exercise for me but sad for my sister. The food seemed to be quite off this time, lots of themes from Indian to Mexican but not a lot of choice for plain food. Breakfast was great!!.

First time Cruise

My first cruise ever, I went with three mates and had an open mind. Booking in was easy and quick - although I have no idea why the Terminal was laid out so we had to walk the longest route, but that has nothing to do with the Cruise.

I found nearly all the staff very helpful and happy, the only exception was the staff in the little café on Level 12 near the open deck - they were so rude and unhelpful - We bought a coffee there on the first morning and the service was atrocious, they were put out that they had to serve us so early !! When I went in later to buy a coke they told me it would take 15min to get a coke !! and there was only about three people in the place - I put it down to basic bad attitude.

The food was good, although I did not try the Buffet in the Plantation Restaurant. We did eat in the Salt Grill, very nice and recommended, although you pay a bit extra - the service was exceptional. The cabin was fine, basic but clean and comfortable. But with only one shower and toilet for 4 blokes you need to be co-ordinated in your shower times - lucky for us our cabin was near the casino toilet so we could use that toilet.

We had a soft drink package - unlimited soft drinks - unless you want to buy two - then you need to go to the bar for every softy !! But if you want to buy alcohol you can buy as many as you like !!.

The entertainment was really good, lots of variety, lots we were not into - but well catered for all groups.

TIP: Take a lanyard with you to hang your cruise card from - you use it all the time and they sell them on the ship for $7 each.
Also, get to the venue for an activity or show early - like about 15min - as they are popular and you run a chance of missing out on a seat. We went early, grabbed a seat and a cocktail !!

Overall it was really good and a great short break that I can recommend, I will do it again but maybe on a different ship not because there is anything wrong with the pearl, just for a bit of variety in bar types and entertainment places.

Great Cruising on Pearl

Just returned from 10day cruise to the Pacific on board the Pearl, We had a mini suite with balcony and I must say it was very clean and comfortable our two cabin boys Demwell & Vincent deck 11 were so obliging and courtesy they couldn't do enough for use, entertainment was great the food in main and plantation restuarants could not be faulted

You won't be disappointed !!!

Recently went on a 10 day cruise have been on 3 others before "Pearl". One on pacific Jewel and the other two on Royal Carribeen. I thoroughly enjoyed this cruise. The ship is an old ship - an oldie but a goodie. The smaller ship the smaller the queing for food, drinks, shows, resturants etc. The smaller the community too so you become just one big family ( for ten days anyway). The waterfront resturant food is 10/10 and the service is impeccable especially if you get the waiters that we had Jay R and Jason. They both kept my daughters entertained at meal times with napkin folding and tricks ! so we could eat in peace. The shows every night were amazing (dancing, illusionist, comedy, Mr and Mrs ) etc. You must eat at salt grill at least once in this trip have the steak you will not be disappointed ! Rooms were cleaned spotless everyday and we never wanted for anything ! kids clubs are fantastic and will mind your little ones right up to 17 if need be. Oasis is a great place to relax at the back of the boat (adults only area) if you want to get away from your precious little ones for a break. Edge activities are great too make sure to buy your pass and book in early. I highly recommend this cruise it's so worth it and total value for money ! I will definately be booking with P & O in the near future.

First time on cruise & memorable experience!

It was my first time on a cruise and I was very impressed with the great variety of food on board. I loved the Plantation buffet and waterfront restaurant! The service was wonderful and the staff were friendly, attentive and happy!
Our room was cleaned everyday with fresh towels and came along with friendly staff!
My experience matched my expectations and I was overall very satisfied with the cruise!
The shows were spectacular and the theme parties were awesome!
For the price I paid for 10 days was worth it and I will most certainly plan my trip with the Pacific Pearl very soon!
I was very happy!! :-)

Mix bar

Recently went on a 10 day cruise on the Pacific pearl. Over all it was a great experience however a big thanks to tonino from mix bar. Not only was he happy and helpful and very professional he also went above and beyond and took us on a tour of port villa on his day off.
T made the cruise go from Good to great.i also couldn't recommend the mix bar and higher. Great service,great drinks and a great atmosphere. Thanks t and the rest of the staff at mix bar

Most Staff great, Shame about food & overcharging

Staff were awesome on the whole, However had a few issues. Being overcharged/ under delivered on water package we paid for before leaving for our cruise, food was poor, we were charged 50% for a cancelled "experience". Their rationale was it went ahead in a "modified mode". We had paid to go in water and hand feed dolphins. we ended up being charged $75 per person to freeze to death on a jetty and struggle to see dolphins in the water below- this is not an experience we would have booked or paid for even at $10 per person. Was also stopped from leaving cruise as I had "not settled account"- they clearly had my credit card details, they had managed to charge all incidentals to it but apparently we owed $14!
Have tried contacting P&O on numerous occasions and through various methods, but they could not care less.

Where were Aussie staff

I enjoyed my cruise, food good, service great but I did not see any Aussie staff and to find out that the staff only get $20 a day put me right off. I will never cruise with p and o again and I will definitely not recommend it to anyone.

Terrible experience

Went on a food and wine cruise in August. Very disappointing overall. Food was terrible - how ironic. Staff were not very friendly. Have cruised many times and this was the worst ever. Trying to get to express my concerns to P & O has been almost impossible and very frustrating and time wasting.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there....am I able to bring my own iron on board to use in my cabin?
1 answer
No. There is one in the laundry for guests to use

can you take water on board? and how much per passenger please? any tips for 5 year olds?
2 answers
No bottled water can be brought on. You can bring up to 12 sealed cans of non-alcoholic drink per person in carry on. That could include say soda or mineral water? All restaurants/bars have a water cooler for free water. You can bring on an empty plastic bottle (say 500ml) to fill.Thank you Stu H for taking the time to help me. What about snacks?

Hi can someone give a rough guide to alcoholic drinks Beer?? Spirits??
1 answer
On the Pacific Aria Coronas were $7.00, the average cocktail price was around $12.00 . Sorry that's all I remember


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