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Poor customer service

I have called this company 3 times only to be told all our operators are busy on other calls. So I contacted there customer service and the guy (Neil) was very hepfull he said he would get someone to call me back from sales. Quess what . It never happened

Pacific Hydro

I rang this company and yes ,they do supply Shepparton area. The staff member was helpful and answered all questions. She did say signing a contract means your charges are locked in for the term of the contract and won't incur rate hikes. I am still comparing usage and supply rates before signing up

Just Do It... And Switch to Pacific Hydro

I switched my electricity to Pacific Hydro 3 months ago. The set up and customer service were great and the billing (via email) is easy to understand. The key component is the simple pricing structure that is 20% cheaper (including competitor pay on time discounts) than the nearest rival. As I said, just do it...


Poor communication and full of lies.
Told me they would get back in 24 hrs.
I called them 3 times the following week only to be told an email had been sent, nothing was sent as I checked junk as well.

Best power company in Melbourne

Very easy to work with, cheap prices and an easy pricing structure. Pacific Hydro is a no frills electricity company that simply provides energy without all the advertising and cost. What else do you want?

Appauling customer service

called three days in a row to sign up with pacific hydro.
each time told all sales team was on the phone and i would get a call back within the hour.
left my details.
no call back that day. call again next day. told the exact same thing as though it was scripted.
didnt want to deal with this terrible service for the period of a power contract so went with a different company.
may be the cheapest, if you can actually sign up!

Simple clear energy rates and fantastic service

Contacted Pacific Hydro via phone and email on a few occasions over past week and always questions were answered clearly and without sales pitch. Transfer process was by phone and email to sign documents. It was handled promptly and saving on energy bills as a result of cheaper rates. No discount but none needed when rates are lower than others inflated prices before discount. Not the biggest but customer service and pricing is fantastic.

The cheapest electricity company for Citipower in Melbourne, simplest pricing scheme, no horrible di

Pacific Hydro, Energy that could, is indeed the cheapest electricity retailer in Melbourne for Citipower (i.e. CBD and inner suburbs), especially for those living in large apartment complexes as you get much cheaper rates (Citipower offers, but most retailers do NOT pass on!!!).

It needs to be understood that for other distributors in Victoria, Pacific Hydro may not be the cheapest, but they are one of the cheapest. And their office is based in Melbourne CBD, you can speak with Australian customer services!!! However, as with all companies, there are drawbacks as well; the advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

The major advantages for Pacific Hydro are:

1. no late fees, no penalties...
2. fixed price for the duration of the contract (confirmed multiple times with them as well as on the contract itself)
3. no complicated or troubling discounts, there is only one price (for 2 plans of your area), and that is what you pay. Much easier for comparison and you are not locked in with a direct debit
4. no credit card surchage for Visa and MasterCard
5. Australian (Melbourne) based headoffice and customer service team
6. a relatively large business

And the disanvantages are:

1. Chinese (Government) owned (fully Australian operated though), so if this is a concern, then, clearly not Pacific Hydro
2. Very small retail business, only in South Australia and Victoria
3. No gas, no solar, no other feed-ins, so those with solar panels, not Pacific Hydro!
4. for the time being, their electricity as well as all other companies are from the national electricity market, however, unlike some competitors who mark themselves as renewable, Pacific Hydro does not currently offer any green energy options, or carbon offset. It is bascically for those who want the cheapest prices.
5. No apps or web portals for log-on, no electricity monitoring programs like PowerShop (but you can use the distributors' ones like myEnergy).

After being with them for a little more than 3 months, I really have to say, I would save at least $300 from my original power company which was one of the cheapest..... Hope this information helps someone who is looking to switch.

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Still the cheapest in Victoria on Citipower network (flat rate), and if you like in apartments in the CBD, don't forget to push to ask for a bulk pricing discount, whatever that special code is, as I have heard that they no longer give them out be default anymore!

Made the switch

A couple of months ago I made the switch to Pacific Hydro after a sneaky price rise and PR debacle with my previous provider prompted me to do a compare and I noticed I could save myself $150 per quarter here.
When my first bill arrived (electronic bill, thumbs up) I noticed an error and called up to check on this. I was asked to resubmit the respective form (it was sent immidiately by them and returned same day) and I would receive an amended bill.
Two weeks later I still hadn't heard back and the due date was nearing, so I phoned them up. Customer service was very helpful, friendly and curteous, said it would be looked into.
Five minutes later I received a call back and was explained that it would be deducted from the next bill.
Whilst it was not a 'perfect' experience on the whole (given that the oversight was made in the first place) I was very appreciative of the follow up phone call and the way it had been attended to. That is good customer service, and it matters to me.

The BEST power company in Melbourne

We just moved to a building with a stupid "embedded network" and had to say goodbye to Pacific Hydro after 2.5 years :( Quite the bummer. Not only has Pacific Hydro offered the best rates (other companies tried to get me to do the switch and not a single one could match Pacific Hydro's rates) but they also had superb customer service. When they accidentally turned out power off (misunderstanding when we were moving), they managed to immediately jump on it and did in fact get the power going again well before midnight. Gonna miss Pacific Hydro (I'm sure). Not looking forward to getting our first bill at our new residence. Definitely worth switching from whoever your current electricity provider is!

Cheapest & simplest pricing - fantastic customer experience

Within one week I've dealt with three different electricity retailers - my incumbent (who has been gradually jacking up their prices while trying to hide it), another larger provider that reneged on their original offer, and now Pacific Hydro).

I have settled on Pacific Hydro and am very happy with the deal - their website is not flashy, and their quoting / sign-up process is not online and electronic, but I called up and spoke to the same person who I was emailing to discuss their standing offer. He signed me (and another family member) up on the spot, and was completely genuine and friendly - the whole experience was very personal and old fashioned.

It all makes a massive change from the normal interaction with energy companies where you are dealing with computers and websites (and I should know, as I work for a company who builds those websites). Time will tell how their ongoing service plays out - but the signup process was fantastic, and the company has so far been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Do yourself a favour and switch!

I recently stumbled across Pacific Hydro whilst looking for an energy supply alternative. I'm fed up with the exorbitant cost of living. I compared rates on the Victorian Government comparison website and it showed up with Pacific Hydro as the best option for me. They charge no connection or disconnection fees, and their rates are almost exactly half that I was paying. My first bill was $60 for 18 days, compared to the $130-380 I've been charged for a month by Click and Simply Energy. Thank you, Pacific Hydro for also being a clean energy solution provider!

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Do they service postcode 4509 and do they do gas as well?
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Hi guys after reading all the reviews I have decided to switch with tango . I have been with agl but they are ripping off ppl. Unfortunately tango doesn’t supply gas. Any suggestions for any reasonable gas provider?
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I chose Momentum. No gimmicks, no percentage off, just really good rates. Most of our household runs on gas and the bills have been very reasonable, even through a cold damp winter. You can sign up online and they have great features for managing your account. Very happy with Momentum.

Hi my current plan will end on the 30th Aug 2018 what is the change over time with this date in mind? regards Douglas Don
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